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8:01 ThinkingWoman: Chat is now paused for the night.
8:02 ThinkingWoman: This is a different After Hours than normal.
8:02 ThinkingWoman: We all modded with heavy hearts today.  One of our own left us this morning. 
8:02 ThinkingWoman: Toolesboro Tom had been a mod since the beginning in 2011.   
8:02 ThinkingWoman: TT was the quiet mod, but his experience with the Iowa land and eagles was deep.
8:03 ThinkingWoman: Even after his recent hospital stays, his daughter would take him to his favourite eagle viewing spots close to the Mississippi on their way home.
8:03 ThinkingWoman: We will all miss him.  (flame)

8:03 bellenurse1: It is with heavy heart that i think of losing  TT today.  What a gracious man. He loved  life, his family, his dogs and esp the balde eagles.  He took many walks to see his beloved eagles.  He was a
8:04 bellenurse1: wealth of knowledge and shared his information and  love.  TT Soar with the eagles.  You are missed. 
8:04 bellenurse1: (flame)

8:04 Bob1603: I did not know TT as well as the veteran Decorah mods but I would like to share what one of them wrote earlier today:
8:04 Bob1603: TT was always thinking outside the box, but he had his feet planted firmly in the good Iowa soil.  And he may have known more about Bald Eagles, from his observations over a lifetime, than anyone I've
8:05 Bob1603: have known    (flame)

8:05 birdsohio: As in all friends, my thoughts and prayers are with TT's family.  TT was always a kind soul. My love , my prayers, are with you TT !!!!!   
8:06 birdsohio: and i hope you take your hat with you !
8:06 birdsohio: (flame)

8:07 BremerBirdFan: TT had a great hat !  TT had a great way with his words, as his notes to us were full
8:07 BremerBirdFan: of knowledge, he was afraid he was boring us with his many stories
8:08 BremerBirdFan: but that was not the case. I learned alot from him. Like when he took in 2 eagles that had been shot
8:08 BremerBirdFan: WOW !!
8:09 BremerBirdFan: that is just one story he had. my heart goes out to his family
8:09 BremerBirdFan: (flame)

8:09 EagleFanDave: TT - I hope you soar with the eagles that you so loved ..forever (flame)

8:09 FaithHopeCure: I will never forget when Rob McIntyre of RRP passed away.  I was a fairly new chatter at the time.
8:10 FaithHopeCure: TT impressed me with his very kind and thoughtful posts to all who were mourning that loss.  I was able to remind him of that not so long ago.
8:10 FaithHopeCure: He was a kind and gentle person with a great love of nature, and will be sorely missed.  Eagle on TT. (flame)

8:11 FinnBMD: TT and I used to talk about our visits to the Mississippi River to eagle watch.
8:11 FinnBMD: He had an infectious love of eagles, of The River, and of nature. 
8:12 FinnBMD: I'm pretty confident that Tom is surrounded by a radiant sky that is filled with bald eagles soaring wing to wing.  Peace TT (flame)

8:12 gardengirl1: TT was a kind, gentle soul who knew a lot about life, eagles and nature. I loved to listen to his stories and adventures from the past and recent trips he'd taken by his beloved Mississippi R.scouting
8:13 gardengirl1: out local eagles. He always entered the chat room quietly with his greeting  H'llo.
8:14 gardengirl1: I recall his speaking of his father's passing and celebrating his life with joy as he watched eagles soaring
8:14 gardengirl1: Now we can do the same for TT.
8:15 gardengirl1: It was a privilege and honor to know, and work with him, and to call him my friend.
8:16 gardengirl1: Soar high, dear friend! <3  (flame)

8:16 glogdog: As a chatterer, I remember Toolesboro Tom as a ?gentle Mod?, perhaps a ?Gentleman? is better put.   
8:16 glogdog: You are hearing some beautiful tributes tonight about a Mod who touched some lives.
8:16 glogdog: Thank you, TT, for making a difference.  May you soar to the heavens ?On Eagle?s Wings?.
8:17 glogdog: (flame)

8:17 GoldenEagle4444: Thanks, TW, for inviting me to join everyone in somber reflection.  ?TT? was the type of chat room moderator each of us hoped to become.  Extremely knowledgeable, accurate and always under control.
8:17 GoldenEagle4444: Whenever a serious issue would arise, you could always depend on TT to calm the waters and bring stability back to over a thousand people, all who wanted someone to step up and do that job.
8:18 GoldenEagle4444: To suggest that he?ll be missed would be a huge understatement.  Rest In Peace, My Friend.  Soar with our Eagles. -  ?GE?  (flame)

8:18 hummingbird2011: When I first came to Decorah, and was asked to mod, what I knew about eagles, wouldn't even fill a teaspoon.
8:19 hummingbird2011: TT was always patient enough to answer any question I had about our beloved eagles.
8:19 hummingbird2011: One day, it was particularly slow in chat, and he sent me a PM of how funny he thought that a mod for the eagles would use the nic hummingbird
8:20 hummingbird2011: but he also, said how brave it was, because comparitively, for it's size, a humm can be just as dangerous as the Bald Eagle.
8:21 hummingbird2011: I miss you terribly TT.   Soar high and proud mdf!!! SED <3 (flame)

8:21 jfrancl: TT was a wonderful man and a dedicated moderator.  He truly loved bald eagles, most especially the Decorah bald eagles.
8:22 jfrancl:  He would often tell us stories of his afternoons watching eagles and made us feel as if we were right there with him.  TT will be greatly missed. Soar high our dear friend  (flame)

8:22 lgb1126: One of the things that I will miss most about our dear friend TT/Toolesboro Tom is that he always had time to help a fellow mod.
8:23 lgb1126: He was always there to help smooth the path if it was bumpy, with a kind word or a little nudge in the right direction.
8:23 lgb1126: I am so very blessed to have the pleasure of knowing and working side by side with this remarkable mod.
8:23 lgb1126: He will truly be missed.
8:24 lgb1126: Soar with our eagles above the Mississippi River, our dear precious friend.    (flame)

8:24 oregonian1944: I only knew TT as a mod while I was a chatter. I know he loved our Decorah eagles. RIP TT. (flame)

8:25 TX_Ninja: A knowledgeable and gracious man with a fondness for the area and the eagles,  Jerry (Toolesboro Tom, TT ) shared experience and knowledge with us all. He is missed deeply.
8:25 TX_Ninja: We miss you, TT  and celebrate your life and the time we had with you.
8:25 TX_Ninja:  Soar high, my friend, soar high  (flame)

8:27 Peg22: I had the great honor of modding with TT since the beginning and he helped me in so many ways computer wise, he will surely be missed God Bless him and his family (flame)

8:28 ThinkingWoman: If TT liked you, and I never knew anyone he didn't like, he called them "good people"
8:29 ThinkingWoman: Be someone TT would have called Good People
8:29 ThinkingWoman: Let that be his legacy to us.  (flame)

From Nature27
TT was an outstanding man, although I never met him in person, I know from modding with him for over two years he was a very special person. I will always hold a special place in my heart for him.

From Jollygiantredwood
From all of us on the Ustream Community Help Team, our prayers/thoughts go out to the family during this time. Tom loved watching the eagles, and learning more about them. He never shied away from telling his stories/experiences about them, and we were all enriched to hear them.  He will be missed in Decorah.

I did not know Tom but my thoughts & prayers are with all of you & Tom's family!

Thank you Judy for the very thoughtful words - that means a lot and is deeply appreciated.  And thanks for being a part of the Decorah experience.    Bob1603

So beautiful, Pagent.  The prayer and the music.

Beautiful poem Pagent.
Always got my eye when Toolesboro Tom spoke of the eagles on the Mississippi.  Saw my first BE there back in the '50s.

Just realized lgb may have mistaken me for "burdwatchr" this evening on Chat.  Hope I wasn't misleading lgb!

Here's to Good People!!! 


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