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Research abstract: Examination of multiple working hypotheses to address reproductive failure in reintroduced Whooping Cranes

Whooping Crane Eastern Population Update - July 2019

Whooping Cranes 29-08 and 15-11 in Juneau County, Wisconsin


September 8, 2021 in I Give A Whoop, Newsroom, North America, Whooping Crane

Whooping Crane family 4-12, 3-14 and chick W2-21 (center) strike a pose in Green Lake County, Wisconsin. W2-21 is the year’s oldest surviving wild-hatched chick.
 Photo by Doug Pellerin.

Below is the most recent update for the Eastern Migratory Population of Whooping Cranes. In the last month, three more wild-hatched chicks have fledged! A huge thank you to the staff of the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Departments of Natural Resources of flyway states, the International Crane Foundation and all the volunteers who help us keep track of the cranes throughout the year. We appreciate your contribution to the recovery of the Whooping Crane Eastern Migratory Population. This report is produced by the International Crane Foundation.

Population Estimate

The current estimated population size is 78 (37 F, 37 M, 4 U). This now includes this year’s four wild-hatched chicks. Nineteen of these 78 individuals are wild-hatched and the rest are captive-reared. To the best of our knowledge, as of 1 September, there are at least 68 Whooping Cranes in Wisconsin and two in Michigan. The remaining birds’ locations have not been confirmed in the last month. Their last known locations (in the past month) are on the map below.

2021 Wild-hatched Cohort

Nesting season is complete and there were 14 chicks confirmed to have hatched and up to four are still alive (see below).

W2-21 (U) hatched to parents 3-14 and 4-12 in Green Lake County, WI, at the beginning of May and fledged in July.

W10-21 (U) hatched to parents 12-03 and 12-05 at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge in Juneau County, WI, and fledged mid-August.

W11-21 (M) hatched to parents 36-09 and 18-03 at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge in Juneau County, WI, and fledged mid-August.

W14-21 (M) hatched to parents 25-09 and 2-04 at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge in Juneau County, WI, and fledged in late August.


Thanks Phyl -
you ever see a whooper on MS flyway cam?
its FULL of sandies and their young

Hi Shep.
I did.
I've learned a lot from you thread.
When I have time...I'll post another update for October. Unless you do it first. LOL  ;)

Happy Autumn! to you and yours also.


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