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Whooping Cranes, Operation Migration

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The 2 young OM grads who showed up are 3-14 and 4-12
from 2014 and 2012
Video July 6 training - well .. sort of

July 7, 2015     Tuesday   Shepnotes 
you never know what you might see at dawn
6.30 am  training cancelled, too windy

OM blog and pictures

July 8, 2015     Wenzday   Shepnotes 
Richard was the pilot today, 4 chicks came out of the pen.
There were supposed to be 7 OM chicks 2015 but one was sent elsewhere so we only have 6
The 2012 and 2014 cranes showed up again today and were pests

Hi Shep.  Thanks for the OM updates and pics.  :)  I usually follow OM at the OM site and see their pics/vids/daily reports, calendars, etc there, but I haven't gotten to it yet this year, so it's nice to get some of that from you here.

You said one of the 2015 chicks was sent elsewhere this year, leaving 6 for OM training this year.  Where was it sent, and why?  LOL... inquiring minds... lol.  ;) :D

July 9, 2015     Thurzday   Shepnotes 
Richard was the pilot again today, all 6 chicks came out of the pen.
The 2012 and 2014 cranes showed up again today and were pests,
today one of the 2015 chicks chased them away from the group!  Ahahaha!
I got a sweet pic of the WHOLE GANG!  Pilot, trike, tumes, chicks -
and the naughty adults they call wb for white birds

baz!  I am glad to see you here!
I know OM has their forum but there is so much they dont report

Chick #7 went to LA to expand the genetic diversity of that group


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