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I'm starting this thread as a tour of Decorah area parklands. My aim is to give physical visitors a guide for planning their trip here, and virtual visitors a glimpse of the attactions of our area to humans and avians alike.

To maintain Decorah Eagles relevance, my intent is to only include a park when it has included an eagle sighting. But you'll discover my willingness to stretch that ... and if most respondents like this thread I will post parkland tours without eagles present at the time of my visit. I'll include my amateur assessment of the likelilhood of eagle sightings at the various locations. I look forward to any of your opinions, contributions, and feedback!

Iverburl, I will look forward to your tours!  I remember the one you gave us before DJ's release!  Wonderful!

The Decorah Fish Hatchery is the home of the Decorah Eagles nest site as of this post. My tour of the hatchery and some surroundings are in another thread ...,768.0.html

The Hatchery is a state facility, though technically not a state park. As it is not a state park, no entry fees apply. It is a parklike setting, however. Visit the tour thread for a sense of the eagle's "back yard".


Great idea Iverburl!! Thank you!!

Phelps Park might be considered the flagship of the Decorah Parks System. It has the most visitor facilities and is one of the largest. The Dug Road Trail runs along the river below Phelps Park. It is part of an extensive bike trail system nearing completion. The Decorah Community Prairie is in the floodplain across the river. A partial tour of this area was part of our preview for the release of the rehabbed juvenile "DJ" in October 2012. Those pictures and info are available in the archived "Injured Eagle" thread:,798.855.html

Of particular interest will be beautiful photos by Nora in posts #862 and #866 on page 58. I offer other photos, directions, and information in posts #868 on page 58 and #901 on page 60.



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