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--- Quote from: dovemamma on February 24, 2015, 09:49:08 AM ---My 2nd-3rd grade gifted class made a nest to see if they could all fit. Guess what? They could easily! They have been sharing it with other classrooms that are also watching the eagles.

--- End quote ---

Oh my!  so cute!!! ;D

jfreeda and Kindergartners,  thank you so much for sharing!  Please keep us advised of your project.  It sounds like tons of fun!

Thank you jfreeda and Kindergartners!  What a beautiful Bald Eagle Nest you have made!  We look forward to hearing about the "All About" book too.  Eagles eggs and Easter Eggs - Hmm.  Which one is bigger?  :)

jfreeda and Kindergartners, What a special and wonderful thing to do!  Thank you so much for contacting your power companies and for sharing this with us!  Good job, Kindergartners!!

jfreeda - thank you caring enough and for leading your kindergartners in this very important project.

Kindergartners - what beautiful pictures!  Thank you!


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