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Scientists Suggest a New Layer to Crows’ Cognitive Complexity

Paper: Recursive sequence generation in crows -

This bird hadn’t been documented by scientists since 1882. Then they captured video of it in Papua New Guinea

Researchers captured footage of the black-naped pheasant-pigeon 140 years after the bird was last documented by scientists.

Bustards may use plants to treat STIs during the breeding season

How a 67-Million-Year-Old Fossil Turned the Theory of Bird Evolution Upside-Down

Paper: Cretaceous ornithurine supports a neognathous crown bird ancestor

Artist’s reconstruction of Janavis finalidens Phillip Krzeminski

Autonomous P-Flap ornithopter uses a claw to perch like a bird

A close look at P-Flap's claw mechanismRaphael Zufferey

Paper: How ornithopters can perch autonomously on a branch

A Rendered view of the leg-claw system with the flapping-wing robot. The five degrees of freedom are displayed as well as the features necessary for perching flights. B The steps of the proposed perching method for ornithopters. C Perching sequence. D Eagle shortly before landing on a branch by D. Freeman, CC BY-SA 2.0.


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