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Bald Eagle Trivia

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Welcome to Bald Eagle Trivia.  I wanted to start a thread that was both Fun and Educational.  This thread can be a hodge podge of fun facts, tidbits, or personal experiences, videos, photos, whatever anyone wants to say about bald eagles.  It doesn't have to be just about Decorah either.  Some of you are fortunate to have Bald Eagles living near you.  If anything, if you don't know where to put your info in the forum, please feel free to post here.  Google can also be your friend, so let's have some fun!

I'll start off with a piece of trivia:

Why are they called Bald Eagles?
Bald Eagles are not bald at all, but have a white head.  Hundred of years ago the English word for WHITE was BALDE and the word "piebalde" meant mottled with white, so the eagles with white heads were called Balde Eagles.  :)

From my personal experience in Decorah last year, here's a tidbit:  If it's your first visit to Decorah, Mom and Dad LOVE perching on the first maple tree on the right as you pull onto the Hatchery driveway. Early morning around dawn is a good time to catch them there.  Here's a photo I took last July.  Mom is on the left, Dad on the right:     

Wow, gg.  Thanks so much for that video. Love the soaring, aerial displays, and stealing of the food in mid-air!  The song's lyrics are great too!

Here's a neat piece of info I came across the other day:

An eagle can consume one pound of fish in about 4 minutes. (Bald Eagles, Their Life and Behavior in North America. Wolfe and Bruning, 1997).  I'm going to time Mom or Dad the next time and check this out. :D

Gardengirl-thank you so much for the video. It is one I will keep. I really do love this thread. Thank you Glogdog. I know you have lots of info and fun facts to share here.

Q. Do young eagles play?

A. Yes.  Scientists believe that picking up and moving sticks and other objects (and passing them back and forth) are a form of play. Eagles of all ages have been seen passing sticks while flying and 'playing' with objects. It is thought that they learn skills in this way.

I think one of the best examples of playing is Elf's video titled, "Teeter Totter".  It does look like fun! :D


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