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Favorite Videos and Links

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This is a thread for favorite videos and links.  I would like to thank all the videographers in advance for their wonderful work.  I will start the thread off with my favorites from 2011.  Please feel free to post your own favorites!

4/18/2011 Poop Shoot Geyser (by Elf)

6-8-2011  ?Hopping and Hovering? (by raptorfan81)

6/14/2011 Hovering  (by raptorfan81)

6/17/2011 Dinner Bell (by BeautifulEagles)

7-21-2011  ?I?ll Catch My Own Fish, Thank You? (by vortexal1)

7/12/2011 Capture and Banding of D1 (Iowa Outdoors)

7-12-2011  D1?s Release After Being Banded (by twofeetdown)

8/14/11 Mother Daughter Conversation  (by pharmerdave)

Shenanigans (by pharmerdave)

Thanks for starting this thread Faith.  I'll add D14's belly button

And Teeter Totter

Finn, you are so right about the tears, and about the translation of that conversation!  I think we all yearned to understand Eaglish that day.

Jf, thanks for posting those links.  They are definitely favorites of mine, too!

Oh, some great classics here. :)

This one cracks me up. It was uploaded by blschue May 2012.

Dobe, that's a good one!  I don't remember seeing it before.    lolol


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