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From time to time we all find news articles and videos regarding new information regarding our avian friends.  This new thread is a place for you to share them.

From the Operation Migration Field Journal I found this interesting link about new developments in the UK  on identifying fingerprints on feathers. Scoundrels who shoot, injure , or illegally hunt birds may have met their match.

GG what a great idea for a new thread.  Thank you!   The article was genius, yet simple, just fingerprint the flight feathers!

GG - love this new thread.  A great idea.  The fingerprints on feathers is a great article.  Interesting that it states the flight feathers have a tight weave which shows the prints up better.  This will be a very good thread!  Thanks for opening it up.

Here's a very interesting article about the intelligence of birds:

And one more article from Audubon.  The oldest living African Penquin develeped not-so-common skin cancer.


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