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Jewel and her cubs

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hi you guys its 36 and clear here. no raccoonies did not see that cat but sure hidden in the hay not so many mice coming out so something is up. they came out when i was back feeding pearl. well all is not well with that poor mouse. good ted is getting better and better.

hi neva! missy has a miniture dash josie what a cute dog she is. I bet your hans was so cute too i would like one i am afraid of their spine like a basset hound. right now i have more than enough dogs. cali birthday today she is 9 she has lots of white on her face now and heavy hard to get that fat off her hard to get it off me. next month on the 27th my griz my darlin will be 14 soon i will be older too 67 heading for 70 like you neva it went so fast i dont feel it in my head either but my body sure does. i see way older people getting around a whole better than me happy for them wish it was me i feel bad for jim sometimes being stuck with someone that is so handicap but i get my chores done just takes forever well there goes griz howling and girls have joined in jim yelling from his room shut up heres to another day starting out.  :)

Thanks Lori!  What a beautiful puppy!  Yes, I did have a great day ... thanks again.

Bear News – November 27, 2021
Happy Holidays!

I wanted to report on the bears one more time before the end of the season. The big news is Ted is doing very well!

Bear weights: (end of season)
Ted 694 lbs., Lucky 505 lbs., Holly 330 lbs., Tasha 394 lbs.

Hibernation dates are as follows: Holly – September 27, Lucky – October 26, Tasha – November 10 (but I’m sure you will continue to see her out and about) and Ted we hope very soon.

The 2021 season gave us the opportunity to work with new interns and seasoned and new volunteers. It is always a pleasure to see young minds at work as our interns learn to respect and work with each bear. Everyone loves Ted immediately. His gentle whoots and acknowledgement of their presence gives them confidence to work with the more challenging females, especially sweet Holly.

Holly didn’t surprise any of us as she disappeared into her dug den on September 27, weighing 330 lbs. It wasn’t a surprise either when she met Lucky about 20 feet from her den and chased him away.


Lucky had good intentions approaching her with gentle whoots and tongue clicks but she wasn’t accepting. She chased him and after a brief confrontation Lucky scooted back to the comfort of the bunker den. I don’t think he has figured out her moods as not many of us have.

Her hibernation time coincides with Minnesota bears. Dr. Rogers has reported in the past that in the late 1960’s the State of Minnesota traded black bears for turkeys with the State of Arkansas. Therefore, we believe there is a good possibility that Holly has northern genes and hibernates the same time as the wild bears in Minnesota do, between September 1 – October 31. Good night sweet Holly.


Holly's den
Lucky bear truly wanted to hibernate early in October but he was kind enough to wait until after we closed. Lucky received several bags of raked leaves and then on October 24th, he got his straw. Some of the straw is still outside his bunker, maybe for future use. Lucky went into his den for hibernation on October 26. Good night handsome Lucky bear.

Tasha at rock den

Tasha bear, what can we say? Tasha was in her den (the Rock Den) for a 10-day period November 10-17. She then came out a few days later and has been out on a regular basis. She collects more bedding, looks for treats, and if she sees a human shoots back into her den. What a bear! I think she just wants to keep her viewers entertained. She is a comical little bear. I will always say little Tasha even though she’s much rounder than Holly. Time will tell as Tasha decides when to settle in for good. This year Holly and Tasha got along quite well.

I purposely left our precious Ted for last. The past two weeks have been challenging for all of us but Ted, being the cooperative soul that he is, seems back to normal. The Moderators caught Ted resting on his back, wow! Our bear is doing so great.

Tasha in den
Ted is still eating soft foods for now in the spring we will adjust his foods and treats to what he can handle. I know he’ll be back to eating his treats again. Dr. Rogers’ update on Nov. 12, talked about healing in the den. Ted is an amazing bear and he is very alert, yet sleepy, if that makes sense. We love our Ted bear and we are thrilled he did very well through his dental surgery. I suspect he will hibernate very soon.

I want to thank our dedicated staff, volunteers, interns, moderators, and supporters. Also a very sincere thank you to Dr. Kristen, the Ely Veterinary clinic and the dental staff at the University of Minnesota for their care of Ted.

I also wish to thank all of our generous donors during Give to the Max Day! Our bear enclosure project is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2022. Thank you for putting us over our goal and joining us on this important day of giving.

Here’s to a prosperous, happy and safe 2022!
I will be hibernating in Michigan, see you in the Spring!

Thank you for all you do.
Sr. Bear Keeper, Sharon Herrell

hi you guys jim going over a ticket on the business so in a hurry bbl its 38 here no raccoonies in the barn

6:08 No comment except I do like the looks of that water.  Kind of shallow though when you can walk your boat.  The motor might hit the bottom.
Another nice day here.  Started out crunchy cold, but sun thawed everything in the afternoon.  Not much else to report.  Did check all the cams, but as usual in the winter not much going on. Some interesting foot traffic on Dublin cam and maybe some owls on GSB Cam
Yawning here S o CUL EV1 God Bless


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