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Animal Fun Facts

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I'm starting this fun thread about animal fun facts, trivia, and maybe a quiz or two here and there!  Please join in with your tidbits of information, quizzes or any fun animal story.  Hope you enjoy!  I'll start off with an amusing little fact.

A group of 12 or more cows is called a "flink"

Good one GG!  I only knew 2 of them, so had to look them up.  I found there are many birds with multiple group names. :)  For example, a group of Ravens has also been called an "unkindness" in addition to the answer here. :)

GG, very cool little quiz, thanks for posting it.  I knew 4 lol

Starlings = Murmuration
Geese = Gaggle
Hummingbird = Charm
Murder = Crows

Ravens = Conspiracy!  LOL

Pagent, once again some really cool info!  Thank you!

We now know a group of baboons is called a "Troop!"  And that James Lipton wrote a book on venery terms, who knew!?

Pagent and Red, those are some fun facts. Red, I could sure use that nictitating membrane here on windy days. :) 


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