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Jewel and her cubs

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Happy New Year, Jewelies and Friends!!

Happy 2015!!

Nora in IA:
Good morning on the first day of this new year JP.  Nothing can beat the sight of bear cubs.  :)  I hope you went back and got some more sleep.

Neva that's great about Maddie.  At one point I thought you were very worried about her and I was sort of MIA around the forum for a while and was afraid something happened.  Happy new year!

Cal, 175 dachshunds!  Bet those were cute.  I have to mark in all the stuff on our new calendar too.  That's great they Ford guy will date the car back so Polly can get the rebate!

Hi Pat, RA, Mp!

Love that picture of Ivy and Henry Willi.


Nora in IA:
4:50 on the bear library.

RA as neat a puzzle as that is, and thank you, I made the mistake of doing that in triangles last night, I just can't do it today  :D


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