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SandHill Crane Migration across Nebraska

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Gene in NE:
When the 2016 Forum was started, the 2015 history of this topic was lost.  Here is a good start on some reading material.

The migration (estimated at 500,000) started quite early this year.  The best viewing times are sunrise and sunset.  The cranes depart the Platte river in the morning and visit the local corn fields for feed.  Then in the evening return to the Platte to spend the night.

There is a cam at one of the viewing sites at

Volunteers needed for annual crane count

"Cranes everywhere!"

Gene in NE:

--- Quote from: T40cfr403 on April 05, 2016, 12:48:27 PM ---Volunteers needed for annual crane count

--- End quote ---
I was not aware that an actual count was taken.  Wonder how they would conduct something like that when there are around 500,000 cranes that come through the area.   The magnitude of the number has always fascinated me.  We have seen them live and in person and they do cover the sky at times providing shade from the sun.  It has always appeared they arrive and depart in droves with a constant change in numbers.

Has anyone on these forums ever participated in a count of this type??

Nebraska and the Arctic - As the crane flies ...


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