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Title: Education In Action
Post by: mrsfalcon on April 06, 2014, 11:31:56 AM
This thread provides a place for students and teachers to post journal entries, pictures of projects, stories of what is happening in the class, and other eagle and RRP-nest related things! We would love to hear how you are using our cams in your class! We do ask that yo adhere to our guides about forum usage, found here: http://www.raptorresource.org/forum/index.php/topic,749.0.html (http://www.raptorresource.org/forum/index.php/topic,749.0.html) and here: http://www.raptorresource.org/forum/index.php/topic,1323.0.html (http://www.raptorresource.org/forum/index.php/topic,1323.0.html)
Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Faith on April 17, 2014, 09:02:35 PM
We would love to see and hear about projects the students are involved in as a result of watching the Decorah Eagle cam!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: TX_Ninja on January 30, 2015, 11:59:56 PM
Always love to hear from parents and other educators that use nest cams for their students. Already seeing many classrooms and home schoolers that are using nest sites to add to their lesson plans.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: mrsfalcon on February 26, 2015, 01:35:05 PM
Oh, these are wonderful! It is so rewarding to see how the eagles are being used in teaching and learning. A thousand thanks!

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on February 27, 2015, 09:46:48 AM
My 2nd-3rd grade gifted class made a nest to see if they could all fit. Guess what? They could easily! They have been sharing it with other classrooms that are also watching the eagles.

dovemamma - What a great nest!  Kudos to you and your students for providing "lifesize" examples to learn better about eagles.  Thank you!

Here are some of the projects we complete every year.  The kids write up what they've learned about eagles all year and create a display in the hallway for all the kids in the school to see.  They measure to create "lifesize" recreations of the Decorah eagles, the nest, the wingspan, the eaglets and eggs at different stages.  Here are a few of the pics.

teachny123 - Love all of the projects you and your students are creating.  "Lifesize" really brings it home.  We are really enjoying your photos.  Thanks for sharing them with all of us in the forum.  Keep up the good work!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: shaggydog1 on March 10, 2015, 07:39:16 AM
My 2nd-3rd grade gifted class made a nest to see if they could all fit. Guess what? They could easily! They have been sharing it with other classrooms that are also watching the eagles.

Oh my!  so cute!!! ;D
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Faith on March 17, 2015, 05:25:55 PM
jfreeda and Kindergartners,  thank you so much for sharing!  Please keep us advised of your project.  It sounds like tons of fun!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on March 18, 2015, 11:47:55 AM
Thank you jfreeda and Kindergartners!  What a beautiful Bald Eagle Nest you have made!  We look forward to hearing about the "All About" book too.  Eagles eggs and Easter Eggs - Hmm.  Which one is bigger?  :)
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Faith on March 24, 2015, 05:39:42 PM
jfreeda and Kindergartners, What a special and wonderful thing to do!  Thank you so much for contacting your power companies and for sharing this with us!  Good job, Kindergartners!!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on March 24, 2015, 08:34:21 PM
jfreeda - thank you caring enough and for leading your kindergartners in this very important project.

Kindergartners - what beautiful pictures!  Thank you!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: oregonian1944 on March 25, 2015, 04:34:53 PM
It is so fun to see the different projects the students are coming up with. Thank you so much for sharing.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: mrsfalcon on March 27, 2015, 11:20:18 AM
jfreeda, thank you for that project on electrocution. Such an important thing, although sad.

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Faith on March 27, 2015, 03:07:55 PM
Educators, we so appreciate you sharing your class projects with us.  Thank you, and eagle on!!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: mrsfalcon on May 20, 2015, 01:58:34 PM
Thank you for arranging this! I had a ton of fun and it was neat to see everyone interacting with teamcarnes. What a wonderful experience for those kids to have!  :)

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: jfrancl on May 21, 2015, 05:04:17 AM
Teamcarnes, it was a fantastic experience for the mods and chatters as well.  Thank you and please thank the students again from us.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on May 21, 2015, 09:45:58 AM
teamcarnes - "Education in Action" is the name of this thread.  Thanks so much for making that a reality for your 2nd graders!   
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: baziunc on June 16, 2015, 10:52:49 PM
Here is a terrific video made by a group of students who followed the Decorah Eagles!
Thank you Mrs. Carroll and your class!  Nice job!!


Oh my gosh!  I LOVE this video!!  Thanks to Mrs. Carroll and her class.  Great job, and so much fun to watch!  Thanks for sharing it here, Pagent.  There is so much in this video - I'm going to watch it again, and again.   :) :) :) 
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: BHscent on June 27, 2015, 08:17:52 PM
Mrs. Carroll and classroom, Your video was terrific. Loved it and I bet it was a lot of fun to make.

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: BHscent on June 27, 2015, 08:20:20 PM
I would also like to thank Teamcarnes for being our Mods during the 2014/2015 season. I really enjoyed it and will forever use the word snack pack for a crop. LOL.
I do hope you can Mod again one day next season.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: oregonian1944 on July 10, 2015, 08:28:04 PM
Mrs. Carroll and class your video was fantastic - I'm just doing some catch-up on posts now that our season has ended.  Very nicely done - your students have learned their lessons well. Thank you for sharing with all of us.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: omasawyer on July 22, 2015, 06:51:11 PM
Here is a terrific video made by a group of students who followed the Decorah Eagles!
Thank you Mrs. Carroll and your class!  Nice job!!


 :o :o I don't have to tell anyone that I am still finding my way in the forum ::) ::) as well as trying to learn from baz.. BUT I just watched Mrs. Carroll's class video twice and it is as cute as anything I have seen. Kudos Mrs. Carroll and class; You were all adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: baziunc on August 18, 2015, 02:48:16 PM
I don't know if this info has been posted in this thread before, but this article on how to make and use fishing line recycling receptacles is so wonderful.  I thought there might be a classroom or school or community group looking for a project, and this would make a great project that would make a difference in most communities... from RRP's public FB page.  Be sure to click on the "continue" or "see more" to view the entire article, and click on the photos to see the entire photo.  Also see expanded comments under the article for additional info - article posted on Aug. 17, 2015 at

I have copied that RRP FB article and photos below, but I recommend expanding the comments under that article on the FB link above to get additional info or answers to questions others have asked.

Raptor Resource Project added 2 new photos.
18 hrs - Edited

Volunteers Make Fishing Line Recycling Bins

RRP friend and volunteer Dawn Marie and her husband have been making a difference for raptors and other wildlife since 2012 by constructing and installing Fishing Line Recycling Bins at various sites to help remove dangerous monofilament line out of rivers, lakes, and other public places where they would be deadly litter for animals and fish and for birds who might get entangled, or bring the plastic material into their nests. Their latest effort touched us as you will see by the attached note, as they were done to honor Bob Anderson and Raptor Resource Project and dedicated in his memory.

Dawn writes, "On August 13th, I dropped off 3 new fishing line/monofilament recycling bins to Infirmary Mound Park, a 300+ acre park in our county. Thanks to my husband, Michael for doing the cutting and helping me get these completed and delivered. We've built and donated recycling bins in the past in other areas... to help keep the birds and wildlife safe... but these were a little different. They were done in honor of someone who inspired me, and inspired many, and they carry a little label dedicating them to him and his memory. Thank you Bob Anderson for making me see things differently. You will be missed. But your inspiration lives on."

Thank you Dawn Marie & Michael for making a difference and your dedication to Raptor Resource Project and to all the wildlife that will benefit from your efforts to preserve and protect.

Each receptacle costs about $30 in materials. To learn more about the project, with videos and project plans, follow this link: http://www.boatus.org/monofilament/

The little label in black at the bottom reads:
 Dedicated to the Memory of Bob Anderson
 Raptor Resource Project, Decorah, Iowa
 for his work and dedication that changed many lives ... winged and human

To see an enlarged photo of it, go to https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/20050294753/in/dateposted-public/


Fishing Line Recycling Bins almost finished! Look at the next photo and you'll see the black rubber cap installed.

Fishing Line Recycling Bins, now complete with the black rubber covering, and ready to deliver.

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: izzysamlikeseagles on September 01, 2015, 11:07:53 AM
Thanks for sharing the picture of teamcarnes, gets me all excited to chat with them this winter/spring in the educational classroom!  Can't wait!!! ;D
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: jfrancl on September 01, 2015, 11:35:12 AM
I love the fact that they soak up all the wonderful bald eagle information!  Looking forward to another educational season!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Faith on September 01, 2015, 07:51:09 PM
teamcarnes, you have another great looking class there!  We are looking forward to interacting with them, and hope they enjoy learning learning about bald eagles!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on September 01, 2015, 09:19:26 PM
izzy and jfran,
I am looking forward to the coming season.  We will have so much fun teaching these young children the love and respect of Eagles.  I have 2 students who are siblings of kids in the class last year and some from other years.  Oh, the excitement to come!

Good news spreads fast, teamcarnes, doesn't it?  That is so neat that you get to teach siblings of former students.  The excitement is catching!!  :)
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: izzysamlikeseagles on September 10, 2015, 05:32:48 PM
Thank you so much for sharing those early journal entries teamcarnes-you're all off to a great start!! ;D
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Faith on September 15, 2015, 07:25:25 PM
I'm so excited for this generation.  Because they have this opportunity to learn, they will be wonderful stewards of nature in the years to come!  Thank you, teamcarnes and all educators that are moving them in the right direction.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: jfrancl on September 16, 2015, 07:50:46 AM
Team, how very exciting!  Thanks for sharing these early journal entries.  Educating children on wildlife will be so beneficial in the future!  Great start!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: tulsaducati on September 30, 2015, 09:03:18 AM
Our class has been trying to find how many taste buds an Eagle has.  We know that a human has about 10,000.  One student found that Eagles have about 300 taste buds.  We want to make sure that is correct as we find information in more  than one place.  We know that they eat road kill so we think they don't have very many taste buds.  :)  ;)  :o
Hi TC - I haven't been able to find an actual number of taste buds; every resource I can find just says they have "few" taste buds.  Hopefully jfrancl will have that answer.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: jfrancl on September 30, 2015, 05:08:55 PM
Hello teamcarnes.  Great question!  Most birds have under 500 taste buds on the base of their tongues.  My understanding is that bald eagles possess about 200-300 taste buds.  You have some great future researchers in your class! 
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: baziunc on October 01, 2015, 03:32:16 PM
TeamC, your students are really digging in to the meat of the matter!  :D ;) 

In addition to the taste buds info from Tulsaducati and JFrancl, I found this info posted by FinnBMD in the "Bald Eagle Anatomy & Physiology" thread on the Mods Education board in Forum.  It has some related info about raptors and the possible relationships between their senses of smell and taste.  I quoted Finn's post from that thread below, as well as the link directly to it. 

See the bottom section of that post for "Smell and Taste" - I enlarged that text.  I thought it was really fascinating.  Food for thought.  Hmmm.   :D ;)


Hearing:  a Bald Eagle's hearing is not quite as highly developed as its vision (more about this later from jf), but is still acutely sensitive.  Ears are openings in the skull below and behind the eye, near the jaw hinge; they are covered by sparse feathers called ear coverts or auriculars.  The muscles that anchor these feathers form a shallow funnel which directs sounds into the ear and protect the ear from air turbulence during flight.

There are 3 parts to the avian ear:  the external ear (which is hidden by the auriculars) and carries sound toward the tympanic membrane or eardrum which covers the middle ear.  Sound waves are transmitted by the eardrum into the inner ear where they are transformed into nerve impulses that are transmitted to the brain.  The inner ear is that part of the avian ear which is the sensory receptor for both balance/orientation and sound.

Many studies have been done to determine just how well birds can hear.  To keep it simple, diurnal birds (those mainly active during the day like Bald Eagles) have hearing about equal to humans;  nocturnal birds (like owls) have much more sensitive hearing.  According to avian vet Scott Ford, birds are less sensitive in general to the wide range of sound frequencies that humans and other mammals can hear.  But they are more sensitive to differences of intensities within the narrower range that they can hear.  Hearing ranges differ depending on the source consulted, but there seems some consensus that birds' hearing is limited to about 12,000 Hz versus human hearing which ranges up to about 18,000 Hz.  In general, according to Cornell University, most birds have the greatest sensitivity to sounds ranging between 1,000 and 5,000 Hertz--which is close to the top 2 octaves of a piano.
I've always thought Scott Nielsen's observation in A Season with Eagles was interesting about Bald Eagles' hearing:  Nielsen writes that they never just react to sound itself but always follow any sound they hear with a close visual examination of where the sound came from--if their visual observation confirms a threat, they will react and leave the area.

Smell and Taste:  the part of the avian brain that is related to birds' ability to smell is quite small.  According to Cornell, lab tests have shown that in general birds may only be one-third to two-thirds as sensitive to odors as some fish and mammals, including humans.  Raptors may have cells in a nostril cavity that detect scents so that they can smell the prey that they hold in their beak.  Nick Fox, who is a falconer, breeder, raptor biologist and author of Understanding the Bird of Prey, reports seeing various hawks he has trained pick up and reject meat that they have held in the horny tip of their beak in such a way that they couldn't have possibly tasted it.  For Fox, this means that they must have some sense of smell in their mouth or nares (nostrils).  Fox writes that there are scent-detecting cells in one of the cavities of their nares.  This cavity "opens directly into the roof of the mouth and it is thus possible that the bird is able to smell, as well as taste the food actually in its mouth" (p. 23).  Avian vet Scott Ford says that raptors' beaks and mouths are lined with touch sensors and that they may rely more on the texture and appearance of their food than on its taste and smell.  Like Fox, Ford claims that the olfactory sensors in their nasal passages mean that birds may be able to smell food while it is held in their beak and this allows them to reject spoiled meat without actually tasting it.  If you think about the way a raptor eats its prey, they don't 'chew' their food but actually manipulate it in their beak and tear off large chunks or pieces and then swallow it quickly without processing it or taking much time to taste.

What a Bald Eagle may be 'lacking' in these 2 primary senses, it more than makes up for with its extraordinary vision--and I know jf has some interesting information to share with you about that!

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: jfrancl on October 08, 2015, 05:11:57 PM
Great assignment, team! 
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: jfrancl on October 09, 2015, 11:56:40 AM
Team, Tell the class they did a great job!  Here is a photo of the hallux and one of a hawk tarsus..



And an eagle skeleton illustration.


Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on October 09, 2015, 01:00:17 PM
Several students found the information.  The back toe is called the hallux.  We also are looking at a picture of the Bald Eagle's foot and learned that there are no feathers on the bottom part of the leg because they would be heavy after catching a fish and wanting to fly.  This are is called the tarsus. ;D

Your students are "spot on" finding answers, teamcarnes.  Also, don't forget to peruse the 'Bald Eagle Facts of the Day' thread here in the forum.   Check out gardengirl's Fact about the tarsus on the following link.  Hers is the first one on the page:


Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Faith on October 10, 2015, 08:54:34 AM
Thanks jfran!  We were able to look at the first two pictures.  The skeleton site was blocked by our school filter.   :-X   One of the students decided our next homework is to find out what the wingspan of a Bald Eagle is.  They are giving themselves homework!   ;)

How wonderful to have students so eager to learn that they give themselves homework!   It sounds like you might be in the process of contributing a few biologists to world. :)
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: jfrancl on October 14, 2015, 04:04:33 PM
Excellent Team.

The average wing span for a northern male is about 72-85 inches. Average wing span for a northern female is about 79-90 inches. 
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on October 27, 2015, 10:41:30 PM
And here's the latest "Education in Action".  Many thanks to Iverburl for putting together an awesome display at the kiosk, Decorah Fish Hatchery:

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: izzysamlikeseagles on October 30, 2015, 07:02:50 PM
Absolutely perfect TeamC!!  I love it!  And that is a great looking bunch of eagle fans you've got there! :)  Thank you so much for sharing the picture!!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: jfrancl on October 31, 2015, 01:50:45 AM
Thanks, Team.  What a great photo and I'm sure they had a fun time!  I have no doubt we are looking at some future avian specialists here!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Faith on October 31, 2015, 08:22:00 AM
Thank you for the photos, team!  What fun!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on October 31, 2015, 03:18:04 PM
Wonderful Halloween pics, teamcarnes.  Please tell your class we enjoy seeing them and you look pretty good too!  :D
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on November 18, 2015, 06:22:10 AM
Wow, team!  Eagle Artists!!  That is so neat!  Thanks for sharing them with us.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: jfrancl on December 02, 2015, 05:26:42 AM
Dovemamma, that's a great idea.  We love hearing about all the inventive ways educators use to make children aware of wildlife and the environment!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on December 02, 2015, 06:00:43 AM
dovemamma - What a wonderful Blog!  I see future wildlife biologists in the making!  Please tell them to keep up the good work.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: izzysamlikeseagles on December 04, 2015, 10:11:52 AM
Hello from mid-MO. My gifted ed elementary classes have been watching the Decorah Eagles for several years. This year, we are trying something new, a blog! It can be accessed at   http://spectrumclasses.weebly.com/decorah-eagle-blog  We are learning to do back channeling where two students are assigned a day where they create the blog and keep the UStream site up continuously to track what goes on. It's a new learning adventure for us and hopefully will work out. They seem pretty excited about doing the blog!

Thank you for sharing this with us dovemamma, I love the blog!  Can't wait to chat with y'all when the season gets underway! ;D
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Faith on December 04, 2015, 11:34:50 AM
dovemamma, That is a beautiful blog.  Kudos to you and your students!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: T40cfr403 on December 19, 2015, 04:13:48 AM
St. Joseph student shares Conservation Field Days lessons. What a great idea!! Be sure to read the winning essay that features bald eagles.

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: T40cfr403 on December 20, 2015, 12:44:57 PM
An opinion from the UK - We need fewer exams and more wilderness in education

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on January 01, 2016, 06:55:36 AM
Just came across this from the Minnesota DNR website.  They have "School Forests" in Minnesota:

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: tulsaducati on January 14, 2016, 02:09:15 PM
Decorah Eagles 2016! 

In class today we were discussing the feet of a Bald Eagle and a student asked me if they call the long bones in a Bald Eagle's feet phalanges like in our fingers and toes. Good question.  I said we would have to look that up and see.  Later we went to Bald Eagle Fact of the Day and low and behold.... there was our answer. Thank you tulsaeducati!  Yes, they are called the same thing. We added this piece of information to our journal page about feet.  Oh what fun this learning is!
You are most welcome, tc - our timing was good! lol
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: tulsaducati on January 14, 2016, 02:40:04 PM
dovemama - what a great blog, and a fantastic idea.  Your students are really lucky to have you as their teacher.  We love to hear the ways teachers connect students to the world of wildlife, and especially to the Decorah eagles! Great job.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on January 14, 2016, 10:33:36 PM
From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, here are some 'free' fun and interactive webinars for Educators:

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: baziunc on January 28, 2016, 04:12:57 PM
A little eggcited.... Our local newspaper is coming to my classroom Friday to talk to the kids and get information to write an article in the paper!

TEAMCARNES, that's wonderful!  Be sure to share a link to the article with us!  I'm a little eggcited for you and your students, too!  :)
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: tulsaducati on February 06, 2016, 06:24:03 PM
Be sure to read Amy's new blog post on the RRP Blog - about imprinting, a subject that is fascinating to many of us eagle fans.
Here's the link:
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: RubyRed246 on February 07, 2016, 10:15:32 AM
Informative information about different vocalizations also. Thanks tulsa, this was a great read.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: tulsaducati on February 08, 2016, 09:50:16 AM
Informative information about different vocalizations also. Thanks tulsa, this was a great read.

Hi Ruby - glad you liked the RRP blog posts - they are so informative and interesting! That Amy is incredible.  Another great site with clips of eagle vocalizations is the Cornell site:  https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Bald_Eagle/sounds
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: jfrancl on March 01, 2016, 11:00:11 AM
What an amazing experience for the students, Team. This is something they will always remember.  Thanks for sharing with us!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on March 01, 2016, 12:25:45 PM
Once again, team, you are holding true to the title of this thread - Education in Action.  Not many students get to experience this.  Thank you.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: T40cfr403 on March 02, 2016, 06:49:16 AM
County third graders attend raptor program


Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Faith on March 07, 2016, 07:06:56 AM
teamcarnes, and T40, I just know these were experiences that will remain in the children's' memory forever.  What great opportunities for them!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: tulsaducati on March 29, 2016, 09:48:05 PM
Teamcarnes once again, this is amazing. You are such a blessing for your students, to include in their education the wonderful world of raptors.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: T40cfr403 on April 19, 2016, 01:44:35 PM
Oxford students adopt bald eagles (Nice story! These kids and their teacher worked hard.)


Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: gadeb on May 01, 2016, 09:13:03 PM
We had fun hatching baby chickens in class.  We recorded inherited traits, instincts, and learned behaviors.  My fifth graders then waited patiently for the eaglets to hatch!  After watching them for a few weeks we compared and contrasted the baby chickens and eaglets using Venn diagrams.  The kids used their information to write paragraphs.  This was one writing assignment where I heard excitement instead of moans and groans!  They loved it!!!

Debbie Ripple
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on May 03, 2016, 06:10:13 AM
gadeb - love the chicken/eagle assignment!  What a great way to learn about 2 different species!  Thanks for sharing this with us.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Faith on May 22, 2016, 09:44:25 AM
Hi teamcarnes,  I am not able to view the photos either.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Faith on May 25, 2016, 07:33:48 AM
Great photos, teamcarnes!  The 2016 Bald Eagles books look wonderful.  And lol, I love the mantling!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Faith on May 25, 2016, 06:27:13 PM
Teamcarnes 2nd grade class honored us by being guest moderators in the chat room this morning.  They fielded and answered many, many questions about bald eagles.  Here is the transcript of their visit.

?   teamcarnes-1 10:42 AM Great so see so many familiar names here! Good morning!
?   lala0813 10:42 AM gm Team!
?   Lynryan 10:42 AM GM team
?   e3forpresident-1 10:42 AM good morning team welcome
?   littlebittykitty 10:42 AM good morning team
?   pyrmum1 10:42 AM GM team & class
?   msch58 10:42 AM hi Team and kids
?   JanBosworth-1 10:42 AM GM to our 2nd grade Mods today
?   tulsaducati 10:42 AM Good morning teamcarnes
?   lshirely 10:42 AM Good to see you and your class team
?   Lynryan 10:42 AM 2nd graders yay!
?   oregonian1944 10:43 AM Good morning teamcarnes and 2nd graders!
?   mypeacetree 10:43 AM Good morning!
?   teamcarnes-1 10:43 AM It is good to be here!
?   e3forpresident-1 10:43 AM Welcome 2nd graders
?   PansieLady 10:43 AM Good Morning class!
?   legaleagle13 10:43 AM welcome class! glad to have you mod!
?   pyrmum1 10:43 AM A big Welcome! to our guest mods!
?   jmck460-2 10:43 AM 2nd grade, my favorite grade to teach!!!
?   EagleFanDave 10:43 AM Good Morning everyone - teamc, we all excited for you and your students today - Plus some of us Mods are wondering if we'll still have jobs afterwards
?   msch58 10:43 AM lol
?   tooniegirl 10:43 AM GM Team and 2nd graders
?   Pagent 10:44 AM Dave, true that!!
?   Lynryan 10:44 AM 2nd graders know these eagles!
?   oregonian1944 10:44 AM team, are your students ready to be mods?
?   pollockjan 10:44 AM Gm 2nd graders...welcome to chat as our mods
?   msch58 10:44 AM maybe better than we do Lyn
?   teamcarnes-1 10:44 AM Excitement here!
?   PansieLady 10:44 AM I can't imagine a better subject!
?   pugpersi 10:45 AM Welcome 2nd graders and teamcarnes
?   carolledeann 10:45 AM GM Teams and students
?   gardengirl1 10:45 AM We are very pleased to have teamcarnes second grade class with us this morning. They are ready to answer your questions! Welcome second graders !
?   FaithHopeCure 10:45 AM Welcome 2nd Graders! We are so happy to have you with us today.
?   teamcarnes-1 10:45 AMWe are so glad to be here!
?   mypeacetree 10:46 AM Hi 2nd grade! What is the most surprising thing you've learned about eagles so far?
?   msch58 10:46 AM so kids, what is your favorite subject?
?   F22Raptor2 10:46 AM QQ, class, what is a pellet??
?   dojo6767 10:46 AM QQ guest mods, how high can an eagle soar ?
?   PansieLady 10:46 AM I was wondering how large the nest is?
?   birdy1942 10:46 AM re: <censored> this N1, N2, NB or Bluff?
?   teamcarnes-1 10:46 AM favorite subject is eagles!
?   ham1660-1 10:46 AM Teamcarnes, what are deck feathers and how many does an eagle have?
?   gardengirl1 10:47 AM Lets give the class a chance to answer. thanks
?   tielbird-1 10:47 AM Welcome 2nd Graders
?   oregonian1944 10:47 AM Everyone hold your questions so they can answer
?   JanBosworth-1 10:47 AM OK lets give them a chance to answer thanks
?   teamcarnes-1 10:47 AM pellet is things that the eagles can't digest. made of feathers fur and bones
?   gardengirl1 10:47 AM great answer. thanks class
?   Pagent 10:48 AM Chatters, remember the process is teamcarnes reads the question to the class and then waits for a show of hands and get the answer verbally, then types it---so a little patience awaiting the response in chat!
?   teamcarnes-1 10:48 AM eagles can sore 2 miles up like 32 football fiedls
?   teamcarnes-1 10:49 AM this nest is about 6 feet wide
?   teamcarnes-1 10:49 AM deck feathers are middle 2 tail feathers
?   ham1660-1 10:50 AM ty
?   tekon-2016-1 10:50 AM QQ: Eagles eat a lot of fish. Are there a lot of fish bones in eagle pellets?
?   teamcarnes-1 10:50 AM nest is about 70 feet high
?   PansieLady 10:50 AM TY team!
?   mypeacetree 10:50 AM i didn't even know about deck feathers
?   EagleFanDave 10:50 AM Thanks students - excellent answers!
?   teamcarnes-1 10:50 AM yes, many fish bones in pellets and they eat the head first so bones are in right direction so swallow
?   msch58 10:50 AM great answers kids
?   mypeacetree 10:50 AM what's the most surprising thing you've learned about eagles?
?   _John-in-Oregon 10:51 AM Wow I am learning a lot, thank you teamcarnes mods
?   msch58 10:51 AM me too John!
?   ham1660-1 10:51 AM What is it called when an eagle covers its food with its wings?
?   teamcarnes-1 10:51 AM mantle
?   gadeb 10:52 AM Fantastic answers! We are learning so much!
?   pugpersi 10:52 AM what is their beak made from?
?   teamcarnes-1 10:52 AM most surprising thing is that they snore!
?   judyegge-1 10:52 AM Team QQ do the eaglets digest the fins and tails of the fish?
?   carolledeann 10:52 AMT he pics of students mantling their food were great
?   Gator75 10:52 AM Class I heard you did the mantle with your lunches in your class room!
?   mypeacetree 10:52 AM haha, cool team
?   Lynryan 10:52 AM lol
?   msch58 10:52 AM lol
?   e3forpresident-1 10:52 AM lol snore
?   teamcarnes-1 10:52 AM keratin is the beak
?   elsie7 10:52 AM Hi teamcarnes! How are you doing with all the questions? We are just joing in.
?   mypeacetree 10:52 AM team/kids, how can you tell mom and dad apart?
?   ham1660-1 10:52 AM How long before the eaglets leave the nest?
?   pollockjan 10:52 AM I've noticed the eaglets jumping up & down. What will be the next thing they learn to do?
?   izzysamlikeseagles-1 10:52 AM Hiya elsie, they are doing great!
?   teamcarnes-1 10:52 AM hi elsie!
?   teamcarnes-1 10:53 AM will learn to hover
?   teamcarnes-1 10:53 AM fledge is in 10 to 13 weeks
?   teamcarnes-1 10:54 AM mom has grey around her eye and dad has dark black ring
?   teamcarnes-1 10:55 AM bald eagles have about 7,200 feathers
?   EagleFanDave 10:55 AM Speaking of Mom, students, how old is Mom ?
?   teamcarnes-1 10:55 AM can sleep with one side of their brain and not the other, unhemispheric of slow wave sleep
?   teamcarnes-1 10:56 AM we think mom is 11 years old
?   teamcarnes-1 10:57 AM or more than that
?   eaglesrock29 10:57 AM Teamcarnes, what is it called when the eaglets jump to another branch of the nest tree before leaving the nest?
?   teamcarnes-1 10:57 AM that is called branching
?   eaglesrock29 10:57 AM You are all too smart
?   luvthemeagles 10:57 AM GM teamcarnes! What is the gripping strength of an eagle?
?   teamcarnes-1 10:58 AM they can be called eaglets, nestlings, juveniles
?   teamcarnes-1 10:58 AM 40 psi
?   teamcarnes-1 10:58 AM 400
?   PansieLady 10:58 AM Do Eagles eat bugs and plants?
?   daughter02 10:58 AM ty
?   MimiBevTx-1 10:58 AM QQWhat is the scientific name of the bald eagle?
?   gardengirl1 10:58 AM yay! good job
?   mypeacetree 10:58 AM oo, that's a good one, pansie
?   teamcarnes-1 10:58 AM they don't eat plants and pick bugs off. they are too little to eat
?   EagleFanDave 10:58 AM<<< sitting back and watching teamcarnes smart students answer Q's while being most impressed !
?   teamcarnes-1 10:58 AM not sure of scientific hame
?   teamcarnes-1 10:59 AM name
?   gardengirl1 10:59 AM carnivores?
?   msch58 10:59 AM^^^ yes
?   mypeacetree 10:59 AM i don't know the scientific name, either
?   teamcarnes-1 10:59 AM typonese strikes!
?   Gator75 10:59 AM Me too efd! Me too!
?   PansieLady 10:59 AM What does 'feaking the beak' mean?
?   mer-1-1 10:59 AM how much can an eagle carry?
?   teamcarnes-1 10:59 AM looking in journals for how much they can carry
?   Pagent 11:00 AM Dave, you might want to be polishing up that mod resume also!! As you said, we may be out of jobs!
?   teamcarnes-1 11:00 AM mom carries about 3 1/2 pounds and dad about 2 1/2
?   teamcarnes-1 11:00 AM they carry 1/3 body weight
?   EagleFanDave 11:00 AM LOl Pagent - I am taking notes
?   gardengirl1 11:01 AM I believe Bald eagles are Haliaeetus leucocephalus . whew that is a mouthful
?   teamcarnes-1 11:01 AM feak is to clean and sharpen their beak
?   PansieLady 11:01 AM Team, why can Mom carry more than Dad?
?   teamcarnes-1 11:01 AM and i wouldn't spell that one right gg!
?   bustopbird-1 11:01 AM Great students! Wise enough to say when you dont know, and smart enough to look it up!
?   mypeacetree 11:01 AM dang, pansie, you have awesome questions
?   teamcarnes-1 11:01 AM mom is bigger so she carries more
?   PansieLady 11:02 AM TY! How much does the nest weigh approximately?
?   teamcarnes-1 11:02 AM females weigh 12 to 14 lbs
?   Gator75 11:02 AM Yes Busto, we all can take away that lesson, if you don't know, say so and then look for answer!
?   teamcarnes-1 11:02 AM males weigh 8 to 10
?   mer-1 11:02 AM how long does mom or dad incubate eggs?
?   mypeacetree 11:02 AM do eaglets drink water? do eagles?
?   bustopbird-1 11:02 AM students and Gator
?   teamcarnes-1 11:03 AM eaglest get water from their food
?   teamcarnes-1 11:03 AM 35 to 39 for incubation
?   teamcarnes-1 11:03 AM brood patch is s105 degrees and egg is about 100
?   mypeacetree 11:04 AM when do eaglets become waterproof?
?   Lynryan 11:04 AM QQ on hot days why do they stand with their mouths open and their tongues out?
?   MazeyDaze 11:04 AM QQ - will eaglets that fledge come back to their natal nest?
?   carolledeann 11:04 AM Do Eaglets continue to learn etc. from m/d after fledging?
?   teamcarnes-1 11:04 AM they do learn to hunt, mantle better, land, learn hunger
?   teamcarnes-1 11:04 AM fly better
?   teamcarnes-1 11:05 AM they come back to nest unless gnats are bad
?   pyrmum1 11:05 AM lol teamcarnes & students
?   teamcarnes-1 11:05 AM disperse at 16 to 20 weeks and are on their own
?   teamcarnes-1 11:06 AM panting on hot days to cool off and do heraldic pose
?   teamcarnes-1 11:06 AM they can't sweat like us
?   e3forpresident-1 11:06 AM fantastic job
?   teamcarnes-1 11:06 AM waterproof when they get feathers
?   pugpersi 11:06 AM amazing students!! Great job. What kind of down are they born with?
?   mypeacetree 11:06 Ami ndeed it is!
?   jtrout2 11:07 AM good one, pug
?   teamcarnes-1 11:07 AM natal down and then get secondary down called thermal down
?   teamcarnes-1 11:07 AM then can thermoregulate
?   pugpersi 11:08 AM what is the strangest thing you have seen them eat?
?   baldruler 11:08 AM What happened to the third egg?
?   Rewrap4u 11:08 AM Why aren't the eaglet's heads and tails white?
?   bustopbird-1 11:08 AM Woo! Class you are so good I am out of a mod job, lol
?   teamcarnes-1 11:08 AM third egg did not hatch for unknown reason.
?   teamcarnes-1 11:09 AM celebrate 2 healthy eaglets
?   EagleFanDave 11:09 AM<<< joins bustop in the unemployed Mod line - lol
?   teamcarnes-1 11:09 AM they get white head and tail at age 5
?   teamcarnes-1 11:09 AM changes between 4 and 5 years
?   teamcarnes-1 11:10 AM called sub adults from year 1 to 5
?   teamcarnes-1 11:11 AM beak and eyes turn yellow between 4 and 5
?   Pearls6 11:11 AM How many talons on each foot??
?   pugpersi 11:11 AM why don't they name the eaglets?
?   teamcarnes-1 11:11 AM 4 talns and back toe is called hallux
?   Lynryan 11:11 AM Wow
?   Gator75 11:11 AM Great QQ Pear!
?   baldruler 11:11 AM wow is right!
?   Tinabeene3 11:11 AM Bob would be so proud students!
?   pyrmum1 11:11 AM mods, you are sooo good!
?   PansieLady 11:12 AM What does the chick use to hatch out of the egg?
?   teamcarnes-1 11:12 AM tarsus is about foot and doesn't have feathers
?   janetvince 11:12 AM what is a Eagles life span
?   baldruler 11:12 AM Who builds the nest, mom or dad?
?   teamcarnes-1 11:12 AM don't want wet feathers and get pulled down in water
?   teamcarnes-1 11:12 AM both build nest but dad is master builder
?   teamcarnes-1 11:13 AM captivity is 50 years and in wild about 30
?   teamcarnes-1 11:13 AM egg tooth and pip muscle on back of neck
?   PansieLady 11:14 AM Bravo Team!
?   teamcarnes-1 11:14 AM first hole is pip and hole in membrane
?   PansieLady 11:14 AM Does Mom or Dad help the chick hatch?
?   bustopbird-1 11:14 AM Wow students!
?   teamcarnes-1 11:14 AM HIP is outside and you can see it
?   teamcarnes-1 11:14 AM no help to hatch
?   Lynryan 11:14 AM amazing
?   e3forpresident-1 11:14 AM Students rock
?   teamcarnes-1 11:14 AM they hatch when they are ready
?   msch58 11:14 AM This is so much fun
?   Gator75 11:14 AM Wow! We are learning so much today class! TY!
?   jtrout2 11:15 AM students even have hip and pip figured out
?   PansieLady 11:15 AM What is PS?
?   janetvince 11:15 AM Great job kids and teacher
?   Pearls6 11:15 AM Kids, do you know which one is D24 and which one is D25?
?   teamcarnes-1 11:15 AM after HIP it takes one to two days to hatch
?   baldruler 11:15 AM Unfair question lol
?   jtrout2 11:15 AM oh Pansie !!
?   teamcarnes-1 11:15 AM no and we ask others which is which!
?   teamcarnes-1 11:15 AM PS is poop shoot to keep nest clean
?   _John-in-Oregon 11:16 AM These mods know more about eagles that most adults. Very smart 2nd graders!
?   Pearls6 11:16 AM I have to ask other which is which also!
?   mer-1-1 11:16 AM lol, and it's instinct
?   Gator75 11:16 AM QQ What do you call it when eaglets watch everything Mom and Dad do, and also look out their window, cking out the area?
?   Lynryan 11:16 AM students you must have a great teacher!
?   carolledeann 11:16 AM great answer on ps
?   oregonian1944 11:16 AM Team and students - great job!
?   daughter02 11:16 AM QQ what is their "snack pack" called?
?   baldruler 11:16 AM Where do Dad and Mom get all the fish they feed the eaglets?
?   teamcarnes-1 11:16 AM crop is snack pack!
?   teamcarnes-1 11:16 AM fish is from fish hatchery and creek
?   teamcarnes-1 11:17 AM Dear chatters and mods, we have to go to lunch now. Can't be late. We have really enjoyed this!
?   e3forpresident-1 11:17 AM ty class and teamcarnes

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Faith on May 26, 2016, 06:49:26 PM
We welcome gabeb's 5th Grade Class as guest moderators in the chat room.  They did a wonderful job and wowed us all with their eagle knowledge.  Here is the transcript from the time they were with us.

FaithHopeCure 12:24 PM Chatters, when the class is here, we will be pausing chat after every few questions to give students the time to answer them.
elsie7-1 12:25 PM You all will do a great job, gadeb!
msch58 12:25 PM good idea FHC
JanBosworth 12:25 PM Hi gadeb and students
Lynryan 12:25 PM I was feeling so much better now sad again
Lynryan 12:25 PM Students are here?
izzysamlikeseagles 12:25 PM Gadeb and students, we are so glad you are here with us today!!
msch58 12:25 PM yes
izzysamlikeseagles 12:25 PM Yes Lyn, happy time now
RubyRed246 12:25 PM Yes, rivian, I agree
Lynryan 12:25 PM Hi students!
D1love 12:25 PM Welcome Students
jtrout2 12:25 PM but Lyn, the 5th graders are here now !! NWZ, remember
tulsaducati 12:25 PM Welcome, Gadeb and class.
Lynryan 12:25 PM Yes izzy
littlebittykitty-1 12:25 PM hello gadeb and students
pyrmum1 12:26 PM Welcome 5th graders - so good to have you here!!
Lynryan 12:26 PM jtrout2 yes
RubyRed246 12:26 PM Good to have you with us today, gadeb and students
lcjordan 12:26 PM Welcome, Gadeb and class!
JanBosworth 12:26 PM Welcome to our guest mods here today
Bob1603 12:26 PM Hi gadeb and students! Very glad you are here
Kathylou1948 12:26 PM thank you...i dont have facebook.
Kathylou1948 12:26 PM hi. students
Lynryan 12:26 PM Kathy down below is a link
rivian21-1 12:26 PM Welcome students and gadeb!
jtrout2 12:26 PM Lyn
izzysamlikeseagles 12:26 PM Kathy, you do not need to be on Fb to view the page, the link is below the live feed
fb-1819247075 12:26 PM That blurry film on camera just won't go away
Bob1603 12:26 PM Kathy - you do not need a FB account to read the RRP FB page
izzysamlikeseagles 12:27 PM fb, no, it is there for the duration most likely
gadeb 12:27 PM Students all say Hi!
jtrout2 12:27 PM fb: even after all the rain
JanBosworth 12:27 PM fb it will not as it is PS
Lynryan 12:27 PM Hi!
pyrmum1 12:27 PM fb, it will be w/us until RRP does maintenance on cameras in the fall
msch58 12:27 PM
rivian21-1 12:27 PM You don't need to have a facebook account in order to read facebook posts.
Lynryan 12:27 PM Let the questions begin!
pollockjan 12:27 PM Welcome gadeb & 5th graders
D1love 12:27 PM Hey Happy Red Nose day to all
elsie7-1 12:27 PM Good to see you students and gadeb!
tulsaducati 12:28 PM welcome, elsie!
rivian21-1 12:28 PM We will let you know as soon as the class is set up and ready to take questions.
eaglecter 12:28 PM When I go to the FB page, I get a column of grey lines and no news. There is a signin link at the tip.
NiteKat 12:28 PM Good afternoon 5th graders and gadeb
RubyRed246 12:28 PM True or False, Eagles cannot roll their eyes from side to side??
elsie7-1 12:28 PM Hey, tulsa! his should be good!
Lynryan 12:28 PM riv thanks!
jtrout2 12:28 PM so, students, what is that white stuff all over the camera housing??
rivian21-1 12:28 PM eaglecter - did you click on the RRP facebook link below the camera feed?
izzysamlikeseagles 12:28 PM eaglecter, you should be able to close that sign in box
Lynryan 12:29 PM 25 get up the students are here
izzysamlikeseagles 12:29 PM we'll let you know when the students are ready for questions
eaglecter 12:29 PM Yes. The only one I see.
gadeb 12:29 PM jtout great warm up question students say poop shoot from D24
teamcarnes 12:29 PM hey all, on phone while at zoo. wanted to catch part of gadeb and class!
Bob1603 12:29 PM welcome Team!
lcjordan 12:29 PM Food has to be involved for D25 to get up.
msch58 12:29 PM lol Hi team
izzysamlikeseagles 12:29 PM Hiya team! Having a good time at the zoo?
elsie7-1 12:30 PM Hi team!
NiteKat 12:30 PM hello team, hoping the zoo trip is going well!
teamcarnes 12:30 PM wonderful time and saw eagle!
lilredcin 12:30 PM Hi kids!
lcjordan 12:30 PM Team., your students are so fortunate!
RubyRed246 12:30 PM Hope you don't lose any kids while on your phone lol
jtrout2 12:30 PM gadeb: and here I thought I could fool them !!
baldruler 12:30 PM cool
msch58 12:30 PM they sure are lc
izzysamlikeseagles 12:30 PM
tooniegirl-1 12:31 PM 24 is waiting for your questions. LOL
FaithHopeCure 12:31 PM We are thrilled to welcome gadeb and her 5th Grade students as Guest Moderators today. They will be answering your eagle questions for the next half hour. Please make them feel welcome!
sunset_dreamer 12:31 PM How many feathers does a bald eagle have?
trixiebelle1030 12:31 PM What's your favorite thing about the Eagles?
jfrancl 12:31 PM Welcome gadeb and students!
gadeb 12:31 PM a lot - 7000
jtrout2 12:32 PM (I think so too,tunie)
carolledeann 12:32 PM When do they get white head and tal feathers?
Lynryan 12:32 PM Wow
gadeb 12:32 PM Poop shoots and shimmies
Lynryan 12:32 PM lol
NiteKat 12:32 PM lol
eaglesrock29 12:32 PM Welcome gadeb and 5th Graders
RubyRed246 12:32 PM lol
msch58 12:32 PM lol
izzysamlikeseagles 12:32 PM Lol, gotta love the shimmies!
tooniegirl-1 12:32 PM great answers!
gadeb 12:32 PM adults 4-5 years old
teamcarnes 12:32 PM great job gadeb and class!
RubyRed246 12:33 PM True or False Bald eagles cannot roll their eyes from side to side
elsie7-1 12:33 PM One of my kinders wants to know how the eaglets stay alive when they're in the egg?
gadeb 12:33 PM True on hte eyes
carolledeann 12:33 PM will they continue to sleep lying down after they fledge?
Robineway 12:33 PM When they grow up, will they stay in this area?
gadeb 12:34 PM Mom or Dad incubates eggs at around 100 degrees to keep them growing in the egg
teamcarnes 12:34 PM a student if mine wants to know how many primary flight feathers they have
sunset_dreamer 12:34 PM What is the brood patch and do both Mom and Dad get one?
gadeb 12:35 PM They will perch on a tree after they fledge
Lynryan 12:35 PM Great students
gadeb 12:35 PM They will leave the area and find a mate
izzysamlikeseagles 12:35 PM elsie, see pm if you can
elsie7-1 12:36 PM ok
gadeb 12:36 PM looking up the flight featjers
pyrmum1 12:36 PM gadeb, good for them!
teamcarnes 12:36 PM good job students!
Gator75 12:36 PM What is it called, by Eaglets watching and leaning from M and D and looking out to the lay of the land?
gadeb 12:37 PM both have a brood patch, keeps eggs and babies warm
Lynryan 12:37 PM thanks students!
carolledeann 12:37 PM what is a sneeze called?
Bob1603 12:38 PM please chatters, lets give the students time to answers theses great questions - thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
jtrout2 12:38 PM great advice, bob
gadeb 12:38 PM imprinting when looking at what parents do
jfrancl 12:39 PM Awesome, gadeb's class!
jtrout2 12:39 PM nice one: imprinting (up)
gadeb 12:39 PM had to help students on sneeze - it is a snite
Gator75 12:39 PM Yepper class, imprinting! Good job1 so glad you all are here!
NiteKat 12:39 PM awesome answers!
izzysamlikeseagles 12:39 PM You're doing great students!
Lynryan 12:39 PM Very smart students!
eaglesrock29 12:39 PM 5th Grade Rocks!
teamcarnes 12:39 PM so proud if you and your fantastic students!
izzysamlikeseagles 12:39 PM Gadeb, see pm if you get the chance-I know you are busy, lol
pyrmum1 12:39 PM izzy, we mods may be out of a job soon
rivian21-1 12:40 PM Great questions chatters!
msch58 12:40 PM yes, you all are doing very well
izzysamlikeseagles 12:40 PM indeed pyr!!
Gator75 12:40 PM Yes it does eaglerock!
RubyRed246 12:40 PM Do eagles have vocal cords?
littlebittykitty-1 12:40 PM so true pyrmum
elsie7-1 12:40 PM Great job!
gadeb 12:40 PM flight feathers = 10
Lynryan 12:40 PM yay!
baldruler 12:40 PM How old are they when they are considered adults?
gadeb 12:40 PM No vocal cords
RubyRed246 12:40 PM Nice job researching students!
teamcarnes 12:40 PM rught students on flught feathers!
pyrmum1 12:41 PM Wow, good answers 5th graders
gadeb 12:41 PM 5 years old as adults
Cheyenne122 12:41 PM prymum, you will always be needed!
Bob1603 12:41 PM I am so impressed with our 5th graders!
Lynryan 12:41 PM I am too!
baldruler 12:41 PM What changes color at five years old?
msch58 12:41 PM me too Bob
jtrout2 12:41 PM ...and their teacher too
Lynryan 12:41 PM yes
rivian21-1 12:42 PM Students - you are doing an awesome job of answering questions.
Bob1603 12:42 PM Indeed jtrout - in fact, all teachers!
gadeb 12:42 PM heads and tail feathers are white by 5 years old
teamcarnes 12:42 PM yes jttout, awesome teacher!
Lynryan 12:42 PM How many talons does an eagle have?
jtrout2 12:42 PM team (and yoju too)
gadeb 12:42 PM We think 4 on each foot
Lynryan 12:43 PM Thank you!!
pyrmum1 12:43 PM right you are!
izzysamlikeseagles 12:43 PM that is correct!
msch58 12:43 PM kudo's to teachers this time of year!
FaithHopeCure 12:43 PM 5th Graders, you know your eagle facts!
gadeb 12:43 PM We are having a great time!
elsie7-1 12:43 PM Thanks,msch58!
Lynryan 12:43 PM We are too!
jtrout2 12:43 PM what is the 5th toe/talon called?
pyrmum1 12:43 PM Wonderful
NiteKat 12:43 PM the eagles have a transparent inner eye lid, can the eagle control that eye lid?
Gator75 12:43 PM TY gadeb for sharing all that RRP has to offer and sharing The Decorah Eagles with your students They are fortunate to have a teacher like you, they have learned so much!
JanBosworth 12:43 PM Q about how old are the eaglets when their feet and beeks are full size?
jfrancl 12:43 PM so are we,gadeb!
teamcarnes 12:44 PM msch-thank you!
gadeb 12:44 PM Good one Jan they are thinking
RubyRed246 12:44 PM Do male and female eagles look different
baldruler 12:45 PM Which gender is bigger, the girls or the boys?
gadeb 12:45 PM The male is smaller than the female, but look a lot the same
teamcarnes 12:46 PM fledge
Lynryan 12:46 PM Why do eagles have holes in their tongues?
gadeb 12:46 PM We are good at telling Mom and Dad apart on this nest!
kokoyummy 12:46 PM The only one that can easily tell one eagle from another is another eagle
Lynryan 12:46 PM
baldruler 12:47 PM good for you, guys, it took me a while the first year
gadeb 12:47 PM not sure about holes on tongues, but they have hooks on toungue to push food down
Lynryan 12:47 PM Thank you!
FaithHopeCure 12:47 PM Good answer, 5th graders!
pyrmum1 12:47 PM
elsie7-1 12:48 PM The kinders think it's to help breathe as they swallow their food.
Lynryan 12:48 PM elsie that too!
gadeb 12:48 PM is hole in tongue for breathing
kokoyummy 12:48 PM The holes in the tongue I believe is to allow them breath will eating
Lynryan 12:48 PM Yes!
gadeb 12:48 PM Good job kinders
FaithHopeCure 12:48 PM The kinders are correct, elsie!
RubyRed246 12:48 PM What is an eagle pellet?
izzysamlikeseagles 12:48 PM
elsie7-1 12:48 PM TY! gadeb
jtrout2 12:48 PM they got it !!
teamcarnes 12:48 PM correct elsie!
elsie7-1 12:49 PM Ty, team!
Lynryan 12:49 PM These students are smart!
RubyRed246 12:49 PM Above average for sure
gadeb 12:49 PM all the food and bones together they can's digest - pellet
Lynryan 12:49 PM Can eagles turn their heads all the way around?
izzysamlikeseagles 12:49 PM That is correct!
RubyRed246 12:49 PM Thank you students!
gadeb 12:50 PM No but it can turn far
Lynryan 12:50 PM Yes thank you!
baldruler 12:50 PM What is that bulge on their neck and what does it do?
jtrout2 12:50 PM(Lyn: I guess "degrees"is a concept)
NiteKat 12:50 PM the eagles have an inner trasparent eye lid, can they control that eyelid?
Lynryan 12:51 PM jtrout2 thats true
gadeb 12:51 PM crop and it stores their food
jtrout2 12:51 PM did students ever figure out what that 5th / rear toe is called?
elsie7-1 12:51 PM We guessed that too about the crop! Good job!
jtrout2 12:52 PM poor, 4th toe.....
pyrmum1 12:52 PM trout, that's the 4th rear toe
sassy_eagle-1 12:52 PM Q does anyone know what its called when an eagle wipes its beak off on a limb?
canam1-1 12:52 PM How tall is an adult eagle?
jtrout2 12:52 PM yep, pyr,I just caught that
gadeb 12:52 PM We think 3 eyelids but not sure about transparent eye lid
gadeb 12:53 PM feeking the beak
FaithHopeCure 12:53 PM They can control the nictitating membrane or 3rd eyelid.
Lynryan 12:53 PMvyes! good job students
sassy_eagle-1 12:53 PM great
teamcarnes 12:53 PM sorry, on my phone!
jtrout2 12:53 PM nice job !!
_John-in-Oregon 12:53 PM Wow students great answers
Gator75 12:53 PMQQ How many days from egg laid to hatch?
RubyRed246 12:54 PM Wow, students are you sure you're not in the 7th grade!
mlb06763 12:54 PM RR I was thinking college
gadeb 12:54 PM adult eagle is about 3 feet tall
jfrancl 12:54 PM 5th graders, you have great eagle knowledge!
tulsaducati 12:54 PM Ruby, I agree - at least 7th
lcjordan 12:54 PM Eagle college for sure.
gadeb 12:55 PM 35-40 days
msch58 12:55 PM kids are doing great
Sunnyblue42-1 12:55 PM What is it called when the eaglets first fly from their nest?
NiteKat 12:55 PM these students have been very observant, good job!
pyrmum1 12:55 PM Yay!
izzysamlikeseagles 12:55 PM no deo, not for awhile
eaglesrock29 12:55 PM<<<< looks like this Mod needs a new job  Great job, class!
gadeb 12:55 PM fledge!
deo1357-1 12:55 PM oh goodie should be one soon perhaps!
jtrout2 12:55 PM observant and goodnote-takers
teamcarnes 12:55 PM bursting with pride for you and students!
_John-in-Oregon 12:55 PM These students have a great teacher to help them learn so much about eagles and watch them here
Gator75 12:55 PM Good anser about egg to hatch, TY students!
lcjordan 12:56 PM Very true, John.
Lynryan 12:56 PM gadeb you must be very very proud!
Sunnyblue42-1 12:56 PM gadeb, yes! thank you!
gadeb 12:56 PM I am very proud of them!
baldruler 12:56 PM What 3 colors have the eaglets been so far?
Lynryan 12:56 PM I am too!
msch58 12:56 PM thanks gadeb and kids
pyrmum1 12:56 PM gadeb, we mods are too
izzysamlikeseagles 12:56 PM You are all doing great gadeb!
mlb06763 12:56 PM QQ Do eagles eat grass & leaves?
Gator75 12:57 PM QQ Wingspan of adult Eagle is about how many feet?
gadeb 12:57 PM white or light gray, dark gray, and dark brown/black
gadeb 12:57 PM Noo! They eat meat
rivian21-1 12:57 PM You students are doing a great job answering questions.
Gator75 12:57 PM Gadeb and students, I know Bob Anderson is smiling at what all you have learned about Eagles and that your teacher has shared with you!
elsie7-1 12:57 PM Great answers class!
gadeb 12:57 PM Wingspan 6-7 feet
jtrout2 12:58 PM we could hear them answer that one !!
Gator75 12:58 PM Yepper 6-7 feet! Great! You all are quick1
jfrancl 12:58 PM Gator, I agree!
baldruler 12:58 PM Does their food have to be alive or can it be dead?
Gator75 12:58 PM yep jfran yep
teamcarnes 12:58 PM you rock gadeb!
LLadymacgyver 12:58 PM QQ What is your favorite part of learning about the eagles?
Gator75 12:58 PM Good QQ llady!
gadeb 12:58 PM Food can be both. Some fish flop, but they bring in dead food too
RubyRed246 12:59 PM What are eagles nest called?
LLadymacgyver 12:59 PM (for chatters, too)
paffie2-1 12:59 PM Hi gadeb and class!
jtrout2 12:59 PM good QQ, Ruby
gadeb 12:59 PM LL, we love the poop shoots and shimmies
lcjordan 12:59 PM What is your favorite eaglet stage?
baldruler 12:59 PM Yay class!
Lynryan 12:59 PM We do too!! lol
mypeacetree 12:59 PM gadeb/kids, what is the most surprising thing you've learned about eagles so far?
mlb06763 12:59 PM that's unanimous I think!
kimsalyer33 1:00 PM aerie is an eagles nest
gadeb 1:00 PM Most agree favorite stage was when they were first born
FaithHopeCure 1:00 PM Thank you for moderating our chat room today gadeb and 5th Graders. You did an awesome job!
FaithHopeCure 1:00 PM
pyrmum1 1:00 PM
izzysamlikeseagles 1:00 PM
littlebittykitty-1 1:00 PM
JanBosworth 1:00 PM
rivian21-1 1:00 PM
jfrancl 1:00 PM
Bob1603 1:00 PM
tulsaducati 1:00 PM
eaglesrock29 1:00 PM Wonderful job, class. Thank you!!
gadeb 1:00 PM Thanks so much for having us! We had a great time! Kids are cheering
TX_Ninja 1:00 PM
jfrancl 1:01 PM YAY, thank you 5th graders!!
JanBosworth 1:01 PM Take a bow kids you did great and thank you
eaglesrock29 1:01 PM We are cheering too, gadeb!
izzysamlikeseagles 1:01 PM You did such a great job everyone, I'm just bustin with pride for all of you!!
tulsaducati 1:01 PM Thank you gadeb, and 5th graders, for helping us out today!
pyrmum1 1:01 PM Thanks so much for making our day 5th graders & gadeb
gadeb 1:01 PM They are all bowing!
pyrmum1 1:01 PM rofl, too funny
izzysamlikeseagles 1:01 PM Rofl!!
littlebittykitty-1 1:01 PM thanks gadeb and 5th graders, wonderful job!
rivian21-1 1:02 PM Thank you for agreeing to be guest mods. We appreciate your help!!
jfrancl 1:02 PM gadeb, thank you so much for participating today, we all had so much fun! Thank you students!
gadeb 1:02 PM Tomorrow is our last day of school. They will then be sixth graders!
pyrmum1 1:02 PM gadeb, it's been a VERY uplifting experience for us!!!
baldruler 1:03 PM You are fledging tomorrow? Congrats! lol
izzysamlikeseagles 1:03 PM Great job almost 6th graders!! Thank you so much for answering our questions today!!
mochamama22 1:03 PM Great Job! even D24 and D25 gave you a wing WTG!!
Bob1603 1:03 PM and thank you chatters! you did a great job!
Gator75 1:03 PM Class hope you continue watching the Decorah Eagles, leaning and sharing this wonderful world of Raptors!
izzysamlikeseagles 1:03 PM Thank you chatters, you did a great job too!
NiteKat 1:03 PM way to go on moving on to 6th grade!
mochamama22 1:03 PM Hello Mods and Chatters Cant stay loved the class today TY Great job
eaglesrock29 1:03 PM You too gadeb and  to your class
teamcarnes 1:03 PM gadeb- i can imagine smiles on your faces!
jfrancl 1:04 PM Take care gadeb and students!
gadeb 1:04 PM I will post a class picture on the forum soon so you can see all the kids who know so much about eagles!
Gator75 1:04 PM Gadeb good job!
Bob1603 1:04 PM thank you gadeb!!
NiteKat 1:04 PM that's great gadeb!
eaglesrock29 1:04 PM That's great, gadeb. Look forward to seeing these smar

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: gadeb on May 27, 2016, 06:06:22 PM
We had such a great time as guest moderators yesterday! I was fortunate enough to teach all five classes of fifth grade science, so 141 students were treated to the eagles.  My homeroom class were the lucky ones who were the guest mods! It has been an amazing year and the kids have enjoyed our eagles!  Notice the eagles above us on the wall.  This is how we watched the eagles on a daily basis.  If something great was happening (food, PS, parent switch while incubating), we would stop everything, turn off the lights and enjoy! 
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: jfrancl on May 28, 2016, 04:04:47 PM
gadeb, I can't tell you how wonderful I think that is!  I am so glad you and the students enjoyed yourselves. I know we had a blast!  Thank you for accepting our invite!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Faith on May 29, 2016, 05:39:36 AM
What a great looking class you there, gabeb!  We enjoyed your visit very much.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on May 30, 2016, 06:09:14 AM
gadeb - great photo of the Guest Mods!  Thank you for sharing this.  They were wonderful and thanks for touching the lives of all of your students.  Wow! 141 Science students!  Love the eagles on the wall too!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: gadeb on August 02, 2016, 06:42:59 PM
I knew I would not have time to tell my kids from last year all about ATF when they stopped by during open house, so I made a display board they could look at.  I had about 40 kids from last year stop by, while meeting my new kids for this year!  The display was a big hit with my old kids and new kids!  I believe I will keep it up for awhile - it makes me happy, lol. 

Thanks to teamcarnes, glogdog, and eaglesrock for letting me use some of their photos.  I did not take many photos while at ATF - too busy taking it all in!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: tulsaducati on August 03, 2016, 01:17:11 PM
Deb - beautiful display of After the Fledge! All your students are so lucky to have a teacher who shares the world of nature with them.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on August 03, 2016, 06:39:02 PM
gadeb - your poster looks great!  Your students have received and will continue to receive knowledge of raptors and nature that will stick with them the rest of their lives.  Like gardengirl said, you are helping to perpetuate RRP's mission, which states in part, to "help foster the next generation of preservationists."  Thank you.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: gadeb on August 03, 2016, 08:19:40 PM
Thanks gg, tulsa, and glog!  Today I had an extra 10 minutes, so what better way to use that time than show my homeroom students the pictures from Robin on fb!  They loved it so much and had so many questions, that we actually spent about 25 minutes looking at pictures and talking about the eagles. They are a really sweet group of kids!  It is going to wonderful watching them discover so much about the eagles and foster a love of nature in them too!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: eaglesrock29 on September 19, 2016, 02:19:37 AM
gadeb, what a great display board you made!  How wonderful that you were able to share that with your last year and current students! 

teamcarnes, what a terrific photo of the "New Teamcarnes."  I can't wait to see their journal for the 2017 season!

You are both amazing teachers, among so many that share the Decorah Eagles with their classes.

Thank you both for letting us share in their experiences.  I just wish I had teachers like both of you when I was a kid (all those years ago lol).  But it's never too late to learn! 

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: gadeb on September 19, 2016, 03:02:26 PM
Thanks team and eaglesrock!  Eagles make teaching fun for sure!

We had some eagle time last Thursday and Friday before our very much needed fall break!  The kids loved it!  They discovered the difference between male and female adult bald eagles using Venn diagrams.  (fits right in with my science and language arts standards)  First, I gave them facts and they put them where they thought they went on the Venn diagram.  Then I provided two pieces of informational text - they read it and moved the facts around to where they belonged on the Venn diagram.  I think they were most surprised that the female is larger!  They were also surprised that the female catches fish too!  They thought only the male did since he needed to feed the family.  The size of the nest blew their minds! 

Friday, they took this information and wrote paragraphs comparing/contrasting female/male adult bald eagles.  (of course I started this class with a great video from last year of Mom doing a huge PS - they loved it)  Not a single moan or groan about writing since it was a topic that interested them!

Future lesson - watching the video to tell the difference between Mom and Dad!

Eager for the cameras to come on so we can watch them with the sticks!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: gadeb on October 18, 2016, 08:42:05 PM
Another fun lesson today with our eagles.  The kids are loving watching M & D bring in sticks and grasses to the nest.  The last few days have been fun listening to them try and decide who is who based on our male/female lesson a few weeks ago.  So, imagine how excited they were when they came in today and realized we were having an eagle day!

We began by watching the video to learn about their differences.  Then, in small groups, they used their observation skills to classify photos as either Mom or Dad based on the observable inherited traits.  The conversation in the small groups was spectacular as they used facts to back up their decisions.  Next, we came back to our desks and looked at photos projected on the wall of both M & D on the nest.  They kids were quite good at knowing who was who in the photos of them together. 

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: gadeb on October 18, 2016, 08:43:45 PM
A few more pictures of our practice time with Mom and Dad!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on October 22, 2016, 11:16:27 PM
gadeb - Your class looks really into trying to figure out who is Mom and who is Dad.  Thanks for sharing these photos with us.  Watching Mom and Dad bring sticks to the nest is all part of their bonding now.  Nest building, stick moving, perching side by side on the same branch, resting side by side in the nest, touching beaks - all of these are outward signs of their partnership as they strengthen the bond between them.  I love when both of them grab the same stick as if to help each other in moving or placing it.  I watched Dad jump down from the skywalk branch this week simply to help Mom place a stick. :)
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: gadeb on October 26, 2016, 04:25:54 PM
Team, the map is such a great visual!  I love it!  Thanks for sharing!  I will have to put something similar up like this (steal/borrowed from you :) ) in the classroom so the kids will have a better understanding of D24's travels.  Math standard in fifth grade for adding and subtracting decimals can be used too! 

Stay safe D24, you have so much to teach all of us!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: gadeb on October 27, 2016, 03:20:23 PM
These are my cute raptors that will get to enjoy our eagles the most this season.  It is my homeroom class.  I will work on getting a picture of the other two classes I teach, but I only have them for 55 minutes for each day.  However, the eagles will be projected on the wall all day when the action picks up, so all will enjoy!

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Rewrap4u on October 29, 2016, 01:24:13 AM
These are my cute raptors that will get to enjoy our eagles the most this season.  It is my homeroom class.  I will work on getting a picture of the other two classes I teach, but I only have them for 55 minutes for each day.  However, the eagles will be projected on the wall all day when the action picks up, so all will enjoy!

These students are soooooo lucky to have you for a teacher gadeb!  ;)
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on October 29, 2016, 05:57:48 AM
gadeb - that is a homeroom they'll never forget!  ;) 
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: gadeb on November 18, 2016, 04:41:35 PM
Some eagle fun today with lots of academic integration!  First, we read about an eagle named Old Abe that was a mascot in the Civil War for the Eighth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment. The Civil War is a 5th grade standard for social studies. There is also a book about this that I will need to look into purchasing for future reference. 

Next, we watched the video on RRP's page of the building of the starter nest and discussed all that needed to be done.  Then we watched some videos of Mom and Dad bringing sticks to the nest.  Hit science standards with instincts and learned behaviors

Finally it was time to start building our own nests.  Math fits in here with the planning and purchasing.  In my directions posted in the picture below it says 20 minutes, well I ended up giving them about 45 minutes to build.  Also, the nests did not turn out like I had pictured them in my mind at all.  I was surprised the kids went for the pipe cleaners over the toothpicks.  I had pretty nests made of toothpicks in my mind.  They were anything but pretty, lol.

Oh, for those of you who met Emily at ATF, that is her working the store and selling the supplies.

Learned a lot and will change some things up next time, but the kids loved it!  The kids really learned quite a bit from this.  They want to do it again so they can apply what they learned and do some things differently.  I will probably throw a twist in it and have different materials.

Next lesson will probably be actually measuring out area to show how big and deep an eagle nest is.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: gadeb on November 18, 2016, 04:44:08 PM
Pictures of the kids planning and building.  They were allowed to choose who they wanted to work with.  Oh, and it was crazy sock and hat day, so that is why so many of them look silly, lol.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: gadeb on November 18, 2016, 04:46:28 PM
Testing the nests!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: gadeb on November 18, 2016, 04:48:28 PM
More testing and the winner!  The winning nest held 74 pennies, so that was pretty sturdy! 
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on November 22, 2016, 08:41:05 PM
gadeb - what fun!  74 pennies is quite a bit!  Thanks for all of your photos to share with us.  For your students to see how big and deep is an eagle's nest is cool too.  Next could be how an eagle's wingspan measures up to their arms. :D
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on January 28, 2017, 05:05:07 AM
Love all of your photos, team.  Thank you for sharing them. Your students are learning so much about Bald Eagles and in such a fun way.  It's the kind of learning that sticks with you. 
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: gadeb on March 02, 2017, 03:45:20 PM
I made some question and answer eagle boards and the kids love them!

A student can write a question on a sticky note and put it on the next available number on the question board.  Another student can write the answer (either they think they know it or research it) on another sticky note and put it on the matching number on the answer board.  If another student has more info to add to the answer he/she may write it and put it over the original answer. 

I am thinking we will ask the mods some of the questions in education chat and let the kids check their answers.  I know their self-esteem will be boosted to know they are getting the answers correct.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: gadeb on March 02, 2017, 03:46:36 PM
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: glogdog on September 09, 2017, 06:35:44 AM
Now here's something neat.  Teachers - read this Blog from the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).  It's about creating a National Wildlife Federation Schoolyard Habitat:

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: jfrancl on February 05, 2018, 01:09:15 PM
Educators! RRP educational chat will begin on a limited basis beginning February 12th from 8-10 am and from 1-3 pm (CST) Monday through Friday.  We will extend class chat hours after the first egg is laid. Go here to RRP's website:  https://www.raptorresource.org/birdcams/decorah-eagles/ and click on the  classroom tab.  Teachers and students, we look forward to seeing you all very soon!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: tulsaducati on February 06, 2018, 11:13:49 AM
Educators! RRP educational chat will begin on a limited basis beginning February 12th from 8-10 am and from 1-3 pm (CST) Monday through Friday. We will extend class chat hours from 8am-3pm after the first egg is laid. Go to RRP's website: https://www.raptorresource.org/birdcams/decorah-eagles/ (https://www.raptorresource.org/birdcams/decorah-eagles/) and click on the classroom tab. Teachers and students, we look forward to seeing you all very soon!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: tulsaducati on February 15, 2018, 08:11:25 PM

Looks great to me, Lori!

Hope that you can see this.  I am using a new way to post pictures.  Even teachers have to learn new things!

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: Bob1603 on February 26, 2018, 06:14:00 PM
I recently gave a presentation about the Decorah eagles to some elementary students and I have been asked to share that experience. 

A few times during the school year the 2nd and 3rd grade teachers at this school put together an hour on a Friday afternoon to bring in 3-4 quest speakers and the students get to pick the presentation they would like to attend.  In addition to my bald eagle presentation there was one by a firefighter, another about camping, and I don?t recall what the 4th one was about.  Anyway, the interest in hearing about the eagles was so great the teacher hosting the presentation had to turn some students away - I thought that was very interesting and quite frankly, very pleasing.

There were 19 students attending my presentation - mostly 2nd graders and a few 3rd graders.  (I really had to smile when the teacher addressed her students as learners).  I laid out my notes and the materials I had along and the teacher got the live feed of the Decorah eagles up on a large screen - as the kids came into the room they were absolutely amazed!  Luckily the parent that was on the nest at the time stood up and we got to see the top of the egg - the kids were ecstatic!

The things I talked about and shared with some 8.5 x 11 pictures I passed around included:

- background about RRP and Mom & Dad's history together
- nest building
- laying of eggs and hatching
- feedings
- nest location and fish hatchery
- feathers - they were amazed at how many feathers an eagle has
- incubation
- wing span and many other topics in answering their questions.

As I mentioned I had 13 pictures I took at the Raptor Resource Project webpage ? two copies of each picture - and a box of pencil and some shredded packing material to show how the eagles interlock the branches when building the nest rails.  The packing material made a nice nest.

I had my notes that I referred to but much of the hour long class was answering the student?s questions and there were a lot of them.  What really made the presentation effective was having the live video feed of the Decorah nest.  I cannot emphasis enough what important that is when making any kind of presentation about the Decorah eagles.

All in all I was extremely pleased about how it all went - each student went home with at least one or two picture and the RRP webpage address.  (One of the kids got my Decorah calendar too!) The kids were very excited during the entire hour and had great questions.  When the teacher asked if I would be interested in making another presentation next month I knew it went well.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: T40cfr403 on March 23, 2018, 03:35:19 PM
Living lesson: Decatur students watch eagles from afar, then meet the real thing at Scovill Zoo (Great story about Muffley School Kinders and teachers. They watch the Decorah Eagles in class!)


Education and volunteer coordinator Benjamin Rapson answers questions from Muffley School kindergartners at the eagle exhibit in Scovill Zoo Tuesday.

Anthony Reid and fellow Muffley School kindergartners look over the eagle exhibit at the Scovill Zoo on Tuesday.

Muffley student Jiselle Beltran observes Scovill Zoo eagles Quinn and Abby during the kindergarten class' visit to the exhibit Tuesday. The students got the opportunity to see real eagles as part of their study project on the bird.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: trthpaintr on June 01, 2018, 03:32:36 PM
Thank you, Bob. Loved your description!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: gardengirl on August 17, 2018, 09:51:19 AM
Educators, if you are looking for a really cool way to expand your science class check out this newsletter from The Raptor Center which explains their Outdoor Investigator program for classrooms. The article is toward the end of the newsletter and is entitled Real World /science lessons, outside written by Fran Howard.  sounds like an awesome way to get kids outdoors and engaged in nature/science.   Here is the link to the newsletter:

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: smileawhile on August 23, 2018, 01:09:20 PM
If you would like to inspect eagle feathers a little more closely, then this is the page for you.
This is the link to the main page of US Fish & Wildlife Service ?The Feather Atlas?

I have tried every which way to go directly to the Bald Eagle page but the site just won?t allow me to do it.
On the main page click the heading SEARCH SCANS.
On the page that opens, fill in Common Name - Bald eagle (or if you like to type a lot, fill in Haliaeetus
leucophalus for scientific name)
Click SEARCH, and you will get a page full of individual eagle feathers, including subadults, adults, male, female, primaries, secondaries, etc.
Again, I apologize for not being able to get you directly to this page.
I think it?s fascinating to be able to look at these feathers so closely and see their actual dimensions and relationship to each other.
Also, you may want to go back to the main page and check out ?READ THIS FIRST? about feathers & the law.  I know you already know the drill, so if you want to try to identify other bird feathers using The Feather Atlas, just remember to leave the feather in place, take a photo, try to get a measurement, and take note of colors.  I have been able to identify many a bird feather right down to the individual feather!  It?s fun!
Hope you enjoy exploring the website.
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: trthpaintr on August 31, 2018, 09:35:46 AM
Try this, smile.  I looked in the available scans and was able to access  all the BE info:

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: smileawhile on August 31, 2018, 04:13:37 PM
Hi Truth! Thanks for the link.  It works, but the only issue is it shows the one set of feathers, then you have to click on the list for each set of feathers.  If you go through my admittedly convoluted process, photos of all the sets of feathers show up on one page. So either way works, just depends on whether you're looking for something specific or just all of them.  Either way, I think it's a cool site. 
Thanks for your additional help!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: T40cfr403 on October 07, 2018, 05:32:06 PM
Teacher Training for Union County K-8 Educators: "Falcon Cam in the Classroom"


Falcon Cam: http://ucnj.org/falcon/


(http://Teacher Training for Union County K-8 Educators: ?Falcon Cam in the Classroom?)
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: smileawhile on October 09, 2018, 07:14:37 PM
Thanks for this post T40. Everytime I learn of these live cams being used in the classroom I am so delighted.  It's so important to engage these kids early on - our healthy future depends on it!
Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: T40cfr403 on July 14, 2019, 02:56:39 PM
Wild About Raptors workshop for educators explores raptor recovery and conservation


Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: T40cfr403 on May 29, 2020, 09:46:34 PM
'Nestflix' and More Animal Webcams for Quarantined Kids - https://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/?detailStory=Nestflix-and-Other-Live-Animal-Webcams-for-Quarantined-Kids-coronavirus-librarians-video

Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: T40cfr403 on May 31, 2020, 06:01:24 PM
Why the caged birdwatchers sing: raising awareness during confinement - https://www.birdlife.org/europe-and-central-asia/news/why-caged-birdwatchers-sing-raising-awareness-during-confinement?utm_source=BirdLife+International+News+Notifications&utm_campaign=41329cebac-Summary_news_notification&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4122f13b8a-41329cebac-133930605&mc_cid=41329cebac&mc_eid=e3dcb8e6b3


Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: T40cfr403 on June 29, 2020, 02:27:40 PM
JEKOSEN 70" Bald Eagle Huge Kite for Kids and Adults Single Line String Easy to Fly for Beach Trip Park Family Outdoor Games and Activities


Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: T40cfr403 on August 08, 2020, 09:18:38 PM
The Wildlife Center of Virginia - Untamed Compendium (videos)


Excellent video! - Episode 204: Lead Poisoning in Bald Eagles - https://www.wildlifecenter.org/episode-204-lead-poisoning

See especially - Classroom Resources - S2E4: Lead Poisoning: https://www.wildlifecenter.org/sites/default/files/S2E4%20Lead_Discussion%20Questions.pdf

and Classroom Activity - S2E4: Lead: https://www.wildlifecenter.org/sites/default/files/S2E4%20Lead_Classroom%20Activity.docx.pdf

and Coloring Pages: https://www.wildlifecenter.org/sites/default/files/Untamed/Coloring%20Pages%20PDF.pdf


Title: Re: Education In Action
Post by: T40cfr403 on August 28, 2020, 09:26:29 PM
Kids are going to the birds in this new online class