Great Spirit Bluff, Houston County, La Crescent, Minnesota
This privately owned cliff has falcons nesting in a nestbox we mounted directly on the cliff.

Year 2009 Comments ::
3/25/2009: Bob Anderson reports two falcons here.
5/30/2009: We banded four young falcons here. The Howe family gave us a lovely picnic afterwards.

Mississippi River Valley Conservancy member Tom Howe owns this bluff. He and his family are great supporters of our work and truly enjoy watching the falcons.

About this Site
Year site first became active: 2005
Total number of young fledged: 15 (2009)
List records of young banded at Great Spirit Bluff (may be incomplete)

2009 Site Summary

First egg laid in 2009: na
Total number of eggs: na
First hatch: estimated 5/09?
Banding date: 5/30/2009

Laura. CBNum: R/83. FID: 1687-21379. F
Sarah. CBNum: R/84. FID: 1687-21380. F
Ming. CBNum: R/85. FID: 1687-21381. F
Preston. CBNum: H/04. FID: 2206-72038. M

Dave's little boy can be seen enjoying the falcons next to the little girl in black (I think that's Laura - she was a really fun little girl). Ming is named after Dave's daughter Ming. She is really a little sunbeam (or is that fireball?), and also had a lot of fun. The Howes have a wonderful place and threw a great picnic afterwards.

The enjoyment and wonder of the falcons is - next to the falcons themselves - what this is all about. It is a privilege to be part of passing this down to the next generation.

I need to remind myself of that the next time I'm trying to bend one of those stiff female FID (purple) bands down!