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Bald Eagle Hatching Process

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April 4 at 7:43 am  I got a snap of both hatchlings

GSB falcon laid her first egg 20 minutes ago.  Quite a day!   ;D

It is interesting to note that the egg loses weight at a steady rate as incubation continues and hatching draws near.  As the embryo develops, the egg loses water by transpiration through the chorioallentoic membrane. This loss of water, as well as the loss of yolk fats used by the embryo, cause the egg to be lighter at hatching.  About 16% of fresh egg weight is lost between setting and pipping and 4% between pip and hatch.  The hatchling weighs approximately 3 ounces, less than the initial weight of the egg because the developing embryo has lost water and metabolites through the porous egg shell.  Also, the egg shell is thinner at hatch because the chick has absorbed most of the calcium from the inner shell lining.


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