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Author Topic: Some after hours Chat Fun  (Read 4891 times)


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Some after hours Chat Fun
« on: May 05, 2017, 12:06:07 AM »

After Chat 5/4/17

Good Clean Eagle Jokes

bellenurse1 8:00 PM Ladies and gents. We will pause the chat and present: Eagle Jokes. Stayed tune

bellenurse1 8:00 PM Faith is our hostess

bellenurse1 8:00 PM What kind of bird spends all its time on its knees? A bird of prey.

EagleFanDave 8:00 PM What does an eagle say to his friends before they go out hunting for food? Let us prey!

FaithHopeCure-1 8:01 PM Dad is flying with a fish in his talons. The fish says ?Hey thanks for the ride man! I was having a tough time getting through those rapids. Do you mind setting me down right up there at the spawning grounds??

gardengirl1 8:01 PM What do you give a sick eagle? tweetment!!!

glogdog 8:01 PM Why did the owls not stay and take over the nest? Because they didn?t give a Hoot about the Dive-in-Diner

TX_Ninja 8:02 PM lol

humm2011 8:02 PM DAD: "I am such a great fisher, I thought about opening my own fish market. I'll never be rich, my family keeps eating up the profits."

kittlebittykitty-1 8:02 PM How do you identify a bald eagle? All his feathers are combed over to one side!

bellenurse1 8:03 PM What kind of bird doesn?t need a comb? A bald eagle!

humm2011 8:03 PM lol

TX_Ninja 8:03 PM When you receive a letter, note or memo with ?PS? at the end, you immediately imagine an eaglet backing up to the rails of a nest to ?dispose?, you are an eagle aficionado.

FaithHopeCure-1 8:04 PM Chatters, put your thinking caps on or fire up Google and we will open chat again so you can share some of your own good, clean eagle jokes with us. Chat is now open

gardengirl1 8:04 PM chatters, it is your turn!!

EagleFanDave 8:04 PM I wonder if our Chatters know any eagle jokes

tekon2017-1 8:05 PM Did you know that airlines make special provisions for eagles? They let them bring two carrion bags

glogdog 8:05 PM lol tekon

humm2011 8:05 PM LOL

lala0813 8:05 PM ya?ll are a hoot! ty

bellenurse1 8:05 PM good one tekon

EagleFanDave 8:05 PM lol tekon - good one

FaithHopeCure-1 8:05 PM lol, tekon

Lanalee-201-1 8:05 PM thanks for all the laughs

twiggyrox-1 8:05 PM lol

gardengirl1 8:05 PM what did the little eaglet say to the big eaglet? Peck on someone your own size!!

lala0813 8:05 PM lol tekon

littlebittykitty-1 8:05 PM tekon

SeaBeeinCH 8:05 PM How do eagles show patriotism? They fledge allegiance.

gardengirl1 8:05 PM hahaha

twiggyrox-1 8:05 PM I like eating the profits one best!

pugpersi 8:05 PM How does a eagle greet the its prey in the water ? ?Pleased to eat you.? !

jtrout2 8:05 PM good one, Sea

glogdog 8:05 PM perfect Sea. lol

EagleFanDave 8:05 PM this is fun

humm2011 8:06 PM (Adding on to TX's joke) PS no longer works for me on hand written letters. No one could ever get the letters open to read them. (PS=Post Script & Poop Shoot)

FaithHopeCure-1 8:06 PM lol, Pug!

The_Night_Owl 8:06 PM I will refrain from reading car magazines and auto advertisements, as in German there are lots of PS in those.... PS indicates
?Pferdestaerke? aka horsepower... what a mess

glogdog 8:06 PM What do you call a sick eagle? Ill-eagle

sunset_dreamer2-1 8:06 PM lol TNO

twiggyrox-1 8:06 PM good one Glog!

FaithHopeCure-1 8:06 PM How do you identify a bald eagle? All his feathers are combed over to one side.

firetruck1988 8:06 PM what is a high status eagle? golden eagle

humm2011 8:06 PM lol, TNO

glogdog 8:06 PM cool firetruck

pugpersi 8:07 PM Did you hear about the bird who could see trouble coming from a mile way? It had an eagle eye.

humm2011 8:07 PM You all are so funny.

gardengirl1 8:07 PM what did the eagle say when it was cold? Brrrrrr.

FaithHopeCure-1 8:07 PM Good one, firetruck!

Snorkel211 8:07 PM there is one airline has a eagle picture on it guss

littlebittykitty-1 8:07 PM Why don't eagles like fast food? They can't catch it

drd304 8:07 PM Not a joke, but when I hear a truck beep beep beeping I think of a E ps

EagleFanDave 8:07 PM what do you call a Golden eagle that runs into a razor? A bald eagle

FaithHopeCure-1 8:07 PM lol, Dave

teamcarnes 8:07 PM you guys are so funny!

FaithHopeCure-1 8:07 PM What do you get if you cross an eagle with a skunk? A bird that stinks to high heaven.

firetruck1988 8:07 PM what is the only musical eagle? the harpy eagle

jtrout2 8:07 PM cool snorkel

bellenurse1 8:08 PM now Dave will do the Eagle Talon dance

The_Night_Owl 8:08 PM Ahhh yes Ms. Carnes is right, funny idea and great fun!

glogdog 8:08 PM lol Faith

glogdog 8:08 PM Did you hear about the bird who could see trouble coming from a mile way? It had an eagle eye.

FaithHopeCure-1 8:08 PM lol, you are all very good!

Lanalee-201-1 8:08 PM omg, i can't stop laughing

gardengirl1 8:08 PM What do eagle families do on Sunday afternoons? They go on peck-nics

SeaBeeinCH 8:08 PM How big are D26's feet? She's not talon.

EagleFanDave 8:08 PM hehe GG

glogdog 8:08 PM lol gg

Lanalee-201-1 8:08 PM my cats think I?m nuts

teamcarnes 8:08 PM lol sea!

glogdog 8:08 PM good one, Sea. haha

tekon2017-1 8:08 PM Why does an eagle have black talons? So it can so it can hide in your garden without being seen. Have you ever seen an eagle in your garden? --------- See how well it works.

FaithHopeCure-1 8:08 PM Sea, very clever!

gardengirl1 8:09 PM thanks for the giggles everyone!!

Snorkel211 8:09 PM front tear

sunset_dreamer2-1 8:09 PM lol tekon

pugpersi 8:09 PM like that one tekon

humm2011 8:09 PM LOL, tekon, that's awesome

dwbcs 8:09 PM oh. So I almost missed eagle joke nite? hi everybody!!

humm2011 8:09 PM MOM: Can I get a stick of Beak Balm over here? This wind has my beak so wind burnt.

jtrout2 8:09 PM gotcha, snorkel; nice airplanes

firetruck1988 8:09 PM what do you get when you cross a golf club with an eagle? A driving wedge tailed eagle

gadeb 8:09 PM lol, these are all so great!

SeaBeeinCH 8:09 PM What's planted in the Decorah nest tonight? Enormous crops.

tekon2017-1 8:09 PM lol

casper2001 8:09 PM lol

pugpersi 8:09 PM good one Sea

jtrout2 8:09 PM best one yet, Sea

teamcarnes 8:09 PM lol

EagleFanDave 8:10 PM you guys are really great

Snorkel211 8:10 PM the air line that has animal

FaithHopeCure-1 8:10 PM lol, Snorkel!

twiggyrox-1 8:10 PM Xena and Arki the owls sell beak balm!

humm2011 8:10 PM LOL twiggy

gardengirl1 8:10 PM Where does an eagle go when it loses its tail? The Retail store!!

FaithHopeCure-1 8:10 PM lol

sunset_dreamer2-1 8:10 PM lol gg

EagleFanDave 8:10 PM LOL

glogdog 8:10 PM haha

humm2011 8:10 PMLOL

jtrout2 8:10 PM (snorkel: eagle talk, remember)

SeaBeeinCH 8:10 PM Y'all are hilarious!

gardengirl1 8:11 PM Laughter is great medicine!!!

Lanalee-201-1 8:11 PM lol gardengirl

firetruck1988 8:11 PM what do eagles do online? they phish.

tekon2017-1 8:11 PM gg funny!

teamcarnes 8:11 PM and that is no joke gg!

twiggyrox-1 8:11 PM google xena and arki

glogdog 8:11 PM Why do Bald Eagles always stay home? Because they?re always free.

tekon2017-1 8:11 PM firetruck LOL lol lol

sunset_dreamer2-1 8:11 PM lol glog

Snorkel211 8:11 PM true gardengirl1

Lanalee-201-1 8:12 PM wish i could print these off

teamcarnes 8:12 PM laughter and smiles are priceless

firetruck1988 8:12 PM what do eagles use to travel? a carrion bag

Lanalee-201-1 8:12 PM lol

jtrout2 8:12 PM hey may be posted, Lanalee

teamcarnes 8:12 PM Highlight it and copy and paste it into a documents lanalee

Lanalee-201-1 8:12 PM great

gardengirl1 8:12 PM Lana, we will try to copy the after chat and post it in the Forum.

glogdog 8:12 PM Keep Calm and Carrion, fire. lol

humm2011 8:13 PM LOL

twiggyrox-1 8:13 PM good one fire

EagleFanDave 8:13 PM his made for a nice evening! Thanks everyone

jtrout2 8:13 PM good one, gg

Snorkel211 8:13 PM haha

TX_Ninja 8:13 PM Nice job, all! lol

glogdog 8:13 PM You all were great!!

lala0813 8:13 PM i love it

elsie7 8:13 PM I'm having a great time but unfortunately, my kinders wouldn't get most of these. They don't understand play jokes when there is a play on words and after I finish explaining, they don't remember the joke!

gardengirl1 8:13 PM You all are a Hoot!

gadeb 8:13 PM Fun time filled with lots of laughter!

carolledeann-2 8:13 PM Thank You💜

EagleFanDave 8:13 PM I even hear the eaglets giggling LOL

teamcarnes 8:13 PM love all of you!

FaithHopeCure-1 8:13 PM GG!! That is an owl!

gardengirl1 8:14 PM oops, Faith. lol

firetruck1988 8:14 PM what do you get when an eagle raids a bakery? pie in the sky

humm2011 8:14 PM What a fun after chat! And how I love to laugh! You all gave me some good belly laughs, the best kind.

twiggyrox-1 8:14 PM Dad's due w a fish like last night

Snorkel211 8:14 PM i like when eagles laughing

humm2011 8:14 PM me too Snorkel

teamcarnes 8:14 PM and we will sleep with smiles tonight humm

lev1948 8:14 PM what does an eagle say to his prey? pleased to eat you!

humm2011 8:14 PM for sure team, for sure

littlebittykitty-1 8:14 PM thank you all for the funny jokes tonight

FaithHopeCure-1 8:14 PM Snorkel, and we like when chatters like you laugh too.

drd304 8:14 PM lol lev

FaithHopeCure-1 8:15 PM lol, lev

glogdog 8:15 PM ol lev

Snorkel211 8:15 PM ha ha ha

firetruck1988 8:15 PM what do you call an eagle that goes to law school? a legal eagle

humm2011 8:15 PM lol

glogdog 8:15 PM There you go!

gardengirl1 8:15 PM What a wonderful way to end our chat day. You all are the best!

EagleFanDave 8:15 PM I can't wait until the Eagles have a People Joke night!

carolledeann-2 8:15 PM And catch all the good dreams, Eagley

drd304 8:15 PM so many good jokes, your all great!!

humm2011 8:15 PM I will be here for that one Dave, for sure!

littlebittykitty-1 8:15 PM why don't eagles knock? Because freedom rings

glogdog 8:16 PM Laughter IS the Best medicine. Thank you all!

Snorkel211 9:19 PM to get a booster shot

twiggyrox-1 8:16 PM in Alaska they have Eagle conventions all the time.

FaithHopeCure-1 8:16 PM Good one, kitty!

Snorkel211 8:16 PM i dint know how to do a eagle joke

twake60 8:16 PM HMMMM This can?t be the nest ???? No babies? The nest looks like the eagles have left....

glogdog 8:16 PM kitty - love that one

joellenmegan 8:16 PM SEDs to everyone!😘💕💐

twiggyrox-1 8:16 PM I hear ya Glog!@

sunset_dreamer2-1 8:16 PM Thank you everybirdie for a wonderful time

TX_Ninja 8:16 PM Great close all!

glogdog 8:17 PM twake - you blink and they grow. Lol

FaithHopeCure-1 8:17 PM Snorkel, that isn't a problem. We hoped you laughed a lot!

twiggyrox-1 8:17 PM look at those 2

firetruck1988 8:17 PM what do you call an eagle that makes honey? a honey beeagle

twake60 8:17 PM hahhahahah

gardengirl1 8:17 PM lol fire

Coronagold-1 8:17 PM 28 & 26 bonding

EagleFanDave 8:17 PM good one firetruck

teamcarnes 8:17 PM they are planning their people jokes I think

glogdog 8:17 PM fire - haha

twake60 8:17 PM ok there they are!!!! guess I had to refresh grrrr lol

carolledeann-2 8:17 PM Tug a Stick

Snorkel211 8:18 PM I know a joke about a ghost

drd304 8:18 PM www <<<

liverpoollads 8:18 PM bend and stretch

puremichigan60 8:18 PM 27 just wants to play

Lanalee-201-1 8:18 PM SED everyone

teamcarnes 8:18 PM watchful parent!

drd304 8:18 PM SED

glogdog 8:18 PM Beautiful sunset panning and a parent

FaithHopeCure-1 8:18 PM 2 more minutes to get your joke in!

carolledeann-2 8:18 PM Guard Post

liverpoollads 8:19 PM mom loves that perch

Eldereaglewatcher 8:19 PM Hate to see the jokes are really lame, but... You all are the greatest mods anywhere, though.

tekon2017-1 8:19 PM Why didn?t the eagle cross the road?-- It was really chicken.

Snorkel211 8:19 PM why did ghost go to the doctor?

EagleFanDave 8:19 PM nice pic!

jtrout2 8:19 PM beautiful view

FaithHopeCure-1 8:19 PM Mom is joining us for the real closing.

Eldereaglewatcher 8:19 PM ?say? the jokes

glogdog 8:19 PM lol tekon

glogdog 8:19 PM really?

drd304 8:19 PM lol tekon

puremichigan60 8:19 PM So pretty in this light!

humm2011 8:19 PM that one is cute tekon

littlebittykitty-1 8:19 PM what snorkel

nancysheldon-1 8:19 PM Never far away!!

teamcarnes 8:19 PM tell us snorkel

casper2001 8:19 PM sed everyone, see ya tomorrow

FaithHopeCure-1 8:19 PM Snorkel, I don't know. Why?

Snorkel211 8:19 PM to get a booster shot

glogdog 8:19 PM tc all leaving and thanks for coming

FaithHopeCure-1 8:20 PM lol, Snorkel!

teamcarnes 8:20 PM lol snorkel!

humm2011 8:20 PM The frosting on our cake tonight. To close with a panning and zooming session. Wonderful!

gadeb 8:20 PM lol snorkel!

littlebittykitty-1 8:20 PM lol snorkel

glogdog 8:20 PM lol snorkel - good one

jtrout2 8:20 PM snorkel

Snorkel211 8:20 PM thanks

FinnBMD-1 8:20 PM ge everyone--what a treat that chat is still on!

bellenurse1 8:20 PM gn all

glogdog 8:20 PM hey Finn

pugpersi 8:20 PM A blonde, brunette, and redhead went to see their grandpa living on top of a large cliff. He told them that the cliff was magical and said to jump off the cliff and say the name of the animal you want to turn into and you will turn into it. So they went to the cliff. The brunette went first. She jumped off the cliff and said, ?eagle? and turned into an eagle and flew away. The redhead went next. She jumped off and said, ?bu

FaithHopeCure-1 8:20 PM Thank you all for sharing tonight! It was fun. We hope you will join us again tomorrow 8:00am - 8:00 pm nest time!

bellenurse1 8:20 PM be safe

TX_Ninja 8:20 PM Cam is close to low light mode. IR light will be needed soon.

FaithHopeCure-1 8:21 PM Chat is now paused.

humm2011 8:21 PM Finn, we did an awesome Eagle Joke After Chat.

humm2011 8:21 PM Look for it in the Forum.

humm2011 8:21 PM GN all. See you again tomorrow.

glogdog 8:21 PM The script will be posted in the After Chat thread shortly

glogdog 8:22 PM Take Care All and Find Peace in Nature. Thanks for a fun night!
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Re: Some after hours Chat Fun
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2017, 07:37:29 AM »

After Chat  -  Fathers Day ? June 18, 2017
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:00 PM  Thank you for staying for a little after chat fun. Tonight?s topic is ?What Do You Love About Dad??
?   TX_Ninja 8:00 PM  TX is not singing. It disturbs the wildlife.
?   gardengirl1-1 8:00 PM  lol
?   littlebittykitty-1 8:01 PM  how he always makes sure the little one is fed
?   bellenurse1 8:01 PM  Dad is the bestest ever at fishing, hunting and teaching the juvies
?   pyrmum1-2 8:01 PM  I love his determination & dedication
?   oregonian1944-1 8:01 PM  He is a great provider of many types of food
?   gardengirl1-1 8:01 PM  Debonaire Awesome Delivers DAD
?   nature27-1 8:01 PM  Dad helped make some wonderful offspring!
?   tulsaducati 8:01 PM  I love Dad's never-ending dedication to raising his eaglets.
?   glogdog 8:01 PM  I love Dad because when Dad lands with a prey delivery, he is wide-eyed like ?TA DA!?
?   oregonian1944-1 8:01 PM  Dad is a master nest builder
?   pyrmum1-2 8:01 PM  Handsome too
?   Bob1603 8:01 PM  There are 2 things I love about Dad - the mate that he chose and 2. the location to raise the eaglets
?   littlebittykitty-1 8:02 PM  how devoted to his family he is
?   gardengirl1-1 8:02 PM  Delightful Ambitious Dutiful, DAD
?   tulsaducati 8:02 PM  I love how Dad picked the best possible nest area EVER.
?   Bob1603 8:02 PM  GG
?   oregonian1944-1 8:02 PM  He helps mom with incubation
?   eaglesrock29 8:02 PM  Dad does a really cool Decorah shimmy and an awesome stick dance. He's ready for Dancing with the Eagle Stars lol
?   pyrmum1-2 8:02 PM  How very gentle he is when feeding his babies
?   glogdog 8:02 PM  Dad taught Mom everything she knows. That?s why she is a great mother because he is a great father.
?   gardengirl1-1 8:02 PM  Devoted, Awesome, Delivers DAD
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:02 PM  Why do I love Dad? Fantastic, Awesome, Terrific, Hunter-Extraordinaire, Regal. And that spells FATHER!
?   gardengirl1-1 8:02 PM  I love how he gives in to Mom.
?   tulsaducati 8:02 PM  I love how Dad lets Mom have her way.
?   tulsaducati 8:02 PM  lol gg
?   TX_Ninja 8:02 PM  Dad taught his young bride to be a wonderful Mom. What a great pair.
?   eaglesrock29 8:02 PM  Dad always looks out for the "little guy"
?   Bob1603 8:03 PM  Fathers Day is made for an eagle like Dad
?   oregonian1944-1 8:03 PM  Dad watches over the nest at night
?   gardengirl1-1 8:03 PM  good one Faith
?   pyrmum1-2 8:03 PM I love his patience when Mom does her tea kettle
?   glogdog 8:03 PM  I love Dad because he comes during storms to shelter his offspring.
?   littlebittykitty-1 8:03 PM  how he accepts Mom's wonky sticks
?   oregonian1944-1 8:04 PM  I love Dad because he works as a team with mom
?   pyrmum1-2 8:04 PM  I love Dad's skills as a nest builder
?   glogdog 8:04 PM  I love Dad as he teaches flying now to the fledglings
?   nature27-1 8:04 PM  Dad, Dad, he's our Dad,always good, never bad.
?   gardengirl1-1 8:04 PM  Dad is the best fisher eagle around, Can get one in each talon.
?   eaglesrock29 8:04 PM  He can leap tall trees in a single flap. Who, disguised as Dad Decorah, mild mannered eagle of a great NE Iowa eagle nest, fights for prey, nest time and proper stick placement.
?   pyrmum1-2 8:04 PM nature
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:04 PM  Why do all of you love Dad?
?   glogdog 8:05 PM  We'd love to hear from you all now
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:05 PM  Please join in, chatters!
?   MastiffMom1 8:05 PM^ ^ ^ You've said it all
?   babybat1 8:05 PM  I love Dad's positive attitude!
?   ChickadeeinMA 8:05 PM  Dad is fierce AND tender
?   oregonian1944-1 8:05 PM  Ok chatters - your turn - why do you love dad?
?   sakionline 8:05 PM  Because he gives his offspring the best start!
?   puremichigan60 8:05 PM  Dad is handsome
?   flybarbara1 8:05 PM  love watching him correct Mom's nestorations!
?   omasawyer1 8:05 PM  Because he is so good 2 have around
?   batbait-1 8:05 PM  He is always the best Dad there is in the Eagle world!
?   lani2951 8:05 PM I love his shiny head
?   puremichigan60 8:05 PM  Dad fights for time with his kids
?   Rewrap2 8:05 PM  I love Dad because he is just like me
?   CCS2ndGr 8:05 PM  He always "redecorates" after mom decorates the nest with a new stick! :-)
?   midwestgirl115 8:05 PM  Mom is the law but dad is the grace!
?   gadeb 8:05 PM  Dad makes the best nest cup for the eggs!
?   eaglesrock29 8:05 PM  I love how Dad can carry two fish at the same time and doesn't "fumble."
?   pugpersi 8:05 PM  He puts up with mom's teakettle and ignores her sometimes
?   sford122-2 8:05 PM  Dad stays confident and composed no matter what the circumstances.
?   carolledeann-1 8:05 PM  His Love and Devotion for Mom
?   ham1660 8:05 PM  He is just a beautiful eagle, and he loves mom
?   cwellsla 8:05 PM  good one, erock
?   dedewallace5 8:06 PM  I lovethe way he looks at the first egg hatched
?   trubrew 8:06 PM  Dad has the handsomest feathers
?   omasawyer1 8:06 PM  He takes his chores very seriously and does them well
?   peraspera 8:06 PM  I love Dad for being the epitome of a Renaissance eagle. There's absolutely nothing he doesn't do spectacularly well!
?   babybat1 8:06 PM  Dad knows what's coming next and adjusts.
?   gadeb 8:06 PM  I love how he swooped in at night to help defend the nest against the owls
?   flybarbara1 8:06 PM  the silent constant protector
?   pollockjan 8:06 PM  he is patient and gentle, fierce, persistent & devoted
?   Viola76 8:06 PM  you mods said it all Dad is the best!
?   pugpersi 8:06 PM  he has gorgeous eyes!
?   JR6262 8:06 PM  He is speedy eagle fisherman when it comes to catching fish!
?   sakionline 8:06 PM  Beak kisses with Mom.
?   omasawyer1 8:06 PM  pugs
?   sford122-2 8:06 PM  Dad is secure enough with his masculinity to wear eyeshadow proudly.
?   ham1660 8:06 PM  He takes PS's in the beak and shakes it off
?   tooniegirl-1 8:06 PM  Dad brings Mom cornhusks
?   puremichigan60 8:06 PM  He loves to sit on the eggs
?   sford122-2 8:06 PM  I meant eye liner.
?   lani2951 8:06 PM  he picked the hatchery, didn't he?
?   gadeb 8:06 PM  He is a great fishereagle and sometimes even brings two fish at the same time!
?   Rewrap2 8:06 PM  good one Ham
?   RubyRed468 8:06 PMI love Dad because he wears guyliner thus teaching diversity to all
?   kayaker1 8:06 PM  He rolls his eyes and ignores Moms teakettle and goes back to work
?   pugpersi 8:07 PM  Ruby
?   glogdog 8:07 PM  cute tooniegirl
?   flygirl60-1 8:07 PM  i love how devoted dad is, even sitting on the eggs covered in snow or when it's raining buckets
?   omasawyer1 8:07 PM  Dad takes care of Mom and his eaglets
?   bettyl800 8:07 PM  Gentle with eggs!
?   pollockjan 8:07 PM  he encourages the eaglets to become fledglings who can soar like a big eagle
?   eaglesrock29 8:07 PM  haha, I love Dad's guyliner too
?   susan60050 8:07 PM  Everyone wants a Dad like he is. Some of us are lucky enough to have 1 like him!
?   flygirl60-1 8:07 PM  and protecting the babies from the weather
?   puremichigan60 8:07 PM  Dad is never ever afraid
?   JR6262 8:07 PM  He brings mom food when she is sitting on the next in all kinds of weather.
?   ham1660 8:07 PM  He so helps mom in bad weather and that is so true, we have seen it a trillion times
?   flybarbara1 8:07 PM  Dadbrella
?   pugpersi 8:07 PM  love him so much, I want him to be my dad too
?   babybat1 8:07 PM  Always patient, always kind, teaching through doing.
?   eaglesrock29 8:07 PM  Dad is the best fishereagle either side of the Mississippi.
?   flygirl60-1 8:07 PM  he's taught us so much about nature!
?   Rewrap2 8:07 PM27 on the skywalk, 28 above right out of sight but not out of sound and 26 has is who knows where
?   cwellsla 8:08 PM  Poptent
?   Wnut_Oh-1 8:08 PM  I love Dad because he settled in Decorah and made this possible for us to witness. And everything said above^^^
?   omasawyer1 8:08 PM  Dad is all the great things that our MODS said
?   Bob1603 8:08 PM2 eaglets have fledged
?   CCS2ndGr 8:08 PM  He's a Pop Tent!
?   RubyRed468 8:08 PM  I love Dad because he has kept Mom happy for many years
?   pollockjan 8:08 PM  he is tender with hatchlings, fierce with predators
?   omasawyer1 8:08 PM  Wnut!!
?   flygirl60-1 8:08 PM  Dad is just awesome!!
?   pugpersi 8:08 PM  He is from the same state as me!
?   puremichigan60 8:08 PM  He flies majesticallly
?   tooniegirl-1 8:08 PM  Who can ask for anything more?
?   flygirl60-1 8:08 PM  you can still hear 27 up there
?   midwestgirl115 8:08 PM  He's a wonderful dad! That's what I love about him!!
?   Rewrap2 8:08 PM  not 27 anon
?   TX_Ninja 8:08 PM  Dad is the Tom Selleck of eagles.
?   ham1660 8:08 PM  Dad let's no birdie go hungry
?   puremichigan60 8:08 PM  He inspires the eaglets to fly
?   dedewallace5 8:08 PM  How he helps Mom through her horomes
?   jtrout2 8:08 PM(this is an after chat)
?   flygirl60-1 8:08 PM  flapping her wings
?   babybat1 8:08 PM  If Dad were a person, I'd marry him.
?   MaxsMiMi-1 8:08 PM all of the above Ditto !
?   puremichigan60 8:08 PM  haha baby
?   glogdog 8:08 PM  lol TX. He sure is!
?   Rewrap2 8:08 PM  dad is an awesome teacher
?   bellenurse1 8:08 PM  TX does dad have a moustache
?   flybarbara1 8:09 PM  Love watching beak loves with Mom
?   sandytagz 8:09 PM  dad the master builder, nest decor, loves his eggs and eaglets, Human daddies should be inspired by him!
?   tulsaducati 8:09 PM  This is a special after chat - chatters are posting what they love about Dad Decorah.
?   RubyRed468 8:09 PM  lol, belle
?   CCS2ndGr 8:09 PM  He perches majestically on the maple tree to wow fans and visitors to Decorah!
?   kayaker1 8:09 PM  A fab dad
?   Aguila-Adler 8:09 PM  Oh, ok! Now I see who was squeeing!
?   gardengirl1-1 8:09 PM  babybat, he is already taken. but I understand. lol
?   midwestgirl115 8:09 PM  Dad's was a good catch for mom!
?   kookie1947-1 8:09 PM  somebirdie just flew in the nest
?   flygirl60-1 8:09 PM  who's on the nest?
?   RubyRed468 8:09 PM  Someone just came to the nest
?   trubrew 8:09 PM  Dad is a wonderbird
?   sandytagz 8:09 PM  was that dad taking a peek at our screens just now lol
?   puremichigan60 8:09 PM  He brings in the big 'bucks' to Decorah
?   AnneU 8:09 PM  He rolls the eggs so carefully when he comes in to tend them.
?   babybat1 8:09 PM  GG, sadly I know
?   omasawyer1 8:09 PM  A Devoted and Strong Dad - heis !
?   pollockjan 8:09 PM  he exemplifies our national bird with beauty, fierceness & devotion
?   bustopbird 8:09 PM  I love the way Dad refuses to leave when Mom arrives while they are brooding!
?   tooniegirl-1 8:09 PM  maybe Dad came to take a bow or (baugh)
?   RubyRed468 8:09 PM  Good one, busto
?   ham1660 8:09 PM  and mom was a good catch for dad, she learned fast
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:09 PM  You all seem to love Dad as much as we do!
?   CCS2ndGr 8:09 PM  Me too, Busto!!!
?   Viola76 8:10 PM  thanks to Bob & RRP for setting up cameras so we could all watch these eagles without them we wouldn't be here tonight celebrating Dad on Father's day
?   omasawyer1 8:10 PM  WE DO@
?   kittyesong 8:10 PM  dad was so patient with mom when she was first a mom and did not know what to do.
?   glogdog 8:10 PM  Great responses you all!
?   jamiekins-9559 8:10 PM  Did they all eat today?
?   gardengirl1-1 8:10 PM  lol toonie. good one
?   tulsaducati 8:10 PM  Everyone had some great reasons to love this eagle Dad.
?   tooniegirl-1 8:10 PM  thanks gg
?   sandytagz 8:10 PM  Dad is Eagcellent!
?   JR6262 8:10 PM  Dad saved the baby when he was nest cleaning a few years ago and tossed the eaglet out with the trash!
?   pollockjan 8:10 PM  and great responses by mods, too
?   fredgravely 8:10 PM  parent on the nest
?   tulsaducati 8:10 PM  Thanks to everyone for participating.
?   flygirl60-1 8:10 PM  ty fred
?   omasawyer1 8:10 PM  !F U N !
?   pyrmum1-2 8:10 PM  Nice posts chatters - they were great!
?   babybat1 8:10 PM  I love Dad because he sets a great example for his family (and all of us)
?   eaglesrock29 8:10 PM  I love how Dad has intrigued us with his pre-egg laying tree nibbling. We'll never know why -- mysterious Dad.
?   pollockjan 8:10 PM  tks mods this was fun
?   glogdog 8:10 PM  We all love Dad so much.
?   midwestgirl115 8:11 PM  Thank you mods for this opportunity to honor Dad!
?   ham1660 8:11 PM  We all love our dads right?
?   pugpersi 8:11 PM  dad takes his toes bitten in stride with no complaints
?   Lynryan 8:11 PM  That was fun Thank you Mods
?   flybarbara1 8:11 PM  Mods, thanks for this afterchat. it s been really fun!
?   kookie1947-1 8:11 PM  lol
?   dedewallace5 8:11 PM  Dad's always been my fav
?   tooniegirl-1 8:11 PM  thank you mods for this special tribute to our Dad eagle
?   suelz 8:11 PM  I love the way Dad brings nest material in and just stands by patiently while Mom rearranges it. Then he fixes it when she is gone.
?   haying 8:11 PM  thanks mods
?   carolledeann-1 8:11 PM  His never ending devotion to Mom and Family
?   joanncNY 8:11 PM  he has beautiful eyes
?   sandytagz 8:11 PM  thank you mods and happy dads day to you too
?   batbait-1 8:11 PM  Thanks for the extra fun tonight!
?   flygirl60-1 8:11 PM  love how he brings in sticks, puts them in place, then allows mom to rearrange them
?   glogdog 8:11 PM  yw all.
?   omasawyer1 8:11 PM  Thanks Mods SED y'all
?   pollockjan 8:11 PM  Happy Fathers Day Dad Decorah
?   glogdog 8:11 PM  That he does, flygirl!
?   kookie1947-1 8:11 PM  yes ty so much mods
?   tooniegirl-1 8:11 PM  Happy Father's Day to all Dads
?   Bob1603 8:11 PM  It has been a pleasure! Thank you all very much!
?   JR6262 8:11 PM  Dad Decorah is a great provider and caring mate!
?   flygirl60-1 8:11 PM  what a special treat, talking about dad decorah!
?   tulsaducati 8:11 PM  Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, and all the single Moms too!
?   pugpersi 8:11 PM  he still has all his toes, great dad
?   babybat1 8:11 PM  Every day is Dad's day for him
?   Viola76 8:11 PM  thank you mods & have a good night & Happy Father's Day to all fathers
?   Lynryan 8:12 PM  Happy Father's Day Dad Decorah We love you!
?   oregonian1944-1 8:12 PM  You all have done great tonight - we all love Dad (and Mom too, of course).
?   kookie1947-1 8:12 PM  Happy fathers Day to all the Dad's today
?   midwestgirl115 8:12 PM  He always makes sure the underdog gets fed!
?   gardengirl1-1 8:12 PM  What a great end to Fathers Day. Thanks all for participating.
?   SmokeyinHarlem-4 8:12 PM  And he is the father of an Ambassador!
?   pollockjan 8:12 PM  Happy Fathers day all Tks mods
?   CMSwinton 8:12 PM  It's been a great father's day in Decorah and around the world for all great dads
?   fredgravely 8:12 PM  night
?   Rewrap2 8:12 PM  6?
?   aggie123-1 8:12 PM  Such an amazing site. I can't remember how long I have tuned in...ever since the first Decorah juvie had a transmitter. I've loved every moment - even when I don't add to discussion. You are all just wonderful
?   CCS2ndGr 8:12 PM  Such fun! Thanks everyone :-)
?   glogdog 8:12 PM  Happy Fathers Day to Dad Decorah and all Dads
?   cwellsla 8:12 PM  thank you mods, it's been a great day
?   omasawyer1 8:12 PM  Thank you MODS for putting up with us
?   gardengirl1-1 8:12 PM  lol Smokey He is!!
?   flygirl60-1 8:12 PM  thank you MODS!!
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:12 PM  Happy Fathers Day to Dad and to all Fathers out there! You are special people!
?   RubyRed468 8:12 PM  I love Dad because Dad loves his family
?   nature27-1 8:12 PM  Chat usually goes until 8 nest time, This is a special.
?   Rewrap2 8:12 PM  Thank you mods you all rock!
?   Rozann 8:12 PM  special after chat tribute to Dad Decorah
?   carolledeann-1 8:12 PM  Thank You Mods for your devotion
?   kookie1947-1 8:12 PM   saw 38s wings
?   gadeb 8:12 PM  Thanks mods - fun times!
?   kookie1947-1 8:12 PM  28s
?   babybat1 8:12 PM  Thanks MODS snd SED to all!
?   joanncNY 8:12 PM  i forgot about 'pop tent'. luv it
?   anonymous-8681 8:12 PM  After chat tribute to Dad?
?   oregonian1944-1 8:12 PM  aggie, it's always nice to have perchers come down and join in - thanks for participating tonight
?   midwestgirl115 8:12 PM  Yes Happy Fathers Day to all the dads on here!
?   omasawyer1 8:12 PM  A wonderful weekend with y'all
?   glogdog 8:12 PM  Dad is easy to talk about
?   flygirl60-1 8:12 PM  27's
?   aggie123-1 8:13 PM  Where would we be without our informative Mods!!
?   pyrmum1-2 8:13 PM  It was fun tonight, thanks everyone!
?   flybarbara1 8:13 PM  SED everyone! Its been a great day in DN2!
?   bellenurse1 8:13 PM  yes anonn
?   JTS03 8:13 PM can we have one final update for the night? 27 still waiting to join his siblings?
?   Rozann 8:13 PM  yes anonymous
?   batbait-1 8:13 PM  Happy Fathers Day to all and especially to Dad Decorah.
?   RubyRed468 8:13 PM  Nice
?   pugpersi 8:13 PM  dad doesn't get mad at us for talking about him
?   omasawyer1 8:13 PM  aggie- not very smart
?   CCS2ndGr 8:13 PM  Beautiful, flapping, wings!
?   eaglesrock29 8:13 PM  I hope Dad visits the nest, maybe with a fish hint hint Dad, so he can enjoy our recognition of his magnificence
?   RubyRed468 8:13 PM  D27 back to nest
?   MaxsMiMi-1 8:13 PM  ithink Eagle on the nest
?   CCS2ndGr 8:13 PM  Good job 27!
?   SuZQCA 8:13 PM  Dad Decorah is the greatest because he helps mom with everything!
?   flygirl60-1 8:13 PM  wonder if there's a fish there?
?   pollockjan 8:13 PM  JT yes, still waiting
?   pugpersi 8:13 PM  28 back to the nest
?   kookie1947-1 8:13 PM  27 hasn't fledged yet
?   oregonian1944-1 8:13 PM  D27 has still not fledged yet - it's not unusual to have several days from the 2nd fledge to the 3rd one
?   RubyRed468 8:13 PM  D27 is a floater
?   pugpersi 8:13 PM  27 was on the skywalk
?   ham1660 8:13 PM  Thank you mods for being here seems like 24-7.
?   oremum-1 8:14 PM  Our SUPER Dad!!
?   Lynryan 8:14 PM  those were huge steps up the skywalk lol
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:14 PM  Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Dad with us. Chat will open again at 8:00 am nest time.


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Re: Some after hours Chat Fun
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2017, 08:59:10 AM »

EagleFanDave?s Retirement Chat  June 23, 2017
(Please note that the ustream emoties do not transfer into a Word document)
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:01 PM  Chatters, we are having a special After Chat tonight to honor our very good friend, EagleFanDave, who has made the decision to retire from moderating. We will miss him very much. I wonder - what do you think a retired moderator will do with all his time?
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:02 PM  I think Dave can open a fishcake factory!
?   gardengirl1-2 8:02 PM  I heard Dave was setting up a fish cake franchise. LOL
?   eaglesrock29-1 8:02 PM  Try to arrange a fishing lesson with Dad Decorah
?   rivian21-1 8:02 PM  He won't have to pretend to like fish!!
?   nature27-1 8:02 PM  Watch the eagles!! Faith
?   bustopbird-1 8:02 PM  Take the pizza guy off speed dial and cook a real meal
?   TX_Ninja 8:02 PM  Dave, go fishing!
?   glogdog 8:02 PM  Actually do house work and yard work on a regular basis
?   bellenurse1-1 8:02 PM A retired mod can sit back in an easy chair and dream of all the good people here and our beloved eagles
?   e3forpresident-1 8:02 PM  Camp out under the nest and write a book called , chatting 101
?   pyrmum1 8:02 PM  Dave can write up his fish cake recipe & give it to the Mods
?   littlebittykitty 8:02 PM  Dave is reading a book that is not about eagles
?   Pagent 8:02 PM  I know I Know~~Teach a woodworking class in nest building!!
?   Bob1603-1 8:02 PM  Retired mods get together and go look for D1
?   oregonian1944 8:02 PM  A retired mod is able to keep the dust bunnies oooops rabbits under control.
?   bustopbird-1 8:02 PM  Reacquaint yourself with non eagle friends
?   JanBosworth-2 8:03 P  MYour zap finger will get a rest
?   glogdog 8:03 PM  Type strings and caps and get zapped
?   humm2011 8:03 PM  Love that one Bob
?   rivian21-1 8:03 PM  Disconnect from your computer - NOT
?   bustopbird-1 8:03 PM  Learn to play chess
?   Pagent 8:03 PM  Practice fishing with your feet?in a kiddie pool full of fish.
?   gardengirl1-2 8:03 PM  Walk his dog all day long. LOL
?   littlebittykitty 8:03 PM  eat a meal at your dining room table and not on your keyboard
?   eaglesrock29-1 8:03 PM  Eat an actual full meal sitting at the kitchen table
?   glogdog 8:03 PM  Get to bed before midnight
?   eaglesrock29-1 8:03 PM  snap kitty
?   JanBosworth-2 8:03 PM  sleep in
?   humm2011 8:03 PM  For Dave in particular, he and Rosie will be together without the sound of keys clicking in the room. I can see Rosie smiling now.
?   pyrmum1 8:03 PM  Tie wings on Rosey & see if she looks like an eagle, lol
?   bustopbird-1 8:03 PM  Oh, wait, I do have a family, lol
?   oregonian1944 8:04 PM  Dave, can become a regular chatter and ask lots of questions
?   glogdog 8:04 PM  Plan trips to Decorah
?   bellenurse1-1 8:04 PM  you mean now, I have to clean my house?
?   eaglesrock29-1 8:04 PM  Feel less pain in their necks and backs lol
?   Pagent 8:04 PM  Walk more since is good for your health and to up the difficulty level do your walks holding a stick in your mouth!!
?   JanBosworth-2 8:04 PM  and I know which ones he will start with lol
?   pyrmum1 8:04 PM  Practice fishing so Dave doesn't look foolish when he fishes w/Dad one day
?   bellenurse1-1 8:05 PM  dave will practice nest building skills
?   Pagent 8:05 PM  Cut open a feather pillow just to count the number of feathers!!
?   rivian21-1 8:05 PM  Dave can go outside to look for eagles now.
?   gardengirl1-2 8:05 PM  Dave will have lots more time to cheer for the youngest eaglet
?   bustopbird-1 8:05 PM  Read chat guidelines but decide to get zapped anyway
?   humm2011 8:05 PM  Great one Pagent.
?   rivian21-1 8:05 PM  LOL Pagent!
?   Pagent 8:05 PM  Start a new career as a consultant to eagles on nest tree picking!!
?   nature27-1 8:05 PM  EFD will sit back and laugh at the mods!
?   JanBosworth-2 8:05 PM  Have time to count the feathers
?   pyrmum1 8:05 PM  Pretend the Hawks in your backyard are really eagles, lol
?   eaglesrock29-1 8:05 PM  Visit Mr. Decorah
?   Pagent 8:05 PM  Keep track of the age of each bird at his feeder!
?   bellenurse1-1 8:06 PM  think of the eagles and chatters and have a big smile
?   raptorresource-1 8:06 PM  What a lovely evening in Decorah!
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:06 PM  Hi there, Amy!
?   bustopbird-1 8:06 PM  Hi Amy!
?   gardengirl1-2 8:06 PM  welcome to the party, Amy
?   EagleFanDave 8:06 PM  <<-- tears of joy and from laughing at my funny Mod friends suggestions for retirement !
?   nature27-1 8:06 PM  Nice to see you, Amy!
?   Bob1603-1 8:06 PM  Amy - good evening and welcome
?   eaglesrock29-1 8:06 PM  Good evening, Amy
?   littlebittykitty 8:07 PM  hi Amy
?   rivian21-1 8:07 PM  Welcome Amy
?   glogdog 8:07 PM  The gloaming hour, Amy
?   humm2011 8:07 PM  So great to have you here Amy
?   raptorresource-1 8:07 PM  EagleFanDave, thank you!
?   oregonian1944 8:07 PM  Welcome Amy - join the party
?   pyrmum1 8:07 PM  GE Amy, good to have you join us
?   glogdog 8:07 PM  Dave - we're gonna hold you to those too
?   JanBosworth-2 8:07 PM  We are having a Dave party here
?   bellenurse1-1 8:07 PM  dave will eat only trout pizza from now on
?   EagleFanDave 8:07 PM  Thank you Amy - you'll never know how much I have enjoyed it !
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:07 PM  Pagent has something special for Dave tonight. Want to see it?
?   bellenurse1-1 8:08 PM  yes
?   raptorresource-1 8:08 PM  Yes!!!
?   glogdog 8:08 PM  Fire away, Pagent
?   eaglesrock29-1 8:08 PM  Please!
?   rivian21-1 8:08 PM  absolutely
?   pyrmum1 8:08 PM  Yes!!!
?   bustopbird-1 8:08 PM  Sing!
?   humm2011 8:08 PM  absolutely yes
?   Pagent 8:08 PM  It is to the tune of Auld Lang Syne---so there may be some tears!!
?   gardengirl1-2 8:08 PM  <<getting out her tambourine
?   Pagent 8:08 PM  Should retired mods be forgot, and never brought to mind?
?   Pagent 8:08 PM  Should retired mods be forgot, and days of auld lang syne?
?   bustopbird-1 8:08 PM  sniff sniff
?   Pagent 8:08 PM  For auld lang syne, my friend, for auld lang syne,
?   Pagent 8:08 PM  we?ll take a cup of kindness yet for days of auld lang syne.
?   bellenurse1-1 8:08 P  Musing my cymbells
?   Pagent 8:09 PM  EagleFanDave has always counted the days and never did he whine,
?   Pagent 8:09 PM  And he has modded hundreds of hours, since days of auld lang syne.
?   oregonian1944 8:09 PM  Tapping with my cottonwood sticks
?   raptorresource-1 8:09 PM  Pouring one out...
?   humm2011 8:09 PM  I have my triangle
?   Pagent 8:09 PM  For Auld lang syne, my friend, for auld lang syne,
?   Pagent 8:09 PM  we?ll take a cup of kindness yet for days of auld lang syne.
?   rivian21-1 8:09 PM  and for Dave!
?   Pagent 8:09 PM  We?ve had great joys in this year, 3 fledglings they do shine,
?   Pagent 8:09 PM  And this new nest is in great use, since days of auld lang syne.
?   Pagent 8:09 PM  For Auld lang syne, my friend, for auld lang syne,
?   Pagent 8:09 PM  we?ll take a cup of kindness yet for days of auld lang syne.
?   Pagent 8:09 PM  And here?s my talon dear trusty mod, please take it in your hand,
?   Pagent 8:09 PM  And we?ll make a goodwill toast for days of auld lang syne.
?   Pagent 8:10 PM  For Auld lang syne, my friend, for auld lang syne,
?   Pagent 8:10 PM  we?ll take a cup of kindness yet for days of auld lang syne.
?   Pagent 8:10 PM  With EagleFanDave retiring we know he?ll miss the equines,
?   Pagent 8:10 PM  And we?ll take a cup of kindness yet for days of auld lang syne.
?   gardengirl1-2 8:10 PM  ♫ ♫ ♫
?   Pagent 8:10 PM  For Auld lang syne, my friend, for auld lang syne,
?   Pagent 8:10 PM  we?ll take a cup of kindness yet for days of auld lang syne.
?   Pagent 8:10 PM  We expect to see you in chat dear friend~~
?   Pagent 8:10 PM  Thank you.
?   bellenurse1-1 8:10 PM  (())))


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Re: Some after hours Chat Fun
« Reply #3 on: June 24, 2017, 09:04:57 AM »

?   glogdog 8:10 PM  Cheers to you Dave!
?   oregonian1944 8:10 PM
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:10 PM  Thank you, Pagent. Dave you know how well you are thought of!
?   raptorresource-1 8:10 PM
?   gardengirl1-2 8:10 PM
?   littlebittykitty 8:10 PM
?   nature27-1 8:10 PM
?   e3forpresident-1 8:10 PM
?   gardengirl1-2 8:10 PM
?   humm2011 8:10 PM  That was wonderful Pagent, LOL
?   JanBosworth-2 8:11 PM  (CLAP)
?   EagleFanDave 8:11 PM  Old retired Mods never cry - but our eyes leak like tonight
?   rivian21-1 8:11 PM  the eaglets were singing along - for Dave!
?   glogdog 8:11 PM
?   eaglesrock29-1 8:11 PM
?   babybat1 8:11 PM  Days of EFD!
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:11 PM
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:11 PM  Chatters, your turn!!
?   pyrmum1 8:11 PM
?   bustopbird-1 8:11 PM
?   omasawyer1 8:11 PM
?   w86sp8rwvwq 8:11 PM  Hope you come back often just to check in Dave...
?   cwellsla 8:11 PM  Standing Ovation
?   cwellsla 8:11 PM  Bravo, Dave! Enjoy your retirement, and thank you for being our wonderfully funny, kind, and endearing EagleFanDave
?   oremum 8:11 PM
?   MastiffMom1 8:11 PM  EFD you will be missed tremendously. I wish you all the best.
?   CindyLee56 8:11 PM  Dave - thank you for your time and devotion !
?   twiggyrox 8:11 PM  Love ya Dave and Pagent that rocked!
?   bellenurse1-1 8:11 PM  Standing ovation to our dear friend EFD
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:11 PM  Ty ty ty Dave for just being you!
?   teamcarnes 8:11 PM  Many thanks mod dave!
?   maddysue 8:11 PM  No doubt you are in your cups.
?   pettheduck 8:11 PM  Terrific, pageant!
?   babybat1 8:11 PM  Dave we will all miss you so much!!
?   DobermanCheers-1 8:11 PM  Dave is going to track D28
?   ham1660 8:11 PM  Dave better come back to chat, we for sure will miss his humor
?   Port347 8:11 PM
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:11 PM  Tears
?   treehouse5135 8:11 PM  Happy Retirement
?   SmokeyinHarlem-2 8:11 PM  Dave, join us next season as a chatter
?   e3forpresident-1 8:11 PM
?   phoebe1170-1 8:11 PM  speech, speech, speech !
?   liverpoollads 8:11 PM  Stay in touch efd! Chat won't be the same without you
?   lcjordan-1 8:11 PM  Dave, we will miss you.
?   carolledeann-2 8:11 PM  Dave, rest it's been a long journey love you scratch Rosie for me, Carolle
?   SuZQCA 8:11 PM  Happy retirement efd!
?   JannieGee 8:11 PM  You are the best EagleFanDave and you will be very much missed!
?   babybat1 8:11 PM  I always smile when I see you come into chat.
?   trubrew 8:11 PM  Dave can now catch up on his Mod Squad and Mod-ern family shows.
?   w86sp8rwvwq 8:11 PM  Please do come back to chat...you will be missed
?   harmoneee 8:11 PM  Won't be the same without you, Dave, so please still chat even if you can't zap us!
?   BluePicasso 8:11 PM  Thank you! I don't get here often but it is a mini vacation when I do!
?   oremum 8:11 PM  We'll miss you so much Dave!!
?   sunset_dreamer2 8:11 PM  Dave you are my favorite Mod and will surely be greatly missed
?   casper2001 8:11 PM  Going to miss you dave, now you can take typing lessons for all thos typos, lol
?   Pagent 8:11 PM  Well I realized that with Dave retiring---that's an occasion worth singing about~~
?   dbledee2011-1 8:11 PM  Dont know how to do the little clappy hands, good job! And Good luck dave
?   gadeb 8:11 PM  Dave, you will be greatly missed - enjoy
?   The_Night_Owl 8:11 PM  I would really be surprised if Dave would not show up as a regular here on the chatter side...
?   mlb06763-1 8:11 PM  EFD you will be missed~ Thanks for the times that we had. ♥
?   nanmsu-1 8:12 PM  All the best EFD! Thank you! Great job Pag!
?   Lynryan 8:12 PM  Dave we will miss you and we you! Who will I share my love for the youngest with now? Wishing you a great retirement
?   omasawyer1 8:12 PM  Pagent - lovely song to a special guy who will be missed terribly
?   JR6262 8:12 PM  EFD-you've earned some rest-but we expect you to check in now and then
?   teamcarnes 8:12 PM
?   raptorresource-1 8:12 PM  Pagent, you are so correct!
?   lcjordan-1 8:12 PM  Dave, you can come into chat and be the one to ask, Did the little one eat?
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:12 PM  Ty pag all mods
?   trubrew 8:12 PM  Thank you Dave
?   JamiRobin 8:12 PM  dave will miss you enjoy
?   catbirdy2 8:12 PM  Maybe gone, but not forgotten. Hope you keep your name when you chat in the future.
?   MastiffMom1 8:12 PM  EFD, are you just wanting more attention that D27 received the other evening
?   The_Night_Owl 8:12 PM  ohh and Hello Amy
?   babybat1 8:12 PM  For days of EFD my friends, for days of EFD!
?   CMSwinton 8:12 PM  we will miss you
?   raptorresource-1 8:12 PM  lc jordan
?   suelz 8:12 PM  Thank you EFD for teaching us, laughing at us, sharing your passion with us. Enjoy your retirement.
?   nilapatterson 8:12 PM We will miss you. Sell fishcakes so you can come to ATF--and please check in every once in a while--and don't answer questions. GB
?   RubyRed468 8:12 PM  EFD, you will be missed but happy for you. Eat Bon Bons and watch all the videos from past years
?   harmoneee 8:12 PM  Pag - loved the feather pillow comment! Lol
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:12 PM  Rrp ty too
?   Port347 8:12 PM  Thank you so much EFD
?   karenjklotz-1 8:12 PM  Thank you, EFD!
?   Eniner 8:12 PM  Retired Decorah mods don't retire, their minds soar to fledges gone by
?   pettheduck 8:12 PM  EFD, who will help me fix my computer when it freezes? Oh, that's right, you will have plenty of time!
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:12 PM  Ham me too
?   Pagent 8:12 PM  I do to know, how close did Dave come to his predictions this year??
?   haying 8:12 PM  thanks to ALL the mods
?   EmtDeb811-1 8:12 PM  Shh don't tell EFD but I had a bit of a crush.
?   RubyRed468 8:12 PM  Yes, Pagent, the feather pillow post was awesome and very funny
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:12 PM  Eniner
?   DobermanCheers-1 8:12 PM  <<<< Will miss you Dave, hugs to you friend
?   omasawyer1 8:13 PM  Thanks my friend Dave- I will really, really miss BUT thanks for the lessons you have taught me
?   angelwatch 8:13 PM  loved the putting wings on Rosie
?   Pagent 8:13 PM  I do want to know, I meant to say!!
?   MKM74 8:13 PM  Many thanks EFD Don't forget to text Dad Decorah.
?   CMSwinton 8:13 PM  EFD you are the best
?   ShadowGirl-1 8:13 PM  What they all said - thanks Dave!
?   SuZQCA 8:13 PM  see pm dave
?   EagleFanDave 8:13 PM  Oh I will be back in my old Chatters uniform with the absolute best Chatters in the entire world !
?   JanBosworth-2 8:13 PM  We all know Dave will still be checking on us and his youngest eagle
?   rivian21-1 8:13 PM  The feather pillow one was my favorite Pagent
?   Lynryan 8:13 PM  Dave we will miss your kindness and your typos!
?   casper2001 8:13 PM  dave we will miss you as a mod, but hope you join chat with us
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:13 PM  Dave you are a man of my coat colors ty
?   auntelsie1113 8:13 PM   All the best, Dave.Welcome to retirement
?   Kewpie62-1 8:13 PM  I'm coming in a bit late here, but good luck to EFD on retirement (but you must come chat, please)
?   RubyRed468 8:13 PM  EFD, good to know
?   w86sp8rwvwq 8:13 PM  Dave are you on f/b to keep touch?
?   SuZQCA 8:13 PM  are you going to teach typing now dave? lol
?   ssdouglass-2 8:13 PM  May you find another project that gives you as much joy as this one. Best wishes, see you in the chat room.
?   SmokeyinHarlem-2 8:13 PM  Dave you have earned your wings. Happy flying!
?   ChickadeeinMA 8:13 PM  I will miss your wonderful good nature, humor, and knowledge, Dave.
?   teamcarnes 8:13 PM  dave - you are one special mod loved by many!
?   kvrieth 8:13 PM  Thank you, EFD. enjoy perching!
?   liverpoollads 8:13 PM  Say it ain't so!!! Will be sorely missed we all ❤️u efd
?   omasawyer1 8:13 PM  Dave; please come back- we you
?   debbiek0303 8:13 PM  Dave, you've been an awesome mod! Come back and visit!
?   glennamcvey-1 8:14 M  i predict boots on the ground for EFD
?   haying 8:14 PM  QQ how long has Dave be a mod?
?   e3forpresident-1 8:14 PM  lol teach typing


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Re: Some after hours Chat Fun
« Reply #4 on: June 24, 2017, 09:05:54 AM »

?   ham1660 8:14 PM  EFD what will you do with all that time on your hands now?
?   tooniegirl 8:14 PM  Sorry I missed the beginning but I get the feeling you are retiring Dave. Pretty astute of me.
?   Lynryan 8:14 PM  We you Dave
?   Pagent 8:14 PM  But the good news Dave, is you can fall asleep at the keyboard an no one will wonder why is Dave so quiet!!
?   JanBosworth-2 8:14 PM  No but Dave can certainly help people out with typos
?   tn3fan 8:14 PM  thanks for sharing your knowledge
?   RubyRed468 8:14 PM  EFD, you always had a way of saying things that made everything better
?   puremichigan60 8:14 PM  Mwah! Thank you, Dave!
?   NancySr 8:14 PM  Happy for you :-) but Sad :-( for us. Will truly miss your humor !
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:14 PM  Dave I don't want you spell checker lol
?   pettheduck 8:14 PM  Welcome to retirement. EFD. It's not so bad. I know.
?   Pagent 8:14 PM  tooniegirl
?   w86sp8rwvwq 8:14 PM  agree nancy...
?   glogdog 8:14 PM  Dave- Fishcakes forever more will be done and distributed in your honor
?   angelwatch 8:14 PM  Dave: you can write in all caps now!
?   tooniegirl 8:14 PM  Well you and I have something in common Dave, as I am retiring in 3 weeks.
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:14 PM  Dave, I will do take over the typo department for you!
?   phoebe1170-1 8:14 PM  Dave, what was the one question the chatters had that made you crazy
?   RuthOlson 8:14 PM  Thank you
?   Bob1603-1 8:15 PM  Dave is going to be the mod that fledged! And then came back home
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:15 PM  What a great day again ty Dave at the cottenwood
?   pettheduck 8:15 PM  Use as many emojis as you want EFD
?   JanBosworth-2 8:15 PM  Maybe Dave will share his fishcake recipe with us
?   Pagent 8:15 PM  I think it's been 4 years, maybe 5.
?   babybat1 8:15 PM  Ooh mom came to wish Dave well
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:15 PM  See, I already had one!
?   lala0813 8:15 PM  Eyes are leaking
?   carolledeann-2 8:15 PM  BOB
?   Lynryan 8:15 PM  Eyes are leaking too
?   glennamcvey-1 8:15 PM  thx for the levity Dave
?   EagleFanDave 8:15 PM  You guys have just overwhelmed me with kindness - not to mention all my Mod buddies and RRP and my eagle friends too ( notice how Mom turned her nose up at that !) LOL
?   w86sp8rwvwq 8:15 PM  Mom brought more food? yea
?   agonyofdefeet 8:15 PM  dad!
?   Peemkay-1 8:15 PM  Miss you EFD
?   Cheyenne122 8:15 PM  You'r e still on. I'll say good nite and thank you for today.
?   glogdog 8:15 PM  Even Mom came Dave!
?   twiggyrox 8:15 PM  Grass?
?   raptorresource-1 8:15 PM  EFD, thanks so much!
?   MastiffMom1 8:15 PM  Dave, Mom stopped by to see you.
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:15 PM  Dave you keep the Eagles texting and let us know
?   mlb06763-1 8:15 PM  Great Job by Pagent & the moderators! The harmonies including he tamborine and triangle were outstanding!
?   agonyofdefeet 8:15 PM  you're right that's mom
?   cwellsla 8:15 PM  we are going to miss you Dave
?   Lynryan 8:15 PM  Mom came to say she loves you Dave
?   carolledeann-2 8:15 PM  Dave 6 years, right
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:15 PM  love that the eagles are giving you a show tonite Dave
?   lcjordan-1 8:15 PM  Mom wouldn't miss this.
?   omasawyer1 8:15 PM  Dave has done this B 4 and come back...If I live, I will be waiting for you
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:15 PM  Yes car
?   tooniegirl 8:15 PM  Mom will bring an extrawonky stick in your honor
?   DobermanCheers-1 8:16 PM  Dave, Mom said u can text Dad now lol
?   nilapatterson 8:16 PM  she may bring fish for a fishcake
?   bellenurse1-1 8:16 PM  who will take over translating from eaglish to english
?   w86sp8rwvwq 8:16 PM  Please return Dave after a break
?   cwellsla 8:16 PM  lol Dobe
?   johnwilson-20 8:16 PM  EFD, we'll miss ya, for sure.
?   carolledeann-2 8:16 PM  TINA
?   twiggyrox 8:16 PM  oh its something lol
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:16 PM  Oma yup
?   mae8010-1 8:16 PM  And dad will carve your initials in the tree trunk. Best wishes, EFD.
?   SuZQCA 8:16 PM  who's going to take over fish cake duty?
?   Peemkay-1 8:16 PM  No empty nest for Dave - what a great evening sendoff.
?   teamcarnes 8:16 PM  who will keep all of us laughing?
?   Pagent 8:16 PM  mlb06763-1, the band just gets better every year!!
?   ChickadeeinMA 8:16 PM  There's your new fishing buddy, EfD
?   priscillash 8:16 PM  EFD going to miss you and ty for an awesome moderator!
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:16 PM  We have dobe lol
?   tooniegirl 8:16 PM  We will miss your humor and good spirit
?   mlb06763-1 8:16 PM  Pag
?   Patti421 8:16 PM  EFD: you will be SO missed! Can't wait for you to surprise us in Chat next season! All the best to you
?   Lynryan 8:17 PM  We will miss your great sense of humor for sure Dave
?   NancySr 8:17 PM  me too oma
?   glennamcvey-1 8:17 PM  EFD will you be at the atf
?   TheMusicBiz2 8:17 PM  Dave enjoy your new found time
?   JanBosworth-2 8:17 PM  I will miss the humor here all the time with Dave
?   MastiffMom1 8:17 PM  We will give you until February to come back.
?   RubyRed468 8:17 PM  Thank you, EFD for all your time and effort over the years. So glad you will still chat.
?   lcjordan-1 8:17 PM  lol, MM
?   glennamcvey-1 8:17 PM  good one mastiff
?   liverpoollads 8:17 PM  Efd wants to spend more time with dad, he's going to teach efd some master fishing skills
?   babybat1 8:17 PM  EFD is being rather quiet.
?   twiggyrox 8:17 PM  So who are we going to pick on?
?   Lynryan 8:17 PM  I have to go get tissues
?   bellenurse1-1 8:17 PM  dave will speak shortly
?   CCS2ndGr 8:17 PM  Wait, Dave? you are leaving? You are my FAVORITE mod! Always funny and always calm and always kind!!!
?   NiteKat 8:17 PM  Dave, say it isn't so!! I love seeing you on!
?   glogdog 8:17 PM  liver - good one!
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:17 PM  that's right liverpool, and then he'll teach me!!!
?   w86sp8rwvwq 8:17 PM  Agree LynnRyan
?   Lynryan 8:17 PM  Yes he is CCS
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:17 PM  Seriously Dave I only wish you and your loved one the best always
?   lala0813 8:17 PM  EFD, I wish you the best
?   bustopbird-1 8:18 PM  Dave, will you leave us moms cell #?
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:18 PM  Lol bust
?   ham1660 8:18 PM  It would be great to know how many hours he has into this chat -amazing amount of time
?   angelwatch 8:18 PM  here's to lots of SEDs for you
?   EagleFanDave 8:18 PM   Best send off I could ever imagine - Thank you everyone ! next year I will teach typos from the the gallery
?   gadeb 8:18 PM  efd - good on you - looking forward to you coming into chat with all of us
?   MimiBevTx 8:18 PM  Dave, you will be missed so very much.
?   teamcarnes 8:18 PM  I will take that class dave!
?   nomisp 8:18 PM  Old eagle mods never die, they always feel the wind beneath their wings!
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:18 PM  Dave can text all day with Mom!
?   glennamcvey-1 8:18 PM  haha efd
?   Peemkay-1 8:18 PM  So doesn't this mean that you'll be here more as a chatter, efd?
?   babybat1 8:18 PM  Missed by so very many people
?   RuthOlson 8:18 PM  write a book Dave
?   eaglesrock29-1 8:18 PM  lol bustop, I don't think Mom answers Dave's calls anymore
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:18 PM  Dave see ya soon on chat
?   bellenurse1-1 8:19 PM  did i tell you dave has a crush on mom
?   pettheduck 8:19 PM  Thank you, Dave, for being there for all of our questions, and to lend your sense of humor to all of us. Will miss you.
?   glogdog 8:19 PM  Mom & Dad and Dave will burn up the IPhone world. lol
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:19 PM  Lol
?   EagleFanDave 8:19 PM  lol erock - was just gonna say that
?   mlb06763-1 8:19 PM  but wasn;t it you that invented the word typonese?
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:19 PM  erock, plus, her typos are wayyy worse than Dave's!
?   auntelsie1113 8:19 PM  Speech!
?   teamcarnes 8:19 PM  What does dad say about that crush belle?
?   SuZQCA 8:19 P  Mhe can keep up with mom, dad and all the kids to come on text and let us know
?   dojo7676 8:19 PM  Dave, this news made me very sad. I'm going to miss you
?   treehouse5135 8:19 PM  Did you give him the golden egg?
?   bellenurse1-1 8:19 PM  team, dad loves it
?   SuZQCA 8:19 PM  glog - isn't that ePhone?
?   JanBosworth-2 8:19 PM  Yes the classic sense of humor will be missed
?   Patti421 8:19 PM  Can you go cross country and visit all of us? You know all of our names by heart
?   teamcarnes 8:19 PM  belle!


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Re: Some after hours Chat Fun
« Reply #5 on: June 24, 2017, 09:06:40 AM »

?   eaglesrock29-1 8:19 PM  lol Izzy
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:19 PM  Pag what a great tribute and thanks to all
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:19 PM  treehouse, I think he gave it to us
?   humm2011 8:19 PM   lol Patti, wouldn't that be a heck of a treat?
?   eaglefan1329-2 8:19 PM  Dave. Happy retirement. You gave been a great mod.
?   raptorresource-1 8:20 PM  EFD, you can keep me in line...those eaglets are always fooling me!
?   pyrmum1 8:20 PM  Dave, your gentlemanly ways will be sorely missed
?   bellenurse1-1 8:20 PM  i can see the confetti coming down
?   NiteKat 8:20 PM  Thanks so much Dave for your help, you are always so pleasant and in good humor
?   RubyRed468 8:20 PM  We love you Dave.
?   puff000 8:20 PMW  hat can I add EFD - I'll only say 10x all the compliments you already got -- special having you here
?   teamcarnes 8:20 PM  dave would have a place to stay if he traveled, many chatters would be honored to meet him!
?   dojo7676 8:20 PM  I don't cry easy, this made me so sad.
?   SmokeyinHarlem-2 8:20 PM  glog, I heard that Mom, Dad and Dave all got What's App accounts so their communications will be secure.
?   SuZQCA 8:20 PM  so true team!
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:20 PM  Hope Dave gets all responses
?   raptorresource-1 8:20 PM  Smokey, lol!
?   glogdog 8:20 PM  Smokey - lol
?   JamiRobin 8:20 PM  for dave & the decorah eagle family happy/sad
?   glennamcvey-1 8:20 PM  do you like cws in omaha you have a free bb if you do
?   DobermanCheers-1 8:20 PM  Should we put a Transmitter on Dave? lol
?   babybat1 8:20 PM  Thanks pagent for the farewell song!
?   dojo7676 8:20 PM  Dave you can come to my house any time. Really'
?   EagleFanDave 8:20 PM  LOL Amy - and you know from experience how hard is is to keep those eaglets in line
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:20 PM  Lol smoke
?   nilapatterson 8:20 PM  like that dobe
?   afitz73 8:21 PM  it has been so great having you as a Mod, Dave!!
?   eburgbirdwtchr 8:21 PM  Semper Fi, Dave
?   mae8010-1 8:21 PM  Mom and Dad have an extra nest if Dave comes to visit.
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:21 PM  hopefully when Dave retires he will come to Iowa and go fishing with me!
?   Patti421 8:21 PM  Doberman: yes we should!
?   rivian21-1 8:21 PM  And to keep them straight Dave
?   babybat1 8:21 PM  So now we can start the wait until EFD decides to return; sort of like a soap opera..
?   JanBosworth-2 8:21 PM  A very special night that we will all remember along with Dave
?   Pagent 8:21 PM  babybat1, it was my pleasure
?   raptorresource-1 8:21 PM  EFD, almost as bad as human kids!
?   teamcarnes 8:21 PM  Good idea izzy!
?   priscillash 8:21 PM  Amy lol
?   Bob1603-1 8:21 PM  Dave has made all of us better chatters and moderators
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:21 PM  Izzy, you and Dad!
?   glogdog 8:21 PM  Dave is now in charge of the last hatched every season going forward
?   teamcarnes 8:21 PM  not quiet that bad amy!
?   patiobabe 8:21 PM  have enjoyed your posts EagleFanDave---will miss you
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:21 PM  I sure hope so Faith!!
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:21 PM  I bet I'm not the only one that went from tears to laughter ty ty ty
?   liverpoollads 8:21 PM  EFD, are you still saying 28 is a boy??? Lol
?   bellenurse1-1 8:21 PM  who wants to put the transmitter on dave?
?   babybat1 8:22 PM  I knew pagent would do a song! We love you, Dave!!
?   pyrmum1 8:22 PM  Going to be so strange w/out Dave in the Mod Squad, but he will always have a place w/us & in our hearts
?   babybat1 8:22 PM  Belle!!
?   NiteKat 8:22 PM  OH awesome Idea Belle!
?   dojo7676 8:22 PM  We do love you Dave
?   RubyRed468 8:22 PM  Run, EFD, don't let them catch you!
?   fordabirdz 8:22 PM  good idea Belle
?   raptorresource-1 8:22 PM  babybat, As The Nest Turns! These are the Eggs of Our Lives? General Nesticle!
?   Lynryan 8:22 PM  Belle you have to catch him first
?   pettheduck 8:22 PM  belle, I do!
?   patiobabe 8:22 PM  that is a great idea belle!!!
?   humm2011 8:22 PM  You do it ms belle, you have such a way!
?   DobermanCheers-1 8:22 PM  Belle, we have to catch him first lol lol
?   lcjordan-1 8:22 PM  lol, Amy
?   bustopbird-1 8:22 PM  I do belle; we will call it the Dave map
?   EagleFanDave 8:22 PM  I will miss each and every one of you guys ! well maybe belle not so much LOL
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:22 PM  Lol
?   raptorresource-1 8:22 PM  Lol, what do we catch Dave with?
?   ham1660 8:22 PM  lol
?   glogdog 8:22 PM  lol RRP
?   bellenurse1-1 8:22 PM  dave says "Catch me if you can"
?   gardengirl1-2 8:22 PM  LOL Amy
?   twiggyrox 8:22 PM  Just so you know Dave i still think 28's a boy!
?   NiteKat 8:22 PM  lol
?   RubyRed468 8:22 PM  LOL, EFD
?   TX_Ninja 8:22 PM  belle, we could see where EFD fledges to!
?   teamcarnes 8:22 PM  bait dave with fishcakes to put transmitter on
?   JamiRobin 8:22 PM  dave is in charge of the middle eaglet lol
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:22 PM  Dave, LOLOL
?   bustopbird-1 8:22 PM  lol Dobe
?   JanBosworth-2 8:22 PM  Raptor use the youngest eaglet
?   e3forpresident-1 8:22 PM  Dober you are cracking me up
?   rivian21-1 8:23 PM  A very large net Amy?
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:23 PM  I like that idea team
?   Pagent 8:23 PM  Dave, how did you do with your fledge predictions?
?   babybat1 8:23 PM   These are the eggs of our lives
?   raptorresource-1 8:23 PM  Rivian, lol!
?   fordabirdz 8:23 PM  All My Eaglets
?   dedewallace5 8:23 PM  I will miss you dave
?   bellenurse1-1 8:23 PM  Amy does RRP have a transmitter for Dave?
?   Patti421 8:23 PM  baby: lol
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:23 PMP  agent, I don't think he's talking, lol
?   NancySr 8:23 PM  You even made the "perch" more comfortable
?   auntelsie1113 8:23 PM  Great tribute. Thanks Mods. All the best Dave!
?   twiggyrox 8:23 PM  lol Belle
?   babybat1 8:23 PM  ford!
?   cwellsla 8:23 PM  lol belle
?   dedewallace5 8:23 PM   lol belle
?   Wnut_Oh 8:23 PM  Ge ev1. Been off for a few days. EFD I will miss you. Where isEDF going?
?   EagleFanDave 8:23 PM  LOl Pag I was 0 for 0 - pretty good eh ?
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:23 PM  What a great place to be at this very moment
?   Lynryan 8:23 PM  lol
?   tooniegirl 8:23 PM  All the best - happy retirement Dave
?   raptorresource-1 8:23 PM  EFD, lol!
?   Decorahian-1 8:23 PM  Sounds like a reason for a after the ATF party @ our place Mods
?   SuZQCA 8:23 PM  EFD - perfect record
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:23 PM  Lol dave
?   lcjordan-1 8:24 PM  At least you didn't break your record, Dave.
?   bustopbird-1 8:24 PM  Bait the trap with Pizza and we can catch Dave
?   teamcarnes 8:24 PM  We you dave!
?   carolledeann-2 8:24 PM  Tina ditto
?   rivian21-1 8:24 PM  Dave - that's a perfect record!
?   fordabirdz 8:24 PM  Congratulations Dave, will miss you as a mod, for sure
?   Lynryan 8:24 PM  Never forget we you Dave!
?   casper2001 8:24 PM  hoping dave comes back often as a chatter
?   humm2011 8:24 PM  Wnut, Dave is retiring from modding, but we hope it is temporary
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:24 PM  I'm there Decorahian!!
?   glogdog 8:24 PM  aw Decorahian!
?   The_Night_Owl 8:24 PM  and... who is gonna entertain us in the ghost room now?
?   patiobabe 8:24 PM  Wishing you the best as you fledge Dave
?   omasawyer1 8:24 PM  Lyn - Ditto!
?   e3forpresident-1 8:24 PM  lol Owl
?   babybat1 8:24 PM  Hope you rest up, Dave, and come to next years ATF!
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:24 PM  Lol owl
?   JamiRobin 8:24 PM  Dave can you tell that you are going to be missed
?   SmokeyinHarlem-2 8:24 PM  DAve, are you planning to visit Polar Bear Park?
?   lcjordan-1 8:24 PM  True, TNO.
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:24 PM  we will bring the Mabe's Pizza Decorahian!
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:24 PM  With all his extra time, Dave can make as many fishing dates with Mom and Dad as he wants!
?   Wnut_Oh 8:24 PM  thx humm. Dave enjoy mod retirement
?   bustopbird-1 8:24 PM  Party, Decorian?
?   glogdog 8:24 PM  nice patio
?   SuZQCA 8:24 PM  TNO - I think dave broke the coffee machine and that's why he's bailing on us lol
?   dedewallace5 8:24 PM  He will casper he can't leave the eagles anymore than we can,lol
?   gadeb 8:25 PM  We all love you lots Dave!
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:25 PM  love that patio glo
?   teamcarnes 8:25 PM  Does RRP need to announce the fledge of dave?
?   ashybella 8:25 PM  Thank you so much Dave and best wishes.
?   Patti421 8:25 PM  I'm going to make a big button that saves "I (heart)EagleFanDave"
?   Wnut_Oh 8:25 PM  lolol team
?   liverpoollads 8:25 PM  Happy I'm here for this salute to EFD! All the best to you dear fellow eagleholic
?   Decorahian-1 8:25 PM  Cake & ice cream this time
?   eaglesrock29-1 8:25 PM  I would love to see Dave circling the retention pond with Dad Decorah
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:25 PM  Lol team
?   raptorresource-1 8:25 PM  Teamcarnes, good idea!!
?   glennamcvey-1 8:25 PM  air miles to share if you want to come to atf
?   fordabirdz 8:25 PM  yes, team they should
?   carolledeann-2 8:25 PM  SEDreams all peaceful sleep and stay safe Love, Carolle
?   EagleFanDave 8:25 PM  aw my fledge - now that is a nice sentiment patio !
?   e3forpresident-1 8:25 PM  Its confirmed, Dave is fledged
?   Lynryan 8:25 PM  Team its not official until RRP confirms!
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:25 PM  Dave is shearing his coat what next lol
?   quincysmommy 8:25 PM  qq did this eaglet have 2 deliveries?
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:25 PM  team, they really should confirm it!
?   teamcarnes 8:25 PM  Make it official amy!
?   omasawyer1 8:25 PM  Dave - I am sad...I already miss you
?   patiobabe 8:25 PM  lol Dave
?   babybat1 8:25 PM  Erock!!
?   oremum 8:25 PM   EFD


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Re: Some after hours Chat Fun
« Reply #6 on: June 24, 2017, 09:07:41 AM »

?   quincysmommy 8:25 P  Mother 2 did not show up?
?   Decorahian-1 8:25 PM   And Mabes of course
?   bustopbird-1 8:25 PM  glen you sweetie
?   bellenurse1-1 8:25 PM  amy, confirm dave's fledge
?   casper2001 8:25 PM  lol yes RRP has to confirm first, lol
?   Lynryan 8:25 PM   Me too Oma
?   Pagent 8:25 PM SuzQCA, you know I was just looking around the overflow room and I noticed the espresso machine was broken. and someone drained the hot tub!! Dave, you've got some 'splaining to do!!
?   catbirdy2 8:25 PM  EFD, sending gift certificate for lifetime supply of fishcake pizza. You will need to find out where to use it. M and D can help. lol
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:26 PM  We'll bring it Decorahian
?   mlb06763-1 8:26 PM  HAGN All. Dave, Thanks! Happy Retirement.
?   raptorresource-1 8:26 PM  RRP regrettably confirms Dave's fledge. Fly high, Dave!
?   w86sp8rwvwq-1 8:26 PM  Sad about Dave hope he changes his mind in off time
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:26 PM  Lol
?   DobermanCheers-1 8:26 PM  Dave is only fledging not dispersing
?   NiteKat 8:26 PM  Was there a song for Dave?
?   EagleFanDave 8:26 PM  aw ore - we can sit together in the Chatter peanut section
?   RubyRed468 8:26 PM  Yes, Nite
?   lcjordan-1 8:26 PM  lol, Dobe. That's good.
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:26 PM  well said Dobe
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:26 PM  Pag was awesome
?   Lynryan 8:26 PM  Its confirmed
?   e3forpresident-1 8:26 PM  best seats DAve
?   EagleFanDave 8:26 PM  indeed e3
?   babybat1 8:26 PM  Happy soaring, Dave!!
?   oremum 8:26 PM  I like that, Dobe!!
?   Wnut_Oh 8:26 PM  right on Dobe
?   eaglesrock29-1 8:26 PM  Dad has a special place up in the bluffs for Dave
?   fordabirdz 8:26 PM   Seriously, thank you Dave for all the time you spent here keeping us informed and entertained.
?   twiggyrox 8:26 PM  You may Fledge but you can never leave the nest!
?   raptorresource-1 8:26 PM  NiteKat, Pag did the best song for EFD!
?   Bob1603-1 8:26 PM  A transcript of this tribute will be posted in the RR Forum
?   patiobabe 8:26 PM  Can we put you "on call" Dave?
?   rivian21-1 8:26 PM  Remember w86 - we don't use the words never and always any more
?   w86sp8rwvwq-1 8:26 PM  How long was Dave working here?
?   glogdog 8:26 PM  It's official then! EagleFanDave fledged 6-23-17
?   JanBosworth-2 8:26 PM  yes a good one NiteKat you can see when they post the comments
?   teamcarnes 8:26 PM  dave - you are welcome any day in my classroom to teach us about eagles!
?   oregonian1944 8:26 PM  It's official when RRP confirms it!
?   bustopbird-1 8:26 PM  RRP, did you have to review video to confirm his fledge
?   Pagent 8:26 PM  Well, that's official at 8:36 PM on June 23rd, RRP confirmed EagleFanDave fledged from the Mod Squad!!!
?   NiteKat 8:26 PM  ok thanks
?   priscillash 8:26 PM  I bet Dave hangs out at the Y branch, nest 1!
?   Port347 8:27 PM  lol
?   bellenurse1-1 8:27 PM  i want to put Dave's nest in the next tree too m/d
?   Wnut_Oh 8:27 PM  So Dave who gets your shellphone?
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:27 PM  I believe Dave started modding in 2014
?   RubyRed468 8:27 PM  God bless you, EFD. You deserve the very best of everything
?   priscillash 8:27 PM  WE will find you Dave
?   e3forpresident-1 8:27 PM  aww Happy flying DAve
?   DobermanCheers-1 8:27 PM  Pagent, our wonderful song bird
?   humm2011 8:27 PM  Thank you Amy for making it totally official for Dave and our squad. This room of chatters wouldn't be satisfied without that confirmation.
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:27 PM  Dave when I meant a empty nest is full skies I did not me you !
?   lcjordan-1 8:27 PM  Dave, thanks for your humor, your dedication, and your hard work. You will be missed.
?   trubrew 8:27 PM  Maybe Dave is secretly going on tour with the Eagles.
?   Lynryan 8:27 PM  I won?t be surprised when I see Dave sitting up top the skywalk!
?   glogdog 8:27 PM  Dave you can run but can't hide from us.
?   CMSwinton 8:27 PM  God bless EFD always.
?   fromabranch 8:27 PM  Enjoy your fledge EFD you will be missed- but you will always know where your home nest is- we will miss you
?   pettheduck 8:27 PM  Must go now. Will miss you EFD. Fly high.
?   rivian21-1 8:27 PM  But even if it's confirmed, he can still return!
?   EagleFanDave 8:27 PM  lol priscilla - how I'd love to perch on that Y branch !
?   priscillash 8:27 PM  Thats right Glog!
?   babybat1 8:27 PM  Thank you, Pagent. You always have a lovely song for each occasion!
?   w86sp8rwvwq-1 8:27 PM  Good news rivian 21
?   Wnut_Oh 8:28 PM  Serious EFD take care and do not be a stranger. thanks for all you have done for us.
?   cwellsla 8:28 PM  Dave's fledge date should be put on the Decorah calendar, lol
?   nilapatterson 8:28 PM  how we would love to see it EFD
?   Bob1603-1 8:28 PM  Dave is a moderator with a reverse gear
?   glogdog 8:28 PM  yes, Dave - NO migrating! lol
?   Port347 8:28 PM  efd, perch above it! lol
?   Patti421 8:28 PM  Blue skies, nothing but blue skies ! For Dave
?   teamcarnes 8:28 PM  Like that bob!
?   JanBosworth-2 8:28 PM  Dave that would be heaven
?   EagleFanDave 8:28 PM  lol no migrating
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:28 PM  rivian, just like the eagle fledglings!
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:28 PM  unless you are migrating here!
?   ham1660 8:28 PM  EFD on the Y Branch with fish cakes
?   RubyRed468 8:28 PM  I knew Pagent wouldn't arrive without a song in her heart
?   Ruth61 8:28 PM  Dave, just checked in and there was such a ruckus and sad to see you are retiring. I wish you the best of health and happiness. And of course hope you are here again.
?   aspenquinn 8:28 PM  From the "right" coast, Dave. Fair winds and following seas !
?   agonyofdefeet 8:28 PM  is 27 on the IR cam?
?   twiggyrox 8:28 PM  look who came by?
?   w86sp8rwvwq-1 8:29 PM  From Wisconsin please return soon Dave...
?   twiggyrox 8:29 PM  28
?   Pagent 8:29 PM  Ruby, I think you all song-shamed me. I actually put that song together at 7:52- 7:58!! LOL
?   sakionline 8:29 PM  Dave, all the best, and thanks to Pagent!
?   Decorahian-1 8:29 PM  Dave now when you retire we can drive around here when U visit & look @ all the eagle nest in area
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:29 PM  great job tho Pag
?   babybat1 8:29 PM  Great job, Pag!
?   teamcarnes 8:29 PM  inspiration comes when it is needed pagent!
?   RubyRed468 8:29 PM  Wow, good job girl
?   geomteach 8:29 PM  EFD, I have perched for many years and have always enjoyed your humor. Since D14 I always favor the youngest of the clutch. Enjoy your retirement. I will miss you!
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:29 PM  Pag never a disappointment your awesome
?   humm2011 8:29 PM  wow Decorahian, what an offer
?   DobermanCheers-1 8:29 PM  Dave, was it something I said? hahaha
?   Pagent 8:29 PM  Song-shaming it's a whole new thing!!
?   tooniegirl 8:29 PM  This is an encore presentation from 27 to you Dave
?   omasawyer1 8:29 PM  Pagent again!
?   humm2011 8:29 PM  LOL Pagent.
?   NiteKat 8:29 PM  lol Dobe!
?   fordabirdz 8:30 PM  lol Dober
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:30 PM  Lol dobe
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:30 PM  We will pause at 8:30
?   bustopbird-1 8:30 PM  Perchers love Dave!
?   glennamcvey-1 8:30 PMnest is empty just like we are missing you already
?   JanBosworth-2 8:30 PMOh wow Dave a drive around with Decorahian to see eagle nests
?   Tinabeene3-1 8:30 PMPause or end of chat?
?   w86sp8rwvwq-1 8:30 PM  True glennamcvey
?   Decorahian-1 8:30 PM  humm we may have room in back seat for ya LOL
?   NancySr 8:30 PM  Yes bus !
?   RubyRed468 8:30 PM  EFD you rock, dude
?   MastiffMom1 8:30 PM  Again, Dave you made this a more special place to be. Thank you is not not enough. Best always my friend.
?   raptorresource-1 8:30 PM  The Eagle Bus!
?   lcjordan-1 8:30 PM  SED, Dave.
?   Peemkay-1 8:30 PM  It's been real , Dave
?   Bob1603-1 8:30 PM  Dave - always remember that a nest maybe empty of eagles it is always full of memories - of you!
?   humm2011 8:30 PM  LOL, I would adore that Decorahian, very cool, thanks
?   raptorresource-1 8:31 PM  Dave, thank you.
?   bustopbird-1 8:31 PM  The eaglet is waiting for a speech!
?   oregonian1944 8:31 PM  Dave, you're on!
?   EagleFanDave 8:31 PM  Tonight was a very special night for me ! I thank RRP and our wonderful Mods and all the eaglets I have had the pleasure to watch over the years - But my fondest memories are of you Chatters ! It has been an honor to be here with you and I will not say goodbye - just so long until we meet again.
?   bellenurse1-1 8:31 PMSPEECH, SPEECH
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:32 PMDave,
?   JanBosworth-2 8:32 PMDave
?   rivian21-1 8:32 PM


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Re: Some after hours Chat Fun
« Reply #7 on: June 24, 2017, 09:08:20 AM »

?   bellenurse1-1 8:32 PM
?   glogdog 8:32 PM  Dave
?   e3forpresident-1 8:32 PM
?   littlebittykitty 8:32 PM  Dave
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:32 PM
?   pyrmum1 8:32 PM
?   eaglesrock29-1 8:32 PM  Dave
?   humm2011 8:32 PM  Dave
?   oregonian1944 8:32 PM  Dave
?   gardengirl1-2 8:32 PM  Dave
?   bellenurse1-1 8:32 PM  dave, dave, he's our man!
?   pyrmum1 8:32 PM,
?   bustopbird-1 8:32 PM love ya
?   Pagent 8:33 PM
?   thinkingwoman-1 8:33 PM  if Dave can't do it, no one can!
?   Bob1603-1 8:33 PM  Dave - you made this a better mod squad - thank you so much!
?   bustopbird-1 8:33 PM  Eaglet blowing a kiss at dave!
?   Pagent 8:33 PM TW so true!!
?   EagleFanDave 8:33 PM  lol tw - I will I will
?   JanBosworth-2 8:33 PM
?   nature27-1 8:33 PM  () Dave
?   raptorresource-1 8:33 PM  Mods, thanks for inviting us here to celebrate. EFD, if you are looking retirement ideas, let us know!
?   Pagent 8:34 PM  Dave, you made us all better!! Thank you.
?   TX_Ninja 8:34 PM  Safe travels, Dave. It has been a great partnership.
?   EagleFanDave 8:34 PM  lol Amy - I will and thank you
?   bellenurse1-1 8:34 PM  Dave could climb to the nest to do cam work
?   JanBosworth-2 8:34 PM  A very special man our Dave
?   e3forpresident-1 8:34 PM  And number our eaglets
?   pyrmum1 8:35 PM  Dave, may the wind always be beneath your wings like our Decorah Eagles & family
?   bustopbird-1 8:35 PM  May Decorah be with you
?   Pagent 8:35 PM  We will see you all tomorrow for another wonderful day in Decorah!! Thank you for celebrating Dave's Retirement with us!!
?   eaglesrock29-1 8:35 PM  Squeee
?   EagleFanDave 8:36 PM  aw bustop - it will - once Decorah is in your blood - it stays !
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:36 PM  Dave, thank you for everything I absolutely adore you
?   glogdog 8:36 PM  Take Care, Dave and You know where you can Peace - right here
?   raptorresource-1 8:36 PM  Mods, you rock! Thank you so much!
?   pyrmum1 8:37 PM  Dave, you're a wonderful kind man that I'll remember for life - it's been such a privilege
?   Bob1603-1 8:37 PM  Thank you Amy
?   EagleFanDave 8:37 PM  So goodnight all my friends ! Thank you for this great send-off
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:37 PM  Thank you for joining us tonight, Amy
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:37 PM  raptorresource, you rock even harder my friend!!
?   littlebittykitty 8:37 PM  thank you Amy
?   glogdog 8:37 PM  yw Amy and thanks for coming!
?   pyrmum1 8:37 PM  Thanks so much, Amy
?   EagleFanDave 8:37 PM  lol bus - never
?   FaithHopeCure-1 8:37 PM  Dave, one last zap? lol
?   bustopbird-1 8:37 PM  Thanks for being you, Dave
?   bellenurse1-1 8:37 PM  well, dave?
?   pyrmum1 8:38 PM  Go for it Dave Get her, lol
?   EagleFanDave 8:38 PM  LOL my lasy zap
?   EagleFanDave 8:38 PM  last
?   JanBosworth-2 8:38 PM  Dave get belle lol
?   bustopbird-1 8:38 PM  I have been zapped!
?   bellenurse1-1 8:38 PM??
?   rivian21-1 8:38 PM  Bye everyone! Choose to make the rest of your evening a grateful one!
?   bellenurse1-1 8:38 PM
?   littlebittykitty 8:38 PMl  ol Dave, your last typo too?
?   bustopbird-1 8:39 PM
?   pyrmum1 8:39 PM  GN Dave & SEDs always
?   bellenurse1-1 8:39 PM  TX you deserved it
?   e3forpresident-1 8:39 PM  Love you Dave and see you again
?   JanBosworth-2 8:39 PM  no kitty cause when he visits the typos will come lol
?   bustopbird-1 8:39 PM  its killing me, but I will let dave zap you
?   eaglesrock29-1 8:39 PM  Wishing you all the sweetest of Eagle Dreams. Thank you for sharing this special with us as we celebrate Dave!
?   pyrmum1 8:39 PM  Get him Dave, don't think about his sabor
?   littlebittykitty 8:40 PM  lol Jan, yes they will
?   glogdog 8:40 PM  Chatters - thank you for sharing this with us
?   bellenurse1-1 8:40 PM  thanks to all for coming
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:40 PM  Thank you all chatters, for being you!
?   JanBosworth-2 8:41 PM  Good nite Dave and chatters
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:41 PM  Dave, oma had one last thing to say, I'm not sure she got it in, so I'll say it for her
?   littlebittykitty 8:41 PM  thanks everyone, GN
?   glogdog 8:41 PM  Mom, Dad, D26, D27, D28 - thanks for being here too.
?   pyrmum1 8:41 PM  Thanks to all chatters & perchers who have joined us for a celebration of a WONDERFUL Mod! Have a good night everyone & have SED. See you later
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:41 PM  we are eagles of one nest, the nest is in our souls
?   bustopbird-1 8:41 PM  SED Dave
?   bellenurse1-1 8:41 PM  LOVE YOU DAVE
?   pyrmum1 8:41 PM  Well said izzy
?   EagleFanDave 8:42 PM  aw that is so nice izzy - and so oma
?   JanBosworth-2 8:42 PM  Do not cry because it is over. Smile because it happened
?   bellenurse1-1 8:42 PM  yes jan
?   pyrmum1 8:42 PM  Jan, you're right, however . . .
?   EagleFanDave 8:42 PM  Jan - big boys never cry - our eyeballs sweat
?   e3forpresident-1 8:42 PM  lol
?   pyrmum1 8:42 PM  lol Dave whatever you want to call it.
?   e3forpresident-1 8:42 PM  oh EFD you always make me laugh
?   JanBosworth-2 8:42 PMA  ww I knew that Dave kik
?   JanBosworth-2 8:43 PM  kik is short for lol
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:43 PM  Pyr, oma and I have to credit Led Zeppelin for that one
?   pyrmum1 8:43 PM  Wow, izzy!
?   bellenurse1-1 8:44 PM  gn all
?   eaglesrock29-1 8:44 PM  Good night everyone. We will see you again tomorrow. Sweet dreams
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:44 PM  thanks for all the fun y'all see you again soon


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Re: Some after hours Chat Fun
« Reply #8 on: July 01, 2017, 02:51:03 PM »

After Chat 6/30/17 End of Season

?   jfrancl-1 8:00 PM Chatters, we are pausing for just a minute:
?   jfrancl-1 8:00 PM Chatters, at this time the Decorah chat room mods would like to thank each and every one of you for joining us on this fun filled 2017 season with the Decorah eagles. We'd like you all to jump in for a special after chat tonight looking back on some fond moments and wishing each other well!
?   jfrancl-1 8:01 PM Welcome back everyone!
?   bellenurse1 8:01 PM i have a song i'd like to post on how i feel.
?   oregonian1944 8:01 PM ok chatters, you're on!
?   DLB59 8:01 PM See you in the fall!
?   angelolady 8:01 PM the most interesting fledge season ever?
?   cwellsla 8:01 PM sing it belle!
?   humm2011 8:01 PM go for it ms belle
?   EagleFanDave 8:01 PM and a Happy eaglet welcomes you bck too
?   Cheyenne122 8:01 PM thank you
?   braquinha 8:01 PM Happy 4th of July to all of us! Keep your pets safe at home,way from the fireworks please!
?   glogdog 8:01 PM the floor is yours, chatters
?   kookie1947 8:01 PM gonna miss e1,but hopefully the juvies will hang out here a lot till they disperse
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:01 PM angelo, it has been an interesting fledge
?   JR6262 8:01 PM Our mods
?   bellenurse1 8:01 PM The way we were - YouTube
?   tulsaducati 8:01 PM What are your best moments from this season?
?   Rozann 8:01 PM I am thankful D27 was ok after their oopsie going overboard
?   NYnanny 8:02 PM Till We Meet Again/ Happy 4th to you all
?   treehouse5135 8:02 PM Starting my 6th year!
?   f4nmaywuy0e-1 8:02 PM Seeing mom covered in snow protecting her babies
?   RubyRed468 8:02 PM The rumble was fun
?   FaithHopeCure 8:02 PM Thank you all, chatters, for a wonderful successful Decorah Eagles 2017 season!
?   Ruth61 8:02 PM It has been so great to see them back on the nest so often after fledging.
?   jfrancl-1 8:02 PM Chatters, have a safe and fun filled rest of the summer!
?   lshirely 8:02 PM Fond memories and wishing each other well chatters.
?   rivian21-1 8:02 PM Memories!
?   catbirdy2 8:02 PM D27 making it back on the nest.
?   nanmsu 8:02 PM Gopd night Decorah! TY RRP and mods!
agonyofdefeet 8:02 PM seeing mom and dad checking out their babies for the first time
?   tulsaducati 8:02 PM Thanks to all our amazing chatters, for sharing this season with us.
?   eaglesrock29 8:02 PM D27's smarts in making it back to the nest was one of the most memorable moments of the year.
?   pollockjan 8:02 PM meeting each of the fuzzy hatchling finally when m & d allowed
?   casper2001 8:02 PM I am thankful that dad showed up after not seeing him for 4 days, had me worried
?   dwbcs 8:02 PM happy & safe 4th to everyone ! sed to all !
?   afitz73 8:02 PM I'll always remember the empty nest dad came to. the priceless look on his face!
?   Lynryan-1 8:02 PM The standoffs between mom and dad my favorite!
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:02 PM don't cry pug, this is a happy day
?   gadeb 8:02 PM Favorite was D27 making it back to the nest!
?   nature27 8:02 PM It's so nice to have had tjis time together. We have watched eagles through all sorts of weather.Soon it will be time to say good-bye, but the eagles will continue to fly.We have made many new friends and the will never end.
?   Gator75 8:02 PM seeing 28 grow up, well just one of my fav moments.
?   birdlover1954 8:02 PM QQ are the eaglets fitted with transmitters this year?
?   Port347-1 8:02 PM Sharing this wonderful experience with the mods and chatters, and appreciating the camera operators and all those that make this possible.
?   ohiokmbrly 8:02 PM D27 is very special to me. i saw him go from hatch to fledge. plus he was born on april 1 a day that is very special to me!
?   ShadowGirl-1 8:02 PM Mom teakettling
?   omasawyer1-1 8:02 PM afitz; that was priceless
?   bellenurse1 8:03 PM not yet bird
?   bustopbird-1 8:03 PM Hard to pick a favorite-had so much fun with all the chatters perchers and eagles
?   angelolady 8:03 PM the way they hung around the nest after fledge
?   humm2011 8:03 PM My favorite moments of the season, were every moment that I could be here, watching our eaglets and M & D with all of you!
?   cirasmith 8:03 PM d28 holding his own against his siblings!
?   thinkingwoman-1 8:03 PM lol afitz
?   Rewrap2 8:03 PM 27's oopsie and travel back to the nest was pretty awesome
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:03 PM birdlover, they are not yet, but they may be
?   sandytagz 8:03 PM watching dad sit on those eggs as mom tries to push him off lol
?   oregonian1944 8:03 PM afitz, that look was absolutely priceless - like where did everyone go, we had an eaglet here last time
?   sunset_dreamer2-1 8:03 PMT hank you to mods, chatters, camera operators, RRP and eagles for a wonderful season
?   rorah-1 8:03 PM I agree, Ruth--I love that they come back to the nest, and especially seeing all three snuggled lying face down on the nest like the other night
?   glogdog 8:03 PM We watched 3 beautiful eaglets grow up before our eyes. Thanks, RRP
?   jfrancl-1 8:03 PM You are all the best chatters wecould ever hope for, it's been a pleasure watching the Decorah eagles with you all
?   flygirl60 8:03 PM 27 working his way back to the nest was the most fascinating thing that i saw this season
?   Zalma52 8:03 PM Greetings-.-.-.
?   glogdog 8:03 PM ditto what jf just said
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:03 PM Hiya Zalma, we are just sharing our favorite memories from the season
?   glogdog 8:03 PM hey Zalma
?   bellenurse1 8:03 PM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNEcQS...
?   tulsaducati 8:03 PM Thankful for all the donations to RRP, that made it possible for us to have these incredible views.
?   thinkingwoman-1 8:03 PM That was Rewrap
?   rivian21-1 8:03 PM And I'd just like to thank all of our chatters for being the most knowledgeable chatters on ustream! We wouldn't be here without you!!
?   johnwilson-20 8:04 PM 28 not talking any abuse from anybirdy
?   kookie1947 8:04 PM thank you to the mods, camera people and all the chatters on here
?   EagleFanDave 8:04 PM My only 'ooops' moment this year was the owl knocking Mom off the nest - I still think she found him shortly afterwards and made him wish he was an eagle LOL
?   hartfordcountrygal10 8:04 PM Dad bring in 2 fish
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:04 PM Lol Dave
?   flygirl60 8:04 PM and, the dedication of mom, covered with snow, protecting her young
?   ShadowGirl-1 8:04 PM lol EFD
?   agonyofdefeet 8:04 PM me too Dave
?   RubyRed468 8:04 PM All the rousings!
?   sandytagz 8:04 PM oh my yes lol EFD
?   eaglesrock29 8:04 PM Have your tissues out for Belle's song
?   Zalma52 8:04 PM hey glog
?   humm2011 8:04 PM awww ms belle, what a great choice
?   casper2001 8:04 PM all the tandem feedings this year
?   treehouse5135 8:04 PM I think it was facinating watching d27 getting back to the next
?   gadeb 8:04 PM Loved when the branch sprouted wings (eaglets favorite hiding spot)
?   Gator75 8:04 PM Limb surfing in a storm
?   JR6262 8:04 PM The closeness of this clutch
?   TX_Ninja 8:04 PM What a great season it has been. We thank you all for being a part of it. So amazing to share another season with you all!
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:04 PM I loved all the eggs being laid this year
?   omasawyer1-1 8:04 PM the poptent and mombrella
?   afitz73 8:04 PM the tandem incubtion in that storm. How momwanted on and Dad not giviing in
?   DobermanCheers-1 8:04 PM When a D showed up at the Y on N1
?   bustopbird-1 8:04 PM Great song Belle^^^^^
?   glogdog 8:04 PM I love all tandem feedings showing love and devotion to their young
?   purpl9 8:04 PM shhh belle is singing
?   DLB59 8:04 PM When it snowed and poor mom looked so miserable
?   Rewrap2 8:04 PM My priceless day at central command was pretty awesome lol
?   Lynryan-1 8:05 PM Belle now you did it! My eyes are leaking
?   eaglesrock29 8:05 PM So it's the laughter we will remember, whenever we remember the way we were
?   wandamcleod 8:05 PM 27's thoughtful recovery from the oopse, and 28-the baby-holding his own!
?   cwellsla 8:05 PM whittling on Dad's trunk, lol
?   bellenurse1 8:05 PM me too lyn
?   RubyRed468 8:05 PM D27's love for the tree
?   EagleFanDave 8:05 PM bet so Rewrap - so glad you got to do that !!
?   kookie1947 8:05 PM i loved it all
?   realcool5-1 8:05 PM Great selection belle!
?   sandytagz 8:05 PM well of course the PS!
?   ShadowGirl-1 8:05 PM All of you opening my eyes to these beautiful creatures
?   afitz73 8:05 PM we can't compete with that memory, rewrap!
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:05 PM D28 starting a squabble at about 2 days old
?   eaglesrock29 8:05 PM Belle, you Rock!
?   kayaker1 8:05 PM seeing all 3 soaring by the bluff
?   f4nmaywuy0e-1 8:05 PM that was funny izzy
?   nature27 8:05 PM From the bottom of my  I can not thank each of you enough for sharing your time & talent each and every day. We love each of you!
?   kookie1947 8:05 PM that was funny izzy
?   Tinabeene3 8:05 PM Tears happy teRs
?   ShadowGirl-1 8:05 PM sweet
?   Lynryan-1 8:05 PM I will never forget D28 coming to be by D27 giving her support until she fledged <4
?   DobermanCheers-1 8:05 PM aww, D is Chatting lol
?   Bob1603-2 8:05 PM The new cameras was a great highlight for me this season
?   harmoneee-1 8:05 PM Belle, one of my favorites.
?   lshirely 8:05 PM I like the anticipation of a pip. so excitng
?   SmokeyinHarlem 8:06 PM The return of D24 when he flew across the corn field near the nest.
?   JamiRobin-1 8:06 PM lots of memories 27 made a confusing memory didn't know if he/she had fledged or where it was lol
?   Gator75 8:06 PM Placing of sticks by M and D, the difference of opinion. Both on stick moving it around, and then when M or D place it then the other goes and moves it!
?   bustopbird-1 8:06 PM First juvie on the bluff!
?   RubyRed468 8:06 PM Lyn, that is such a good one!
?   twiggyrox 8:06 PM 28 being 28
?   thinkingwoman-1 8:06 PM squabble is good. at 2 days you really can't rumble or scrum
?   casper2001 8:06 PM the hatchery camera
?   cwellsla 8:06 PM yes twiggy, lol
?   treehouse5135 8:06 PM The unfolding of the seasons through the camera
?   Illini87 8:06 PM the wonky branches
?   mrrocky93-1 8:06 PM lol Gator yes they are something else with those sticks.
?   Peemkay 8:06 PM Favorite moments - everything about this NWZ. Nature and humanity
?   eaglesrock29 8:06 PM Yes, bustop and that great fly off
?   nanmsu 8:06 PM The wonderful camera views this season. Each year gets better! TY
?   flygirl60 8:06 PM oh that was special kayak, watching those juvies soar with the wind, knowing that just a couple of months ago, they were little white fluff balls
?   kookie1947 8:06 PM the little twerky dance one of them did was cute
?   MastiffMom1 8:06 PM Belle, great song. I'm running it in the background while watching. It has meaning in my life, probably like many others.
?   pugpersi-1 8:06 PM All of You!
?   humm2011 8:06 PM well said Peem
?   gadeb 8:06 PM The huge sticks (logs) Mom brought in this year!
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:06 PM Lol TW, he couldn't even reach D26's head, so he konked him in the belly
?   cwellsla 8:06 PM and you pug!
?   angelolady 8:06 PM the eaglets taking the sticks out of the rails
?   RubyRed468 8:06 PM All the great camera views!
?   oregonian1944 8:06 PM We do have the best and most knowledgeable chatters of any site and I hope to see each and every one of you back again next season.
?   Tinabeene3 8:06 PM What a awesome season every sec I'll do it every year I'm able!(3
?   SmokeyinHarlem 8:07 PM The first time we see them wiggle their tails
?   humm2011 8:07 PM I so loved that izzy!
?   rorah-1 8:07 PM Wow,t alk about walking fast up the limb.
?   johnwilson-20 8:07 PM Actually watching when one of the eggs was laid.
?   glogdog 8:07 PM Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. We are doing it right here.
?   Peemkay 8:07 PM humm
?   treehouse5135 8:07 PM thanks pug for the freeware link!
?   sandytagz 8:07 PM poor mom with a PS stain lol
?   casper2001 8:07 PM d28's champagne head
?   drd304 8:07 PM So many to chose from, but the most recent funny moment was when one of the D's was having a hissy fit and Stomped up the branch on the left!!
?   thinkingwoman-1 8:07 PM The hatchery cam, casper, is a big hazza gazza deal. It's been 4 or 5 years in the making.
?   JamiRobin-1 8:07 PM 27 taking time to actually fledge
?   RubyRed468 8:07 PM The camera operators mind blowing panning sections
?   harmoneee-1 8:07 PM Love how Mom likes to feed her little ones and always tries to push Dad aside. So then he "sneak feeds" them.
?   angelolady 8:07 PM lol walking up the trunk
?   Peemkay 8:07 PM Nothing fake here.
?   Tinabeene3 8:07 PM All growing up
?   bellenurse1 8:07 PM
?   Bob1603-2 8:07 PM The tandem feedings were great
?   pugpersi-1 8:07 PM yw tree
?   Illini87 8:07 PM he tug o wars
?   Ruth61 8:07 PM Sincerely hope you Mods are able to relax and don't worry about the dust bunnies -- i have just started feeding mine LOL
?   EagleFanDave 8:07 PM And don't forget D28 hatching and then immediately going after his big brother 26 !
?   afitz73 8:07 PM doing that "butt" scoot
?   flygirl60 8:07 PM this nest is so special, something wonderful happens every day
?   pollockjan 8:07 PM love the squees, tiny and now extreme]y loud.
?   AirforceEagle 8:07 PM In memory of bob
?   Tinabeene3 8:07 PM Dave yes
?   sandytagz 8:07 PM awny color 28!
?   jfrancl-1 8:07 PM All of your fave moments are wonderful!!
?   pugpersi-1 8:07 PM yes the scoot
?   Tinabeene3 8:07 PM Ty air
?   RubyRed468 8:07 PM afitz, don't say butt LOL
?   joanncNY 8:07 PM this was my first season here. I can't wait until I am a veteran too.
?   flygirl60 8:07 PM yes, Air
?   JamiRobin-1 8:08 PM everything really perfect season
?   Port347-1 8:08 PM I love seeing the excitement grow with newbies to the eagles.
?   eaglesrock29 8:08 PM EFD, D28 was an instigator!
?   kookie1947 8:08 PM nice one Airforce
?   mrrocky93-1 8:08 PM right on Airforce
?   glogdog 8:08 PM We have so many memories here. Thank you chatters!
?   Bob1603-2 8:08 PM Joann - thank you joining us
?   EagleFanDave 8:08 PM joannc - next year you will be !!
?   pollockjan 8:08 PM the first mantle
?   afitz73 8:08 PM OK rby, won't say "butt"again! lol
?   lshirely 8:08 PM That 3 hatched and survived and fledged.
?   oregonian1944 8:08 PM joann, next season you will be a veteran
?   flygirl60 8:08 PM yes we do glog!!
?   Rozann 8:08 PM hooked now huh joann? lol
?   The_Night_Owl 8:08 PM Now this all is like a time-lapse in my head, reading through your fav m oments here.
?   casper2001 8:08 PM being able to see the retention pond and hatchery before leaves on the trees
?   Sunnyblue42-1 8:08 PM All the wails from new chatters that "poor little 28 " might not make it! lol
?   RubyRed468 8:08 PM lol
?   flygirl60 8:08 PM yes, lshirely!!
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:08 PM My favorite memories are of you chatters, and the kids in the classroom, you all make this so meaningful for me
?   flygirl60 8:08 PM so many nests aren't like this one
?   tulsaducati 8:08 PM These are favorite moments, not least-favorite moments.
?   agonyofdefeet 8:08 PM the first time they figure out how to hold some prey
?   gardengirl1 8:08 PM student moderators was a favorite of many
?   twiggyrox 8:08 PM i have a collection of the best pictures ever! Thanks to cam op!


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Re: Some after hours Chat Fun
« Reply #9 on: July 01, 2017, 02:54:36 PM »

?   casper2001 8:08 PM being able to see the retention pond and hatchery before leaves on the trees
?   Sunnyblue42-1 8:08 PM All the wails from new chatters that "poor little 28 " might not make it! lol
?   RubyRed468 8:08 PM lol
?   flygirl60 8:08 PM yes, lshirely!!
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:08 PM My favorite memories are of you chatters, and the kids in the classroom, you all make this so meaningful for me
?   flygirl60 8:08 PM so many nests aren't like this one
?   tulsaducati 8:08 PM These are favorite moments, not least-favorite moments.
?   agonyofdefeet 8:08 PM the first time they figure out how to hold some prey
?   gardengirl1 8:08 PM student moderators was a favorite of many
?   twiggyrox 8:08 PM i have a collection of the best pictures ever! Thanks to cam op!
?   Peemkay 8:08 PMall the children in classes learning
?   SmokeyinHarlem 8:08 PMThe debut of Dave's Deluxe Fish Cake
?   jfrancl-1 8:08 PMizzy, I know that was special for you
?   Rewrap2 8:09 PMGood one sunny lol
?   EagleFanDave 8:09 PMlol poor little D28 - did he get anything to eat ?
?   tydyq6 8:09 PMboy, the sparrows have certainly gotten brave
?   RubyRed468 8:09 PMtulsa, you took the words right out of my mouth
?   elsie7 8:09 PMForgive me but I'm going to be a little selfish here. One memory I will never forget was when my kinders had the privilege to be guest moderators. They were very at first and didn't want to do it but with a little encouragement from the mods, they accepted. I think they were very proud of themselves afterwards and I was, too. And you chatters were the best! Thanks, again, and sorry for my rambling.
?   johnwilson-20 8:09 PMI have over 200 screen captures just from this year.
?   Port347-1 8:09 PMLoved our student moderators, too.
?   mrrocky93-1 8:09 PMyes Sunny and look at poor 'little' 8 now! lol
?   jfrancl-1 8:09 PMDave, uh, yeah, a lot! lol
?   flygirl60 8:09 PMyes, the kids in the classrooms watching and learning
?   mrrocky93-1 8:09 PM28*
?   jamiekins-9559 8:09 PMI take it all ate today?
?   Bob1603-2 8:09 PMThat the legacy of Bob Anderson and RRP lives on!
?   Sunnyblue42-1 8:09 PMlol, mr
?   Gator75 8:09 PMnice hamm, whatta an Eagle family we have, such a wonderful thing.
?   flygirl60 8:09 PMoh yes, Bob!!
?   mrrocky93-1 8:09 PMexactly Bob!
?   omasawyer1 8:09 PMone of my favs was when John, Amy and Pagent all came into chat and answer QQ's
?   thinkingwoman-1 8:09 PMelsie, you didn't ramble!
?   lshirely 8:09 PMelsie, one of our beset moments was having classroom kids to mod
?   Rozann 8:09 PMsaw 2 eat on the nest
?   FaithHopeCure 8:09 PMThe student moderators were terrific! Kinders through 5th grade!
?   EagleFanDave 8:09 PMindeed Bob - it does
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:09 PMjamiekins, as far as we know, yes
?   tulsaducati 8:09 PMClassroom chat was my favorite thing ever this year
?   MaxsMiMi 8:09 PMthx so much for the opportunity to watch these beautifu l creatures this season.
?   casper2001 8:09 PMwatchig 27 make her way back to the nest will always stand out in my mind
?   glogdog 8:09 PMjohnwilson - it was so easy to snap away, wasn't it?
?   f4nmaywuy0e-1 8:10 PMIs this a still picture right now? Nothing is moving
?   oregonian1944 8:10 PMelsie, thank you - having your kinders in the education chatroom is just an awesome experience for all of us. Thank you for bringing the eagles to your students
?   humm2011 8:10 PMelsie, that was awesome!
?   nestwatcherdeb 8:10 PMBob is looking down and smiling...
?   bustopbird-1 8:10 PMI loved being in the Educational chat this year. Those kids are so smart
?   Illini87 8:10 PMmods patience when every new chatter asked have they eaten yet
?   jamiekins-9559 8:10 PMme too casper
?   flygirl60 8:10 PMthat was the best casper
?   TX_Ninja 8:10 PMSo many great memories this year.
?   jfrancl-1 8:10 PMThis is a live shot
?   kookie1947 8:10 PMchat is going to fast can't read it all
?   EagleFanDave 8:10 PMYes - the student Mods - no wonder I retired
?   omasawyer1 8:10 PMcasper; she may not keave-lol
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:10 PMThe student moderators couldn't have made me more proud! They do great every year
?   sandytagz 8:10 PMThank you so much Mods for all the dedication to being here with your friendliness, information, keeping us on track lol , even when we were a bit nilly nervous! Thanks to our camera operators! so awesome!
?   f4nmaywuy0e-1 8:10 PMSo still
?   nature27 8:10 PMI was hoping for the 'Eagle 5'' to say good bye,lol
?   JamiRobin-1 8:10 PMmemories of the mods being asked the same questions hundreds of time & their patience to answer kindly we have the best mods ever
?   flygirl60 8:10 PMyes TX
?   MastiffMom1 8:10 PMBob is doing his Happy Dance!
?   rorah-1 8:10 PMYes, 28! I love how these parents care for all three. Not all nests are like theirs
?   pollockjan 8:10 PMI love and appreciate the knowledge & patience each mod shares with us-lessons learned from m & d, patience & excouragement
?   agonyofdefeet 8:10 PMBob A knew there was no problem with the numbers of people who became enthralled with these eagles
?   tulsaducati 8:10 PMlol Illini - did the little one get anything to eat??? lol
?   Cheyenne122 8:10 PMSpecial remembrance? Kids got to see life. The schools that showed the eagles.
?   rivian21-1 8:10 PMI love having such a wide variety of chatters - from the kinders on up. And from every corner of the world
?   Bob1603-2 8:10 PMjan - thank you very much
?   johnwilson-20 8:10 PMYes. I have so many since 2013, and keep looking at them!
?   jfrancl-1 8:10 PMI know what we can all do during off time! Take speed reading classes!
?   cirasmith 8:10 PMI like all the other bird sounds, too!
?   glogdog 8:10 PMLove the squees
?   flygirl60 8:10 PMwell, we got to see all 5, just not at the same time, at least they all checked in
?   pollockjan 8:10 PMBob, yw so much
?   Illini87 8:10 PMtulsa i think that was me once or twice lol
?   casper2001 8:11 PMremember all the times 27 was on a branch out of view and we wondered if she had fledged
?   kookie1947 8:11 PMlol jfrancie
?   tulsaducati 8:11 PMcira, I agree - the bird sounds around the nest!
?   ShadowGirl-1 8:11 PMlearning to read 'fast chat'
?   nature27 8:11 PMor typing.jf.lol
?   Lynryan-1 8:11 PMlol jfrancl
?   RubyRed468 8:11 PMToday was perfect, so a wonderful memory.
?   mrrocky93-1 8:11 PMlol jf!
?   humm2011 8:11 PMlol jf, and typing lessons, LOL
?   flygirl60 8:11 PMN1, y-branch and the horses are always special
?   Rozann 8:11 PMyes we did fly, and I am grateful for that
?   rorah-1 8:11 PMThere are certainly lots of squees this year close up near the nest!
?   Tinabeene3 8:11 PMFor you all! I care because I'm human..I cry because I'm human.. I want to help because I'm human.. I try to understand because you are wild! Thank each of you for just being you!
?   jfrancl-1 8:11 PMthat too humm
?   sandytagz 8:11 PMwhich reminds me, when my student asked if he could get on the computer to see the eagles!
?   glogdog 8:11 PMThis season has been wonderful, Ruby
?   thinkingwoman-1 8:11 PMmom and dad have been out of prototype mode for a long time. They are a well running production facility.
?   cirasmith 8:11 PMAnd love the squees, too
?   kookie1947 8:11 PMnice teena
?   elsie7 8:11 PMClassroom chat is a great way for the kids to learn because you mods are so patient with the kids.
?   ShadowGirl-1 8:11 PMTina -what you daid
?   Lynn-65 8:11 PMThank you mods for a wonderful job you're all doing with keeping us up on the action and great camera management
?   JR6262 8:11 PMHear our 2017 eagle family saying goodnight and so long!
?   Gator75 8:11 PMYes EFD HO knocking Mom off skywalk,
?   treehouse5135 8:11 PM
?   EagleFanDave 8:11 PMvery nice Tina
?   The_Night_Owl 8:11 PMfor a change, I made the chat-popout fullscreen now, this gives me a little chance to read most of the lines
?   flygirl60 8:11 PMwow sandy!!
?   humm2011 8:11 PMThanks Tinabeene, that was so cool of you to say!
?   Bob1603-2 8:11 PMLynn - thank you
?   f4nmaywuy0e-1 8:11 PMHow long do they continue to lay eggs...she is 14?
?   tulsaducati 8:12 PMWe love all our students, elsie, from kinders to middle schoolers!
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:12 PMelsie, and it's so focused-those kids stay on topic, lol!!
?   Lynn-65 8:12 PMyw
?   jfrancl-1 8:12 PMf4, as long as they remain healthy, they can coninue to reproduce
?   treehouse5135 8:12 PMF4 as long as they are healthy
?   bustopbird-1 8:12 PMAs long as they are healthy they will continue to breed
?   bellenurse1 8:12 PManother song from me above
?   twiggyrox 8:12 PMtill Dad says i quit
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:12 PMf4n, Mom can reproduce her entire adult life as long as she's healthy
?   Bob1603-2 8:12 PMThey can produce as long as the live and stay healthy
?   EagleFanDave 8:12 PMf4 - if Mom stays healthy - forever - is that not great ?
?   gardengirl1 8:12 PMf4, if they are healthy they can remain fertile all their lives
?   casper2001 8:12 PMbelle why are you censored so much, lol
?   sandytagz 8:12 PMlol twig
?   glogdog 8:12 PMHats off to all of our camera operators and videographers.
?   jfrancl-1 8:12 PMglog, yes!
?   FaithHopeCure 8:12 PMDon't forget there are many wonderful books out there to read and learn more about eagles. There is a reading list in the forum!
?   TX_Ninja 8:12 PMI got to zap Belle. Nice close. lol
?   nature27 8:13 PMDad loves it, he wont quit,lol
?   humm2011 8:13 PMLOL TX, and you enjoyed it too, huh?
?   EagleFanDave 8:13 PMhear! hear! glog - best year ever for the cams and camera operators
?   Tinabeene3 8:13 PMBell censored
?   treehouse5135 8:13 PMTx zapped again!
?   Sunnyblue42-1 8:13 PMLOL TX
?   JR6262 8:13 PMCensored again belle!
?   Tinabeene3 8:13 PMLol
?   Illini87 8:13 PMmany cheers for john and amy loved there visits too
?   The_Night_Owl 8:13 PMwoow this made booom
?   EagleFanDave 8:13 PMlol belle got censored - bet she was letting TX have it big time LOL
?   jfrancl-1 8:14 PMDave!
?   bellenurse1 8:14 PMhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTA2bu...
?   glogdog 8:14 PM3rd time will be charm for belle
?   TX_Ninja 8:14 PMAnd again. Belle, I am getting giddy. lol
?   realcool5-1 8:14 PMThis family will always be real cool
?   RubyRed468 8:14 PMGood memories of the "Zap-a-Dee-Doo-Dah"
?   FaithHopeCure 8:14 PMThank you, belle!
?   twiggyrox 8:14 PMBelle don't listen to them lol
?   glogdog 8:14 PMthank you, belle
?   jfrancl-1 8:14 PMty bella
?   treehouse5135 8:14 PMtx lol
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:14 PMThird times a charm
?   f4nmaywuy0e-1 8:14 PMI was just going to ask why she was being censored...lol
?   flygirl60 8:14 PMcan't see them, but they're saying "goodnight" to all of us
?   bustopbird-1 8:14 PMlove it Belle!
?   SmokeyinHarlem 8:14 PMEnjoyed getting all those text messages from the eagles via Dave.
?   thinkingwoman-1 8:15 PMI've heard on the eagle grapevine that mom and dad have been up for an award from the Eagle United Society. It hasn't been awarded yet as the other bonded pairs are jealous.
?   sandytagz 8:15 PMremember when... ok here goes the tears lol
?   Rozann 8:15 PMyou got it Smokey!
?   flygirl60 8:15 PMgood one thinking
?   f4nmaywuy0e-1 8:15 PMsandy stop...lol
?   nanmsu 8:15 PMWhat was so great seeing so much of our eagle family after fledge. Some years not so lucky.
?   MamaJ5 8:15 PMHow come there is one eaglet left.
?   flygirl60 8:15 PMthey are the best!!
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:15 PMTW, they should be jealous, lol
?   eaglesrock29 8:15 PMAnother incredible memory is knowing that D24 passed so close to the nest this season.
?   sandytagz 8:15 PMlol
?   EagleFanDave 8:15 PMnice belle - a great song for tonight - Thanks !
?   Gator75 8:15 PMYes Izzy seeing Johnand Amy and Teamcarnes students interact. The kids could not get enough. John letting them control the cam "joy" sitck! Wow! Very special!
?   flygirl60 8:15 PMoscar, academy, tony awards to this pair
?   SuziK 8:15 PMMy favorite memory, like Casper, was seeing 27 sleeping so soundly a few nights ago lying on the nest so tired like a little kid.
?   jewelkitagain 8:15 PMWonderful season! The most significant is the children in attenance, as the future welfar of all eagles will be in their hands!
?   Lynryan-1 8:15 PMThat nest looks emptier than I have ever seen it!
?   RubyRed468 8:15 PMeaglesrock, yes
?   cwellsla 8:15 PMyes erock! it was great to know he was so close to home
?   JR6262 8:15 PMYou don't play fair Belle-remember when-we're not supposed to shed tears tonight
?   glogdog 8:16 PMSuzik - all tuckered out. lol
?   MamaJ5 8:16 PMHow come there is one eaglet left in the next...
?   Bob1603-2 8:16 PMjewel
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:16 PMso glad to see you jewelkit, thanks for being here
?   Gator75 8:16 PMI missed Dave's Deluxe fishcake!
?   flygirl60 8:16 PMyes, we are passing on this legacy to our students so they can continue to pass the word along
?   tulsaducati 8:16 PMthere isn't one eaglet left in the nest, MamaJ5 - all three are out and about.
?   angelolady 8:16 PMall 3 close by
?   RubyRed468 8:16 PM
?   bustopbird-1 8:16 PMSqees-they are singing along!
?   Tinabeene3 8:16 PMPag a song later?
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:16 PMThe eaglets all come back to the nest from time to time-they have not dispersed
?   jfrancl-1 8:16 PMGator, have no fear, Dave will make another
?   johnwilson-20 8:16 PMMama, they use it for a dinning room.
?   EagleFanDave 8:16 PMlol Gator - next year I will make 'em even bigger and better
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:16 PMno Ruby,
?   rivian21-1 8:16 PMNeed to save that song for later Belle - Thans!
?   RubyRed468 8:16 PM
?   flygirl60 8:16 PMthey're close, can still hear them
?   RubyRed468 8:16 PMBoth I guess.
?   Bob1603-2 8:16 PMLynryan - a nest may be empty of eagles but it is always filled with memories
?   JR6262 8:16 PMOur eaglets have been saying goodnight
?   flygirl60 8:17 PMi think they just went up higher on the branches
?   Gator75 8:17 PMno rambling elsie, just good stuff!
?   flygirl60 8:17 PMout of camera view
?   eaglesrock29 8:17 PMBob
?   jewelkitagain 8:17 PMizzy I wouldn't have missed it, and hope to return next season. This is a magical and wonerous place, full of love and joy!
?   elsie7 8:17 PMThe cam ops are second to none!
?   flygirl60 8:17 PMyes Bob
?   Lynryan-1 8:17 PMIt sure is Bob
?   Tinabeene3 8:17 PMEmpty nest means full skies


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Re: Some after hours Chat Fun
« Reply #10 on: July 01, 2017, 02:58:07 PM »

?   thinkingwoman-1 8:17 PMGator, Dave will be working on the fishcake recipe over the summer. mom batted her eyes at him and he was done. lol
?   FaithHopeCure 8:17 PMThe cameras will stay on for at least another month, so you will be able to check in on the eagles. Who knows? You might even catch a flash chat!
?   nestwatcherdeb 8:17 PMSomeone is calling for a food delivery.
?   flygirl60 8:17 PMyou are so right Tina
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:17 PMI hope to join you next season jewelkit!!
?   twiggyrox 8:17 PMthats 27
?   tulsaducati 8:17 PMjewel, we're so glad you could be here to share it with us
?   Zalma52 8:17 PMThis is whar I'mthankful for each year, an empty nest
?   Tinabeene3 8:17 PMI say 27 here
?   f4nmaywuy0e-1 8:17 PMlove it that camera will be staying on...thank you
?   flygirl60 8:18 PMprobably twiggy
?   EagleFanDave 8:18 PMLOL TW - Mom has my number methinks
?   jfrancl-1 8:18 PMZalma, good thinking, that is what it's all about
?   eaglesrock29 8:18 PMlol TW
?   glogdog 8:18 PMThere ya go, Zalma - Eagles becoming eagles and living their lives.
?   Tinabeene3 8:18 PMLol dave
?   bustopbird-1 8:18 PMIf I spot an eagle and can grab a mod we will do a flash chat.
?   Gator75 8:18 PMSeeing nature at it's best, the cycle of life with The DE family,extroidinary.
?   SuziK 8:18 PMATF is such a wonderful opportunity to really become friends with chatters and mods. Someday would love to be in a real group hug there!
?   sandytagz 8:18 PMkinda of fitting. An empty nest given to the rising stars of our eagles. Toast to their futures. Be safe D26, 27 and 28. Our hearts are with you always.
?   tulsaducati 8:18 PMNot only will the camera be on through around the end of July, there may be flash chats any time there is action on cam, and mods are available.
?   jollygiantredwood-1 8:18 PMFrom nature27-1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjQuZC...
?   elsie7 8:18 PMty Gator
?   Bob1603-2 8:18 PMSandy - Thank you
?   agonyofdefeet 8:18 PMan empty nest here at Decorah means job well done
?   jfrancl-1 8:18 PMAnd Dave will be using his new SQUEESINART!
?   glogdog 8:18 PMAnd believe me, Mods will be hovering. lol
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:18 PMLol!
?   tulsaducati 8:18 PMlol jf
?   Tinabeene3 8:19 PMLov jolly ty nat
?   sandytagz 8:19 PMyw bob
?   glogdog 8:19 PMlol jf
?   elsie7 8:19 PMlol jf!
?   tulsaducati 8:19 PMYes we will be, glo!
?   flygirl60 8:19 PMyes, be safe D26, D27, D28!! fly high!!
?   JR6262 8:19 PMOur memories will be with us forever of the times we have had with this eagle pair and their offspring!
?   EagleFanDave 8:19 PMLOL - Dad agle gave it to me as a retirement gift
?   eaglesrock29 8:19 PMGood one, JF!
?   TX_Ninja 8:19 PMMods are fans of Flash Chats. Some are gabby that way.
?   EagleFanDave 8:19 PMeagle
?   Bob1603-2 8:19 PMJR
?   cwellsla 8:19 PMaw nature, that song will bring a tear to my eye
?   Lynryan-1 8:19 PMOk Nature I am done! Stick a fork in me
?   joanncNY 8:19 PMi'd like to also thank the family that work the hatchery for letting us share their little piece of heaven.
?   Tinabeene3 8:19 PMLol
?   pugpersi-1 8:19 PMlol
?   omasawyer1 8:19 PMI love what Tina always says , " an empty nest means full skies" !
?   jewelkitagain 8:19 PMtulsa Back at you!
?   nature27 8:19 PMaw cw, sorry hugs
?   Bob1603-2 8:19 PMJoann - excellent! Well stated
?   flygirl60 8:19 PMyes joannc
?   glogdog 8:19 PMyes, joannc
?   bustopbird-1 8:19 PMAll these singing mods!
?   tulsaducati 8:19 PMTx, some of us might even chat until way into the night . . .
?   Tinabeene3 8:19 PMTy oma
?   treehouse5135 8:19 PMTime to put the zappers away and have a nice earned rest this summer!
?   omasawyer1 8:20 PMTina yvw
?   thinkingwoman-1 8:20 PMjoann, can't forget the hatchery guys and girls!
?   treehouse5135 8:20 PMmods
?   Tinabeene3 8:20 PM
?   jfrancl-1 8:20 PMtree, we made very little use of our zappers this season, we might need to oil them
?   flygirl60 8:20 PMthe support that the whole area has given to this is just remarkable
?   Lynryan-1 8:20 PMOma have a wonderful summer I will see you again next season!
?   EagleFanDave 8:20 PMNope - those hatchery folks love these agles almost as much as we all do
?   thinkingwoman-1 8:20 PMTree, did you say you need to be zapped? I'm under quota for the year
?   flygirl60 8:20 PMah, some one's up there, a feather just floated down
?   Gator75 8:20 PMWith all that is going on in the world today, this, The DE Family and RRP Team, chatters, mods, make this such a happy, safe enjoyable and thakful place to be with so so many blessings! Unlike no other.
?   glogdog 8:20 PMLet's face it. We're all in love with these eagles!
?   treehouse5135 8:20 PMI thought so!
?   omasawyer1 8:20 PMLyn; you too please
?   EagleFanDave 8:20 PMall my eagkes ciome out as agles
?   elsie7 8:20 PMA great memory was getting to see mom and dad and the Es in the bluffs thanks to the Hatchery cam.
?   harmoneee-1 8:20 PMlol TW
?   suelz 8:20 PMHave a healthy, fun, enjoyable summer everyone. See you in the Fall!
?   humm2011 8:20 PMI think all of our zappers should go in for maintenence jf, LOL
?   bustopbird-1 8:20 PMThanks to Mr Holthause for letting us use his shed
?   Lynryan-1 8:20 PMOma I will!
?   tulsaducati 8:21 PMThat was really special, elsie
?   TX_Ninja 8:21 PMTulsa, I have have been known to chat at odd hours.
?   The_Night_Owl 8:21 PMDave, do they run a large screen in the hatchery restaurant with the nest?
?   Tinabeene3 8:21 PMGlog I have my chip lol
?   tulsaducati 8:21 PMlol TX me too
?   johnwilson-20 8:21 PMGood night all, happy skies, it's been eggciting again this year.
?   jewelkitagain 8:21 PMDecorah is like camelot or "that shining place on the hill"
?   jfrancl-1 8:21 PMgood idea humm!
?   Bob1603-2 8:21 PMChatters - thank you so very much for the support you have given to RRP this year - it is deeply appreciated.
?   bellenurse1 8:21 PMBrian at the hatchery is a biologist
?   cwellsla 8:21 PMgn john, have a great summer
?   Gator75 8:21 PMNice Lyn, leaky eyes here too.
?   glogdog 8:21 PMtc jewelkit
?   flygirl60 8:21 PMah, camelot, good way to put it
?   nestwatcherdeb 8:21 PMflygirl-i saw that too. probably eagle who just made their way up large branch on left.
?   jfrancl-1 8:21 PMDecorah is the eagles Shangri-La
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:21 PMno restaurant at the hatchery, but I do think they put a big screen up in the pavilion
?   strikeeagleone-1 8:21 PMThe eaglets are ready to carry on the great tradition of our country!
?   pollockjan 8:21 PMAnd tks to the family that lives across the street from the hatchery, who put up with all of us who come to Decorah to catch a glimpse of the eagles.
?   f4nmaywuy0e-1 8:21 PMOh can hear them...
?   bustopbird-1 8:22 PMTo John and Amy for providing such amazing leadership
?   sandytagz 8:22 PM.....group hug......
?   glogdog 8:22 PMAbsolutely, jf!
?   The_Night_Owl 8:22 PMIzzy thats what I meant
?   eaglesrock29 8:22 PMIt was so wonderful to watch three eaglets on the nest again. D26, D27 and D28 are extraordinary juvies and Mom and Dad Decorah are still the A Team lol. So many thanks to RRP! I am so grateful for being able to watch the Adventures of the Decorah Eagles!
?   EagleFanDave 8:22 PMthat's cool izzy
?   harmoneee-1 8:22 PMSorry Pagent isn't with us tonight. But thankful for everyone that is.
?   Sunnyblue42-1 8:22 PMWill Brent M be around, in case a transmittering is possible??
?   SmokeyinHarlem 8:22 PMDid we thank the hatchery for providing all those fish to the eagles? Did anyone keep count of how many fish were delivered to the nest?
?   jamiekins-9559 8:22 PMDoes RRP have some sort of agreement with the hatchery owners? Financial or verbal or written. I'm curious how hatchery feels about the eagles.
?   bellenurse1 8:22 PMi was just thinking that sandy
?   cwellsla 8:22 PM{{{hugs all around}}}
?   nature27 8:22 PMeagle saying good bye
?   Tinabeene3 8:22 PMPlease donate or do acts of kindness
?   flygirl60 8:22 PMthey're just playing "hide and seek" with us again
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:22 PMhatchery loves the eagles as much as we do, if not more
?   oregonian1944 8:22 PMjammie, the hatchery loves the eagles
?   glogdog 8:22 PMbus - John and Amy rock!!
?   Rewrap2 8:22 PMHave to get back to work. Thanks moderators and chatters! See you at ATF whoever is going. ❤ this eagle family!
?   rorah-1 8:22 PMThe eagles have brought a lot of attention to the hatchery
?   Bob1603-2 8:22 PMjamie - that was decided long ago by Mom and Dad
?   humm2011 8:22 PMjamie, the hatchery loves the eagles as much as all of us do
?   twiggyrox 8:22 PMHugs to you Cwelsa
?   flygirl60 8:22 PMi bet rorah
?   casper2001 8:22 PMgoing to miss all this and hope to see everyone back next season
?   FaithHopeCure 8:22 PMSunny, yes. Brett is the one that has the permit to do it.
?   dojo7676 8:22 PMWell, my eagle family, I'm going to miss you all so much. You all mean so much to me. I will see you all in Feb if not before. Thank you RPP, Camera persons, Mods, you are so special. Good Night for now
?   EagleFanDave 8:22 PMThe hatchery loves the eagles - they brought fame to them !
?   The_Night_Owl 8:22 PMSmokey the hatchery is thankful for the eagles taking away all the discarded fish
?   glogdog 8:22 PMSee you soon, Rewrap and Thank you
?   chico70 8:23 PMThanks to John and Amy for keeping things working!
?   sandytagz 8:23 PMhave a wonderful summer Rewrap
?   flygirl60 8:23 PMit's certainly put Decorah on the map
?   Bob1603-2 8:23 PMdojo - take care
?   jamiekins-9559 8:23 PMI'm so happy about that. They must be good folks
?   flygirl60 8:23 PMknow they love it!
?   bustopbird-1 8:23 PMGroup hug to chatters, perchers and all for letting this be so much fun
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:23 PMgnite dojo, see you soon
?   rorah-1 8:23 PMPeople at the hatchery also see the eagles close up! Brian said they come down as they are feeding the fish.
?   f4nmaywuy0e-1 8:23 PMThank you all for your hard work, has been so special this season
?   oregonian1944 8:23 PMso long dojo - see you next season
?   Sunnyblue42-1 8:23 PMThx, Faith. (I did mean Brett. LOL)
?   twiggyrox 8:23 PMback at ya Busto!
?   thinkingwoman-1 8:23 PMjamie. the hatchery is state owned. They do have a non profit to handle the money from buying fish food.
?   treehouse5135 8:23 PMDo the mods qualify for a retirement pension? lol
?   jewelkitagain 8:23 PMfor any of you senior enough to have seen the movie "Lost Horizon" Shangri-La was a magic place, from which people returned to the real and ordinary world---Decorah exactly!
?   bellenurse1 8:23 PMit takes a village to bring this sight to you, thanks everyone
?   EagleFanDave 8:23 PMGonna miss chatting with you all - but keep and eye ope for those flash chats !!
?   flygirl60 8:23 PMthere goes another feather
?   The_Night_Owl 8:23 PMDECORAH is on the map! She has its own spot on google earth and maps! Increddible
?   realcool5-1 8:23 PMGroup hug back to everyone!
?   Gator75 8:23 PMThe Hatchery, ty for all you do. and fo all that visit the nest area and Hatchery, remember The Hatcher takes donations too!
?   TX_Ninja 8:24 PM130,000 catchable size rainbow trout and 20,000 catchable brook trout are produced each year by the hatchery. They stock 15 streams and 5 lakes. M/D can have a couple from the flush tanks.
?   Tinabeene3 8:24 PMJust reading eyes wet love it a all
?   EagleFanDave 8:24 PMtreehouse - Mods make so much money they can't spend it all as it is
?   sandytagz 8:24 PMamazing
?   Tinabeene3 8:24 PMLol Dave omg lol
?   harmoneee-1 8:24 PMlol EFD
?   sandytagz 8:24 PMlol EFD
?   dojo7676 8:24 PM: * (
?   thinkingwoman-1 8:24 PMThe hatchery is kinda grateful to the eagles. They help with fish garbage control.
?   strikeeagleone-1 8:24 PMGo F15 Eagles!!
?   SuziK 8:24 PMjewel==always one of my favorite movies of all time!
?   treehouse5135 8:24 PMeagle send me some! lol
?   The_Night_Owl 8:24 PMTW thats what I meant
?   omasawyer1 8:24 PMTW -lol
?   flygirl60 8:24 PMgood thought thinkingwoman
?   dojo7676 8:24 PMshould be crying, and I don't cry eash.
?   Tinabeene3 8:24 PMI miss you all ready dang smiles
?   angelolady 8:24 PMI'll help you Dave
?   flygirl60 8:24 PMthe eagles do a good service
?   sandytagz 8:25 PMim in the dark lol havent gotten up to turn on the light
?   biosearch-1 8:25 PMAnother enjoyable season!! Thank you to all who work to bring this educational experience to so many. Blessings!
?   ShadowGirl-1 8:25 PMSEHs to all that make this possible - too many tears now to read See u all soon
?   gardengirl1 8:25 PMWE really cannot thank you enough for being such fabulous chatters!
?   EagleFanDave 8:25 PMlol angelo
?   The_Night_Owl 8:25 PM Strike... great bird too
?   rorah-1 8:25 PM$$ raised for the hatchery, thanks to all the viewers and visitors to see the eagles, helped build the shelter and new bathrooms.
?   glogdog 8:25 PMChatters - WE LOVE YOU
?   flygirl60 8:25 PMeasier to see screen when it's dark in the room
?   eaglesrock29 8:25 PMWhat a fabulous year again! Thank you, chatters and perchers, for sharing this with us. Decorah Eagle Chatters Rock!
?   Tinabeene3 8:25 PMGar ditto
?   pugpersi-1 8:25 PMwe wouldn't be great chatters, if we didn't have great mods
?   dojo7676 8:25 PMOh glog, we love ou too
?   jamiekins-9559 8:25 PMHave any of the previous eagle juvies been tracked elsewhere?
?   flygirl60 8:25 PMyes they do, eagles
?   rorah-1 8:25 PMANd we love our mods!
?   lauracoates4444 8:25 PMHI All..I just want to say "Thank You"!! And, Goodnight. Everybirdie have a Blessed night, and Create A Great Day!
?   harmoneee-1 8:25 PMHey Angelo, stay out of trouble this summer!
?   joanncNY 8:25 PMall of the mods and chatters made me laugh with words like, poptent, mombrella, teakettle and many more! You guys/girls made me laugh so many times. Good job.
?   tulsaducati 8:25 PMOur final after-chat will be closing at 8:30; thank you all for being here.
?   Rozann 8:25 PMyes jamie
?   angelolady 8:26 PMsure, harmeee
?   omasawyer1 8:26 PMpug; AMEN
?   flygirl60 8:26 PMD24 is being tracked, got close to the area a few weeks ago
?   The_Night_Owl 8:26 PMJamaie D24 is still being tracked with her transmitter, get a link below the feed
?   Lynryan-1 8:26 PMLove all of you! Going to miss chatting every day! See everyone next season! SED tc
?   EagleFanDave 8:26 PMjamie - only D24 still has a working transmitter on him


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Re: Some after hours Chat Fun
« Reply #11 on: July 01, 2017, 02:59:00 PM »

?   Sunnyblue42-1 8:26 PMDave, I've heard that the mods don't have to pay taxes on those huge paychecks! lol
?   SuziK 8:26 PMSED dear friends
?   chico70 8:26 PMSED all
?   flygirl60 8:26 PMthanks for the warning tulsa
?   casper2001 8:26 PMsed everyone, hope to see you next season if not sooner in flash chat
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:26 PMjamiekins, yes, check out the eagle map page to see the travels of D1, D14, D24 and D25. Only D24 is being tracked right now
?   Tinabeene3 8:26 PMThis is medicine for the soul!!
?   gardengirl1 8:26 PMThank you chatters, RRP, M and D, videographers, camera operators for making this an awesome season!
?   JamiRobin-1 8:26 PMeveryone stay safe & healthy this includes the decorah eagle family of 5
?   f4nmaywuy0e-1 8:26 PMWill miss everyone. Looking forward to
?   Lynryan-1 8:26 PMYes Casper!
?   cwellsla 8:26 PMtc casper, see you next season!
?   HappieEnddings 8:26 PMBowing my head in appreciation to all that contribute in any way to this magnificiant sight!
?   flygirl60 8:26 PMSED to ALL!!
?   f4nmaywuy0e-1 8:26 PMops November..
?   harmoneee-1 8:26 PMThank you again, Mods. This is all life-changing!
?   Port347-1 8:26 PMThanks
?   tulsaducati 8:26 PMWe are so thankful for all of you - be sure to keep checking back for flash chats.
?   f4nmaywuy0e-1 8:26 PMoh I can hear <censored> cool
?   rorah-1 8:26 PMThis is the most wonderful chat room. Thank you all for being so kind and funny, knowledgable and helpful.
?   rorah-1 8:27 PMMods included on that!
?   jewelkitagain 8:27 PMSuzik Really? Mine too!
?   EagleFanDave 8:27 PMSunnyB - they don't Uncle Sam says those big numbers just confuse him so he says keep it all - buy some fish
?   Lynryan-1 8:27 PMGood night sweet juvies, we will be checking on you until you decide to leave for better places!
?   iowa_eagle_fan 8:27 PMSee everyone later in a pop-up flash chat
?   mrrocky93-1 8:27 PMlol EFD
?   JR6262 8:27 PMGN and SEDs everybirdie. Until we chat again!
?   joanncNY 8:27 PMI tip my hat to all of you! God bless. It is always a pleasure here.
?   Sunnyblue42-1 8:27 PM Dave!
?   gardengirl1 8:27 PMOur hearts are full. Have a wonderful restful off season and we will meet you again in the fall.
?   liverpoollads 8:27 PMtill we meet again may all of you have a wonderful summer and SED to all! squeee
?   Tinabeene3 8:27 PM294 on chat
?   eaglesrock29 8:27 PMAs we close "official" chat for this season, I want to say a sincere thank you to everyone here. And to Mom and Dad Decorah that make this all possible. I have loved spending time with all of you. So, for now, just a Farewell, and I hope to see you all on the flip side. Maybe even at After the Fledge?
?   elsie7 8:27 PMtc Lyn
?   pugpersi-1 8:27 PMtc everyone and see ya back in flash chats
?   SuziK 8:27 PMof course Jewel--we have great taste--look where we spend our time! XO
?   glogdog 8:27 PMSED to all. See you all soon.
?   eaglefan1329 8:27 PMharm. Agreed. life changing
?   sakionline 8:27 PMSquees, chirps, snorts, teakettles, and hoo-coos to all, SEDs!
?   Lynryan-1 8:27 PMYou too Elsie
?   sandytagz 8:27 PMhave a great summer Lyn
?   EagleFanDave 8:27 PMwell said GG - I feel that way too
?   TX_Ninja 8:28 PMSuch great chatters. You can always spot a Veteran Decorah Chatter on another site. Respectful and informed.
?   elsie7 8:28 PM
?   Illini87 8:28 PMflash chats
?   cwellsla 8:28 PMsee ya pug
?   Tinabeene3 8:28 PMLov aak
?   Gator75 8:28 PMnice happie
?   gadeb 8:28 PMSED to all - thanks mods for all you do! Thankful for another perfect season - Mom and Dad are the best and raise the best eaglets!
?   cwellsla 8:28 PMcw over and out
?   sandytagz 8:28 PMand to everyone Happy July 4 and a rest of the summer!
?   fordabirdz 8:28 PMIt was a great year. SED
?   treehouse5135 8:28 PMpug take care
?   eaglesrock29 8:28 PMSoar high and long, D26, D27 and D28! You have given us such joy!
?   jewelkitagain 8:28 PMsuzik! birds of a feather LOL
?   dwbcs 8:28 PMjust in time to say fairwell again! thanks RRP, mods, camera ops & chatters for all you do !
?   Gator75 8:28 PMagree rorah
?   nanmsu 8:28 PMSED everyone
?   nestwatcherdeb 8:28 PMAs Dale Evans and Roy Rogers would say..happy trail to you, until we meet again....
?   pugpersi-1 8:28 PMyou too treehouse!
?   catbirdy2 8:28 PMATF is just around the corner. See you there, I hope.
?   omasawyer1 8:28 PM"Thanks for the Memories" and friendship, patience and knowledge- SED my friends
?   tydyq6 8:28 PMthank you & goodnight
?   EagleFanDave 8:28 PMcya dwb
?   dwbcs 8:28 PMwishing you all sweet eagle dreams
?   Rozann 8:28 PMSED everybirdie!
?   pollockjan 8:28 PMSED and many thanks to all mods, chatters , RRP & cam ops for the hours you put into chat each day . Can't wait to meet you @ ATF I chat again next season.
?   harmoneee-1 8:28 PMThanks TX. We owe it all to you great Mods.
?   SuziK 8:28 PMjewel--squeee
?   cwellsla 8:28 PMSED oma
?   dwbcs 8:28 PMtake care EFD !
?   mrrocky93-1 8:28 PMok me to say goodnight Mr Rocky is pitching a fit in the other room. He wants his snacks lol Wishing all of you a fun and SAFE Independence Day and Labor Day and will see ya's on the flash chats! tc all and ty for being YOU!
?   elsie7 8:28 PMgadeb-enjoy the rest of your summer and I'll see you next season id Ed Chat!
?   eaglefan1329 8:29 PMSED's to all
?   The_Night_Owl 8:29 PMNow, finally I want to give a big "CHAPEAU" and Thank you, Danke schoen, to you all, fellow chatters, dear mods and the RRP leadership including all of the volunteering cam ops. It was a great pleasure for me to witness another clutch of bald eagles hatch and fledge, from far away central Germany. See you again when chat reopens next spring and meet you elsewhere when possible.
?   bustopbird-1 8:29 PMThanks mom, dad and eaglets. You brought all of us great joy! Chatters, thanks for making this a special place. See some of you at After the Fledge
?   twiggyrox 8:29 PMTake have a safe summer and be kind to each other!
?   glogdog 8:29 PMRemember you all - Take Care and Find Peace in Nature. It all starts right here.
?   Peemkay 8:29 PM 
?   dwbcs 8:29 PMhave a great ATF you guys ! maybe I'll be there nexxt year!
?   Tinabeene3 8:29 PMTy night well said
?   sandytagz 8:29 PMto our babes D26, 27 and 28 sweet dreams sweet flying and be safe! and to D24 and D1 we miss you. Peace to M and D
?   pugpersi-1 8:29 PMtc elsie
?   omasawyer1 8:29 PMGod willing- I will be back -- If not- he wasn't willing
?   treehouse5135 8:29 PMsed
?   gadeb 8:29 PMelsie - you too! looking forward to another educational year in ed chat with you and the others!
?   casper2001 8:29 PM
?   elsie7 8:29 PMyou, too, pug!
?   Tinabeene3 8:29 PMOme ditto
?   Sunnyblue42-1 8:29 PMoma
?   realcool5 8:29 PM to all
?   sandytagz 8:29 PMBless you all!
?   dwbcs 8:29 PM& hoping D25 is flying the thermals in heaven
?   rorah-1 8:29 PMSED all, soon will see the sweet eaglets and lots of chatters in Decorah!
?   JR6262 8:30 PMOma ditto.
?   EagleFanDave 8:30 PMoma - my moneys on you mu friend !
?   pugpersi-1 8:30 PMhave a great time all who are attending ATF
?   treehouse5135 8:30 PM
?   agonyofdefeet 8:30 PMsee ya later everybody take care
?   SuziK 8:30 PMoma we will see you!
?   jewelkitagain 8:30 PMoma He will be willing for both of us! Have faith!
?   humm2011 8:30 PMChatters, perchers, everyone. Love and Hugs to you all. Have a great summer. See you when the cams come back on. Take care, keep looking up, and do an act of kindness, whenever you can.
?   FaithHopeCure 8:30 PMWe can?t thank you all enough for enjoying this season with us. We hope to see all of you back here in the Fall. In the meantime, please check back often while the cameras are still broadcasting because there will surely be Flash Chats! Have a great summer everyone!
?   bellenurse1 8:30 PM
?   gardengirl1 8:30 PM
?   littlebittykitty 8:30 PM
?   oregonian1944 8:30 PMWe love you all and will miss you - see you next season
?   humm2011 8:30 PM
?   lshirely 8:30 PM
?   eaglesrock29 8:30 PM
?   Bob1603-2 8:30 PM
?   izzysamlikeseagles 8:30 PM
?   glogdog 8:30 PM
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