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I thought I'd post some links specific to hunting with non-toxic shot.  Thanks to SOAR for all of their work on hunting lead free. Please be sure to visit for more information and resources. If you have links to lead-free ammo sources, post them below and I'll add them.

Lead-free Ammunition Lists

* List of State of CA certified lead-free ammo:
* FWS approved non-toxic shot for waterfowl:
* Ammo Info from SOAR:
Non-toxic Shot Tutorials and General Ammunition Information

* Hunting with non-lead bullets website:
* Hunting with non-lead bullets facebook page:
* Non-lead bullet types and how to find them:
* Clark Armory Blog:
* Non-lead bullet performance:
* Video: Just Outdoors Copper Bullets -
* Video: Ballistics of non-lead shot -
* Video: Making the switch to non-lead ammo -
* Video Channel: One Shot Harvest:
Where to Buy: Non-toxic Companies

* Clark Armory Non-Toxic Shooting Supply:
* Barnes Bullets:
* HeviShot:
Where to Buy: Non-toxic Shot

* Estate Cartridge Steel:
* RWS Ammunition:
* Cabela's non-toxic shot:

Thanks for starting this thread on lead free ammunition options and tutorials.  Here is a great study done at the Grand Canyon National Park in AZ

Studies at Pinnacles National Park in CA

Study of suitable alternatives

Thanks, Amy, for starting this very important thread.  I've had these 2 links saved for quite a while.  The State of Minnesota compares Copper bullets with Lead bullets in the first one with some comments from the University of Minnesota Raptor Center:

And Amy, you provided us in the past with this 2nd article about "Copper Opportunities"

Amy, thank you for starting this timely thread.

Here is a link to an article about alternative ammo.  It presents a good case for using non-toxic ammunition, and the reasons it is important to do so.



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