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RRP and Forum Policies


A list of general forum policies. This thread is a locked reference thread.

Advertising and the Forum
If you ever see an advertising post on this forum, it is spam. PM, email, or use the 'report this post' function and I will delete the user and remove the post. We don't do in-forum advertising.

Chat Language
RRP's chat will be in English. This is not a political or ideological issue, but a human and technological issue - we don't have the resources to handle a multi-lingual chat. As of this post, users are able to develop their own chat clients. If you are starting your own non-English chat group, let me know so I can direct speakers of that language to you.  

Feeding the Eagles
Do not feed or lure the eagles. The cameras are not a harmful way to observe and share in their lives, but leaving out food could alter their behavior or, in the case of the Decorah nest, annoy the landowners who have so graciously allowed us to share in the experience. We only have cameras at this nest as long as they allow it. Additionally, the hatchery does not want fish from elsewhere set out due to the possibility of disease.

Uploading Material
Per our Terms of Service: You cannot post any copyrighted material or material that requires special permission (ie release forms) unless you own the copyright or you have written consent from the owner of the copyrighted material, or the necessary release form to post.


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