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Puzzles, Games, and Fun Facts

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This thread will be for puzzles, games, and fun facts.  I will start it off with a jigsaw puzzle.  This is a screen cap I got on 1/10/2012 of a Decorah Eagle parent's talons.  An eagle's toes are numbered as follows:  The back, rear-facing toe (the hallux) is #1;  the innermost forward facing toe is #2;  the next toe (the middle one of the forward toes) is #3;  and the outermost front-facing toe is #4.

Sounds like a fun thread, thanks Faith!!!

Faith, here's a cute little Bald Eagle crossword puzzle!

Pagent, you beat my time by a couple of minutes.  Just a little heads up everyone - Pagent is a rock star at puzzles as well as at singing!!

Well - my first attempt at a puzzle...15:19...Yikes! ::)  Is there a way to stop the timer if you have to walk away? Not that I did that but just wonderin...


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